Florida Votes For Four More Years of Obama, Obamacare

Florida Primary Victor

On November 7th, when we look back on the Florida primary, it will be in knowing recognition that today may have been the day on which the die was cast.  We will cry over our breakfast plates, and Barack Obama will come to rule with an iron fist, unrestrained by worries over future electoral defeat.  The fact that none will consider as they vote for Romney on the phony basis of his alleged “electability” is that he cannot and will not defeat Barack Obama for a number of important reasons, and while this fact is well-known to those who support him, that’s simply part of the plan.  The dirty secret of the Republican establishment is that they don’t want Obama-care repealed, because for two years at least, they’ve been figuring out how to profit from it.

Obama-care is the issue Mitt Romney is unable to address, and without it he will have nothing, because the leftist administration now in power is rigging the statistics, and pushing cash into the market in order to help people feel more comfortable and not so thoroughly inclined to oust Barack Obama in November.  In short, they’re placing camouflage over their failures, because they just need to hang on through re-election, and then the true crises will begin.  If Obama is re-elected, America as you have known it is over, but the dirty secret is that Romney will not make more than a token challenge to him.  He will not outspend Obama five-to-one in any way like he has done in Florida in pursuit of the nomination.  He will not have the resources, and you can expect his SuperPAC funds to become more skimpy once he clears the convention.

This is because the core of Romney’s support in this primary season are liberals in Republican clothing, who do not wish to repeal Obama-care.  It’s part of the progressive vision to which they adhere, but more importantly for them, it’s going to be a profit center.  The GOP establishment is filled with heavy-hitters who will get all sorts of government contracts in the short run to help run the health-care exchanges at the state level, and will be among those who profit most from Obama-cares implementation.  Obama bought them off, if you’ll remember, during all of those closed-door meetings with medical and pharmaceutical companies, and a few information technology companies too.  If you thought the people in league with Obama-care are all Democrats, you’re in for a shock.  No, the establishment wing of the GOP is waiting in the wings to cash in, and they already are so doing. You wonder why they want Obama-care? Examine where so many implementation dollars are now going.

This is the problem with Romney, when you boil it all down, and apart from the fact that he’s not supposed to win, there is the problem that he cannot. The one issue on which a wide majority of Americans agree is Obama-care, but this is the issue he will yield, because of Romney-care.  This is thoroughly damning to Romney’s campaign, but we will not confront the fact that without this issue, Republicans cannot win in 2012.  Mitt Romney cannot motivate the base, and they already know that. The Tea Party will not hold its collective nose in 2012, and the establishment already knows this.  If the GOP had wanted to win, they would have selected almost anybody else.  No.  Anybody else will not be beholden to the establishment, and will not easily do its bidding.  What do these masters of the party desire?  Power and money.  That’s power over you, and thereby the control over your money.

The biggest smiles on this last day of January 2012 will not be at Romney’s campaign headquarters, nor even in Obama’s, although they’ll be grinning from ear to ear in both. Instead, the smiles will be widest in the halls of the establishment’s seat of power.  Obama-care will go forward along with its namesake, and this will permit the final undoing of America, and if you don’t like me pointing it out, you may be part of the problem.

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15 Responses to Florida Votes For Four More Years of Obama, Obamacare

  1. you must of read my mind, you are spot on .am stating to make my long term plans with the notion that obama will win reelection – very scary.

  2. GirlfriendGeek says:

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain Florida, and lose his own soul?

  3. Mark: Where I differ with you on the margins is irrelevant, your blogs are spot on in terms of what is happening, who Romney is and what he represents. The Republican establishment is ironically hell bent on stopping the rightful heir to the legacy which the party brands itself on, in terms of Ronald Reagan, to insure a hollow man representing the exact opposite becomes the parties nominee. In the land of rigged elections, the Massengill Republican doing his best Mike Bloomberg, out spent his key opponent 6-1, by about $14 million dollars in Florida, scored his first impressive victory in the Republican nomination process despite having all the levers of power in America working in his favor, including the establishment of his party, the sources of financial largess and the mainstream media spinning for him. On the heels of this stunningly coordinated coronation of his vapid candidacy, Romney will release his second book of the campaign season on the eve of Super Tuesday entitled Profiles In Douchebaggery: The Life Story of Willard Milton 'Mitt Romney', the rightful heir to 19th Century Polygamist Pedophile, Convicted Con-man and fraudster, Joseph Smith. Romney has taken a hiatus from his Mormon Modeling career posing on the top of Wedding Cakes for Utah based bakers to pursue his the life long dream of the Mormon Church leadership, to put one of their own at he table of the highest seat of power. Tonight, Obama's re-election was certified.

    • dogswife1969 says:

      Since when did this blog become about religion bashing? Christopher London: I don't appreciate it. I come here for good honest conservative insight. I live in a country where a person is supposed to allowed to exercise freedom of religion. Never have I seen Catholism lumped in with Nancy Pelosi. If you, or anyone else, wants to include an american, christian religion into the folds of what you find repulsive about an american man, then you have no business in a conservative circle.

      I too agree that Mr. Romney is no better than Obama, but Obama has no religion at all except for Marxism. Try that one on for size and see if you like it better than mormonism, SIr.

      Go home (expletive removed-MA)!

  4. fred johnson says:

    Mark You are right about obama care and both sides wanting it. At this point it makes no difference who wins on the right. Other then Ron Paul but he won't. Obum-ma care is here to stay. because of the money. Over a year ago our friend Karl R. said that gettig rid of it was not that important that there were many other things that needed to be addressed. right then I knew WE " the country" were in trouble. and that the "Party" wanted it. Our real worry at this point should be What are the other things that need to be addressed?? Something for you to think about. Face it at this point we must take the senate and keep the house. The fat lady has sang the party is over. Like George said they are the same.

  5. carlirwin12 says:

    there is no gentle way of saying this, but the electorate in this country are not very bright, and that is just a sad truth.If you need proof you need look no further than who they elected president in 2008 and who has now just won in the primary in Florida. I rest my case.

  6. kilt1iron says:

    Please tell us (me) what a "positive" Plan B is to move forward from here?

    (***Editor's note: One-word exclamation removed from this comment – Mark America***)

  7. kilt1iron says:

    Apologies, Mark America.

    I am on fire. My control slipped. My work continues . …..

  8. Thomas Dixon says:

    Last year, all of America watched in utter disbelief as twelve "ordinary" residents of Tampa acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her own child. I, for one, couldn't comprehend how those people, who were selected on account of their complete avoidance of issues outside their own small lives, claimed inability to convict on account of lack of evidence.

    As a career law enforcement officer, I was astounded at the outcome of the trial because it seemed to me that our justice system was broken. But, with all it's flaws I still felt that our system remained the best in the world.

    Coincidently, we began to learn of a horrific operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) where agents allowed automatic weapons (including .50 caliber sniper rifles) to be bought in America by Mexican Drug Cartels. We're learning that the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the land was completely aware of the program and endorsed it, apparently accepting the horrendous collateral damage that would and did occur.

    Again, I thought "how could our law enforcement system be so broken?" I began to see the answer as we ploughed through this Primary process ~ so many debates, such vitriolic angst, candidates on the same side tearing each other apart as if we were at Circus Maximus.

    And now, Republican Party Primary in Florida ~ apparently decided by Casey Anthony's jury to the 6th power. I have to ask myself, "Is the system really broken or has it been evolving before my very eyes?"

    Well, I wasn't on that jury (never have been on account of my profession), but I do know the answer to that question. Guess all I can do at this late date is prepare for what's coming, put my faith in the Lord, and try to educate my kids and grandkids how to survive. They ARE the hope of the future. Long live the Republic!

  9. carbonyes says:

    Not good in Florida and for our nation, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel with respect to the Fall of 2012 election. We pretty much knew that Romney was going to win Florida, but one thing you all left out of the equation Is God and there is only one. He obviously permitted the ascendency of "the one", little 'o'. He also can prepare his demise, regardless of the Muslim's resources or power. A lot depends on prayer and where the hearts of Americans are turning – talking about the real grass roots and the real prayer warriors. If II Chronicles 14:7 comes to bear, some mighty awesome and powerful things can be engendered into the midst of the war. The battle belongs to the Lord! Stand still and observe. Over night everything Obama and the establishment Republicans have planned can come unraveling right before their eyes – literally. God is in the business of doing those things, particularly when the mockers and deceivers think that they have it together and all the bases are covered.

    It is not time to give up or speak negatives. It is time to suck it up and listen for that still small voice and put feet to whatever He commands , and that mat be besides prayer to at times be still and observe the mighty hand of God at work.

    Keep the process going, even if it appears that Romney is a shoe in for the nomination. God is not done in this matter. A warrior or warrioress may yet be coming out of the woods. also the players in the battles of life do not always wake up on the right side of the grass. If their time has come, all the forces, plans and money on this earth can not stop it.

    Keep the faith, pray and be ever vigil.

  10. Texmom says:

    Don't throw in the towel; it ain't over till it's over. Keep the faith and read Bill Kristol's piece in the Weekly Standard today….a Santorum surprise still possible?