Will The Establishment Follow It’s Own Urgings?

Will the Establishment Back Our Candidate?

I’ve heard it said at least one-thousand times in the last six months from various sources, day in, and day out, that we must support the Republican nominee whomever it is.  I’ve expressed to you my general misgivings about this thesis, but were I to accept it, and follow along, having watched the behavior of the GOP establishment over the last two weeks, I am now beginning to wonder:  If a non-establishment candidate were to prevail and win the nomination, how would the establishment behave?  I realize they would make a show of supporting the nominee, but remembering what was done by Romney’s crowd in 2008, I have no confidence that they would reciprocate in earnest.  So my question for the GOP insiders, and for you my readers is this: If somebody other than Mitt Romney wins the nomination, will you fight for that nominee as diligently as you would fight for Mitt?

I realize there are those in media who hate this entire line of discussion, but when I think about what has been done to Allen West by the machine in Florida through aggressive redistricting, I can’t help but wonder how serious the commitment is among establishment Republicans to do as they say we should do in supporting the nominee of the party.  I know there exists an element within the GOP establishment that doesn’t mind losing, and won’t mind if we go down to defeat, for various reasons of their own nefarious intentions.  There’s substantial evidence that they’ve sabotaged us before.

We are told we should support the GOP nominee, those of us who are of the grass-roots, either as part of the conservative base, or the Tea Party crowd, and we’re told we shouldn’t hold a grudge or seek to punish the establishment as they circle their own wagons and seek to close us out.  I don’t know if I can agree with this thinking, because I know as with any wayward child who thinks he’s in charge, you must occasionally deliver the punishment or your threat to do so loses all credibility.  I realize that there is a great force against this sort of thinking, and I hope not to have need to consider it, but I’m one who will not take this off the table.

With the ridiculous behavior of the establishment in this campaign season, particularly over the last two week, I think we should always bear this option in mind even if we would rather not exercise it.  With all due respect to those who think this is the topic we must not mention, I believe if we are to ever take back our party, we must consider it in earnest.  I’ve heard commentaries in which there is a frantic insistence that the willingness to withhold one’s vote in the general election over the ascension of another GOP establishment nominee would merely constitute a vote for Obama, and yes, I’ve been castigated here for mentioning the idea, but I must tell you that this is not the case. One of the things I’ve heard repeatedly is that we shouldn’t withhold our votes out of some sense of our own moral consistency, but that too is nonsense.

Where is the morality consistency of those who say Obama must go, but would put up another GOP establishment flunky?  Where is it? If they know the base may abandon them, why do they insist on shafting us with Romney anyway?  Those of you who believe you will be able to motivate the base to support Romney with sufficient diligence and vigor to defeat Barack Obama are every bit as mistaken as those who believed the same about McCain in 2008.  Meanwhile, we must ask the establishment: “Will you support the nominee even if it’s not your guy for a change?”  The media loves to ask conservatives and Tea Party folk this question, but you won’t see them ask it of Norm Coleman, or Ann Coulter, or Chris Christie.  They won’t.  You have every right to wonder why.

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8 Responses to Will The Establishment Follow It’s Own Urgings?

  1. Soros likes Romney. That's all I need to know. It's like a pat on the head from Satan. If I force myself to vote for Romney it may involve self punishment. I'm not sure I can bring myself to push a safety pin through my ear lobe and go vote.

    • dnr says:

      I will NOT vote for Mitt. I pray he doesn't steal the nomination. That would be the only way he would get it.

  2. PalinSupporter2012 says:

    I totally agree.

    I have in the past mentioned that I could see Palin run as an independant conservative. Some posted back that that would splt the vote and certainly give Obama the election. However, if the GOP is willing to loose unless their get their guy, how is this different.? Otherwords, let Mitt and Obama go up against Palin as an Independant. She will not need their approval and in the mess they have the Republican party, I can think of several that would vote for her as opposed to the old guard machine.

  3. Kathleen says:

    You sure do ask the tough question, lol. I gave it a good thought.

    My favorites are Gingrich and Santorum. I could vote them.

    As for Paul, I get a picture in my mind of him getting ate by Obama. I guess that is because he looks fragile to me. He is a likable man though and I could vote for him.

    As for Romney, to be honest, I can't picture myself voting for him. He might look like a prince but his actions seem to be of a ugly beast. Why would I want another beast in DC? I don't even think if they offered me a million dollars that I could. Romney would be a real hard choice for me at this time. I am not sure I can vote for Romney. I believe another reason why I would have a hard time voting for Romney, is because they keep shoving him down our throats and I want to vote against him out of spite. That's sad I know.

    • dnr says:

      "As for Romney, to be honest, I can’t picture myself voting for him. He might look like a prince but his actions seem to be of a ugly beast."

      Well said!!

  4. Independent Mom says:

    Been lurking but felt I needed to weigh in on this subject.

    I am fed up with what I have been seeing unfold and how they have treated Sarah, Herman, Perry, and Newt among others. What they did to Allen West was the last straw.

    The Republican Elite may not care if Obama gets back in and our Republican candidate of choice loses but they would care if we voted *them* all out!

    Let them know in no uncertain terms if they do not stand up for the people's choice the people will not stand for them either!

    We may not have time to get another Republican Presidential candidate to run but we do have time to get other conservatives to run for House and Senate seats.

  5. bigmike says:

    Sometimes the answer to the conundrum is breath-takingly simple. Sometimes, the right thing to do is plant your feet and say,” YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” Please keep writing!