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Ladies and gentlemen, “the fix really has been in,” in Florida.  The polls over the last six days have been so unreliably diverse and skewed as to make it impossible to sort out, but this much is clear: They used last week’s Drudge extravaganza combined with ceaseless reporting of a Romney double-digit lead to build an impression that Gingrich will lose big, but as I warned you, don’t be surprised if this race is well within the margin of error of the best polls available, which actually isn’t saying much this week. The NYTimes, hardly a conservative publication, takes the time to point out how the polls are all over the place. This kind of thing isn’t normal, and it’s not predictive either. While these polls all seem to indicate a Romney victory, from the smallest margins to something in the twenty percent range, what all of this tells you is that it’s going to be a good bit more volatile than expected, and it may tell us something else: There’s still a chance.

If Gingrich can get good turn-out and support from the Tea Party, he has a very good chance of pulling this out, but the point of all this polling is to depress turn-out. If this ploy works, and it frequently does, what can happen is that voters, hearing, reading or watching the news will simply shrug and figure they can’t win, and simply not bother.  This is one of the reasons I’m against early voting, because what can happen is that people may change their mind having made their selection, so they’re locked in.  My own state has early voting, and if it were up to me, we’d get rid of it, and make election day what it is supposed to be.  I think if you can’t be bothered to go vote on election day, we didn’t need your vote anyway. I want people motivated enough to take time away from work, or whatever else they may do, and make their way to the polling places like we had done for two hundred years. Nevertheless, the laws are what they are, and there’s no point in arguing the matter at this juncture. Just be advised that early voting was created to give the terminally lazy one more inducement to vote.

(Note: I am not suggesting that every person who has availed themselves of early voting is lazy, because not everyone who avails themselves had a poor record of voting previously. I am aiming my remarks specifically at those who can only be troubled to register and vote when it’s made falling-off-a-log easy.)

Tuesday morning will tell the tale. I think strong turn-out actually favors Gingrich. If all of these wacky polls have merely concealed a late surge, Tuesday may even yield a surprise. Those who like surprises may wish to wait this one out. If it’s substantially closer than the median of current polls tell us, here’s what you can gather:  This entire thing has been a propaganda job.  On this basis alone, none should sit this out.  Tuesday doesn’t decide anything, but it will provide us a glimpse into how effective the establishment has been in driving the vote their own direction.

As of this writing, my poll from yesterday is clearly skewed toward Gingrich, but if the responses are reliable, 14% or so were Floridians.

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7 Responses to Florida Votes

  1. MikeW says:

    Great assessment of the election today. I have understood these pollsters for quite some time. The last time that I saw polling like this was nationwide and during the 2004 general election. The odd thing about this time around is that here we are on election day and the polls are still all over the place. (I'd love to think that the public is screwing w the pollsters…..but I doubt it)

    The only strange thing that I have seen is, like SC, someone other than Mitt has been leading in every state except N.H. . Newt was way ahead in Florida before Iowa. The lead slowly dissolved and gave way to Romney. My surprise has been the sudden turn in the polls and that they show this momentum toward Mitt that is unusual considering the polls pre-Iowa. ….The nationwide polling is the only polling still on our side, showing Newt up by 9 or more. (but closing)

    I like to watch the behaviors of the campaign and the candidate. The best example is Santorum and Paul. They're not in Florida. That message is crystal clear. Mitt and Newt you must watch closer. Mitt never mentioned the words "win" til Florida. Last night, while *singing* in the Villages, he prounouced his victory…..as Newt did in S.C. …The roles are reversed and this speaks volumes to me. The biggest asset next to voters are private polling firms of the candidates. You dont get spin worthy news from people who you pay for accuracy. So candidate behavior is key to reading the polls/tea leaves (if you will)

    Today should be interesting at best.

  2. Mark: You are quite right that the fix is in in Florida. The mainstream media propaganda machine and the invisible hand of the eastern establishment elite have decided, in my estimation, that Newt Gingrich is an inconvenient man getting in the way of a sacrificial lamb to be offered up the GOP to Obama in 2012. Why? To set up Poppy Bush's son, Jeb Bush in 2016. Left is right, right is left. You may not agree with my analysis but power, real power does not concern itself with the face that it wears to the public. The establishment elite will 'GORE' Gingrich in Florida if they have to and that means giving him the votes of dead people or engineering the vote if they cannot pre-engineer the outcome with mass media manipulation of voters preferences. They have anointed Romney the landslide winner before a single vote has been tabulated. Fascinating.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Christopher, I can't argue with any of that. The Bush crowd still exerts tremendous political influence in Florida. In fact, the machine there is all still really Jeb's, more or less.

      • Remember TIME Magazine’s Cover in December featuring Mitt Romney with puppy dog eyes and the headline ‘Why Don’t They Like Me?’ —and now we are to believe everyone has fallen in love with the Mormon Madoff in landslide proportions?

        Furthermore, to be honest, I was never a tremendous fan of Gingrich, however, in light of the state of our nation, I am willing to listen to anyone with a coherent plan and the balls to execute it. And while Gingrich has his share of skeletons in the closet, they are actually ALL in the public domain and get regurgitated with regularity, while Romney IS the skeleton in his own closet. The pious Ken Doll belongs on a Mormon wedding cake and should have to discuss more earnestly his background, including some of the bizarre rituals and practices of his 'faith', its highly political bent, its fraudulent founding: Joseph Smith was a convicted con-artist and fraudster, pedophile and polygamist. Romney's grandfather sought refuge outside the United States in Mexico to set up a polygamist colony. So with all due respect for his 'Mexican' roots, this is a man who comes from a family that fled the United States because their practices were illegal. Likewise, the mainstream media will not tell you how there are literally hundreds of thousands of ex-Mormons or Apostates who have entered 12 Step Recovery Programs to escape the mind control and indoctrination of the LDS Mormon Cult. Even Park Romney, an Apostate of Mormonism and a relation of Romney's thinks that it is fair game to discuss the LDS Mormon Cult and Romney's leadership role and what it means to have someone from this controversial group in the White House. Hell, the Eastern Establishment Elites probably prefer someone who can hypnotize the masses so that do not have to work so hard to manipulate them with mass media forces, including the entertainment culture of distraction.

  3. CPB says:

    Saw on MSNBC (husband watching headlines for 10 minutes) that Romney had over 23,000 ads in the last week and Newt had about 650. No telling what $$ all of that adds to. So we're back to buying the election again – the righest guy wins? This is SO not right!

  4. There is a system in place. You have to think of the Eastern Anglo Establishment/CIA/Banks (The Pilgrims Society) behind anyone who gets elected President in this country. And George Herbert Walker Bush ('41') has had a rather curious relationship with the White House since 1980 and while affiliated with the CIA he was a veritable Forrest Gump of American history going back to the assassination of JFK. So to all those that think Obama was a coincidence, ask yourself who put him there? He seemed to have the perfectly created brand for the times. And all his "socialism" went to bankers in the form of 'capitalism insurance'. The very same people who seem to want to put Romney there now. Last time they chose Obama for specific reasons. This time they appear to have selected Romney, but there is greater resistance ad dislike of him. But what do they want him for? One of two things: either as a sacrificial lamb for Obama setting up Jeb Bush perfectly to run in 2016. Or Jeb Bush will be VP. I hold that if Jeb is not VP, Romney likely loses unless Jeb is to be made head of CIA or Secretary of State in a Romney administration. Poppy Bush has a plan for Jeb Bush. Jeb is 58 years old. He is ripe. If Romney wins, Jeb can't run until 2020 unless Romney dies in office. Focus on Jeb Bush is they key. What does Poppy have in mind for Jeb? President in 2016, VP in 2012 or high level cabinet post for Jeb in a Romney administration? If Jeb is in the mix, Obama falls by design and I suspect he knows that this is the plan.Who knows maybe that little appearance of Jeb and 41 in the White House was scripted to remind Romney what he must do or where he stands.