There’s Good Reason He’s “The Great One” – Levin Takes On Romney

The Great One

Mark Levin, in his usual well-stated, and very direct style, has laid out a case for why Character Matters, and why Mitt Romney’s worries Levin. I do believe this essay is worth reading, and if you’re undecided or otherwise on the fence in this GOP primary season, I think Levin points out the important facts quite clearly. Give it a read, and like his newest book, Ameritopia, you’ll understand why he is called “The Great One.”  The things Levin is willing to say frankly make the GOP  establishment nervous, because he is willing to take them on at the nuts and bolts level in a way few in the media do. This article is well worth your time, and I consider it essential as Florida prepares to have its primary.

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4 Responses to There’s Good Reason He’s “The Great One” – Levin Takes On Romney

  1. C.A. Bamford says:

    I am reading "Ameritopia" now. It's not an easy reader, but it is clearly one of the best, most substantial, and most important books one can read at this crucial period in our nation's history.

  2. Clem says:

    I wish the Florida voters would rock everyone's boat by voting for Santorum…which would be a real miracle that only God could pull off at this point when the press has Romney winning. It is so disgusting that the established GOP is telling all of us who our next candidate is. What is it they say…"it isn't over until the fat lady sings?" We can hope that America still honors it's freedom more than money that buys anything…including the White House seat. Bleh.