Florida: It Isn’t Over

Florida Primary Looms

Most media outlets are reporting an advantage for Romney in the double-digits, but in looking at most of these polls as I reported Sunday, most have samples that are far too small and margins of error that are much too high.  I’ve seen a concerted effort to raise the sample sizes, and lower the margins of error, but they’re still diddling around with the numbers.  They’re hoping the net propaganda effect will leverage in favor of Romney getting more votes from those who are undecided.  This isn’t surprising, because the GOP establishment is getting a good deal of help from their friends in the media. It’s for this reason I am convinced that the Florida primary will be much closer than is being reported, and it’s also why I suspect there’s still a chance for Gingrich.

The whole purpose of the media massacre that was inflicted on Gingrich last week and through the weekend was to soften his support.  At the same time, I saw a media and establishment theme emerge in which the question of Romney’s Mormon faith was the issue, but not by people opposing him.  Instead, it was from his own camp, alleging that the people of South Carolina just hate Mormons.  You know, that “Christian Right” who have some sort of alleged problem with Romney’s religion.  In this entire campaign season, the only people I have ever heard raise this question were either media shills for Romney, or campaign shills for Romney. I’m located firmly in the midst of the Bible Belt, and I haven’t heard a single person say one word about Romney’s faith.  What I have heard them say, often and loudly, is that Romney’s problem is his liberal record.

I am not inclined to believe this election in Florida is “all over,” or that even were it, that this primary race is “all over.”  It’s simply not true.  Wednesday morning, we will have conducted exactly four states’ worth of caucusing and voting, with forty-six to follow.  I don’t know whose calculus indicates that this somehow wraps things up for Romney, even assuming he wins in Florida, but I suspect Florida is going to be a good deal closer than the media pretends.  My evidence is admittedly second-hand, apart from the manipulated polls, but there’s also the sense on the ground that Gingrich is drawing larger crowds in similar venues, and Gingrich is getting Tea Party support, and this combined with the story NewsMax is carrying about an ongoing Gingrich surge suggest to me the “it’s all over” meme is just that, and nothing more. My advice to Floridians remains the same:  Tomorrow morning, if you have yet to vote, go to the polls and defeat Mitt Romney, even if it means holding your nose. Nothing will deliver a more important message to the establishment, that still doesn’t take you seriously even after the whip-saw turnaround in South Carolina. It’s not over, not now, and not even tomorrow.

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14 Responses to Florida: It Isn’t Over

  1. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    Sen. McCain said on Fox news … Romney IS THE NONINEE

    • JohnInFlorida says:

      And Sen. McCain spells his middle name L O S E R … don't think he's the one we should be listening to …

      • PalinSupporter2012 says:

        I agree. I am not listening to him. Once again, the elite trying to pick nominee.

  2. Laurie says:

    I just don't see how Newt can be getting this massive crowds and not be doing real well. Something fishy is going on.

  3. This is a very truthful piece. Mitt Romney was sliding in national polls on the heels of Gingrich's landslide victory over Romney in South Carolina. Whereas Newt may have some skeletons in the closet, they have long been outed and are in the public domain. The skeleton in Mitt Romney's closet IS Willard Milton "Mitt" Romney himself. Despite a multimillion dollar advantage, all the levers of power in America (Wall Street, RNC Establishment, Media Illuminati) aligned in his favor, Romney can't close the deal against underfunded opponents who divide the anti-Romney vote. The Anglo American Eastern Establishment is firmly behind Romney yet most Americans have a fervent distaste for a man they see as a hollow, soul less, fraudulent charlatan who whines about the anti-Mormon sentiment in America but yet he will never come forth about the convicted Fraudster and con-artist, Joseph Smith who founded this phony faith or the reality that there are hundreds of thousands of former Mormons in 12 Step Recovery Programs, like drug addicts and alcoholics, seeking to recover from the mind control and indoctrination from this cult. Mitt Romney has proven that the apple does not fall far from the tree between him and Joseph Smith, two con-men who both sought the Presidency. We ought to investigate and break up this Cult, not put one of it's leaders in the White House.

  4. Linda says:

    I certainly hope that you are correct, that things are much closer than being reported. Funny how this thing was supposed to over after Romney won South Carolina (because they pick presidents) but then he didn't win….so suddenly South Carolina was insignificant. Suspect the same will be said of Florida if Romney doesn't manage to pull it off.

  5. moonprinces says:

    george soros said that there is no difference between rommey and oboma(omuslim) so now you know why the lame stream media iis trying to crush newt

  6. Gail says:

    Mark, Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with what is happening in Florida….I can't find this kind of good info anywhere.

  7. Mark, Why dont you run for president? I dont think its too late.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's a laugh. Thanks! I've needed a good laugh all day. Seriously, I'm not suited to be a politician. I don't like mugging cameramen and reporters and so on, and the biggest problem is I hate, I REPEAT HATE asking people for money. Look around this site. No ads. Why? Because they're a bother and they are asking for money, in most cases.

  8. politicaljules says:

    I do not get it. 300 friends on my facebook page 1999 friends on twitter and NOT ONE ROMNEY SUPPORTER. Someone tell me the polls are not being skewed. That just seems statistically impossible that none of my friends (out of that sample) would be for him if he was so popular. It is not like I am some rebel libertarian. Something is fishy.