While We Watched Florida: Hint of Holder’s Full Complicity Comes to Light

Caught Lying

Not only did US Attorney General Eric Holder know in advance of his testimony about the circumstances of Agent Brian Terry’s death, and the involvement of Fast and Furious weapons in the event, but in a document dump late Friday night, it has been revealed that he knew of the connection within approximately one hour of the murder of Agent Terry.  This is all of the evidence we need to have in order to pronounce Attorney General Holder a perjurer, and let’s not make any bones about it:  He knew, and he knew the specific details, and he knew that his own program, Fast and Furious, the operation that provided thousands of semi-automatic firearms to narco-terrorists on the Mexican side of the border, had been implicated in this shooting.  There’s no excuse for any of this, but once you understand the original purpose of this grotesque malfeasance, it no longer looks anything like mere incompetence, but something much more sinister.

What you must understand in all this was that as I’ve reported earlier, they wanted to create a statistical bit of evidence to prove why they should be able to monitor and restrict the number of long-guns you could buy at any one time in the US.  This was the whole purpose, and it is ultimately the reason Agent Terry and countless Mexican nationals lost their lives:  Holder, as part of the Obama administration, had a political goal of limiting firearms sales to Americans, and was willing to sell massive numbers of guns to people who would carry them to Mexico for use by the narco-thugs.

This site has joined previously in the widening call for Holder’s immediate dismissal, but despite more than one-hundred members of the House calling for action, John Boehner and Eric Cantor continue to sit on their thumbs, not wishing to stir up too much controversy in an election year.  Rather than worrying about risking their re-election, they should be concentrating on enforcing the law, and taking action against an Attorney General who has repeatedly lied under oath.  I don’t understand what they’re waiting to discover, or whether it will take their entire Republican Caucus in the House to get them to act, but the simple fact is that Holder lied, and he must go.

The President should fire him.  He won’t.  He continues to support his AG because of the damage a dust-up could have on his own re-election campaign.  If you’re like me, and tired of all these politicians sitting on their thumbs, pick up the phone, call or write your Representatives, and let them know it is long overdue that Holder make his departure in appropriate disgrace. At the very least, we’re going to need to fire Obama in order to ditch his Attorney General.

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7 Responses to While We Watched Florida: Hint of Holder’s Full Complicity Comes to Light

  1. The president won't fire him. Voter fraud and voter intimidation will be rampant as long as Holder is in office. After the elections, Obama won't need him and will fire him.

  2. fred johnson says:

    Mark; Remember befor any of this took place, "Hell"ery Clinton going around giving speaches telling about the gun shows and all the guns being sold. LIE to to me and tell me Obum-ma wasen't in on it too. This has and is much more then a cover-up. They like to call it TOP DOWN now it's time for the little guy US to show them BOTTOM UP. . but we all know that won't happen. All the good old boys will sit back and it will fade away. There is way to much money involved. They all should be turned over to the Mexican gov. They would know how to deal with them. Because we sure aren't about to. Not with our spineless bunch that WE THE PEOPLE have put in place in Washington This is a shameless act of treason not only on there part part but also on every americans part

    • traci mccormick says:

      we must not let this fade away keep writting letters to congress i call Rep. Anne Marie Buerkle regarding this last week and got a response in the mail! they pat attention especially if they are up for re election Anne Marie is doing a great job by the way the one here in my district that MUST go is Schummer

  3. j.a.agibinik says:

    When I read this story, made me think…..isn't Chicago a city with tough gun laws? Washington, D.C.? New York City? I'm not sure if I am correct, but aren't they cities that are anti-gun with some of the highest murder rates in our Great Country? Ban guns and law abiding citizens are defenseless against criminals who will not fallow the law…..A.G. Holder is a disgrace to law abiding citizens! To me, this shows how corrupt our prez admin is. Disgusting. Peace and live well.

  4. CPB says:

    How is this not worse than Watergate? Someone needs to find evidence of BHO knowing and lying about it so he goes along with Holder – ASPA!

  5. Carol Cumbie says:

    Obama and Holder did the fast and furious as a way of taking control of people being allowed to sell guns. They want to put a stop to americans holding guns. It blew up in their face. Just like everything else they do they never think it all the way through. It should not matter when it is if they think they did wrong . The republican party needs to act and stop worrying about losing their jobs.