Florida Poll – Election Eve

I have two questions for you in this evening’s poll.

Please answer them both.

No double voting!

I will be comparing this data with South Carolina data, and I will report to you any shifts in the support of the candidates.

Thank you for participating!

[polldaddy poll=5893319]

[polldaddy poll=5893312]

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7 Responses to Florida Poll – Election Eve

  1. Don Purser says:

    Oops, the names don't show up on these polls, when using the Chrome browser.

  2. Kyle Perron says:

    cool I hope it is on candidates pages

  3. Wow, I can not believe so many not even registered to vote and searching for information…It is crazy not to be registered to vote.

    Freedom is not free. We have to vote to ensure our rights!

    • CPB says:

      Hey – I AM a registered voter – just not in Florida!!! I would guess that most people answering this poll are registered to vote SOMEWHERE – they wouldn't be bothering to read on sites like this if they weren't involved and interested. I have to do things like this because in Texas we may not be able to make any difference at all in this primary. They keep bumping our primary date further and further away from Super Tuesday…

  4. Kathleen says:

    I believe Allan West did it again. I going to check it out to make sure.