Deal-Maker Endorses Deal-Maker – Conservatives Yawn

Hats Off to "The Donald"

One thing I must say about Donald Trump is that he knows how to put on a show.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t consider his political opinions any more useful than, say, Ann Coulter’s, which is to say:  Not at all.  I realize there are those who put a lot of weight in these endorsements, but the truth is that I don’t care about endorsements except for one: Mine.  That endorsement will be conveyed to the world when I choose on Super Tuesday, in the Texas primary, and again in November, in the general election.  I am prepared to watch all sorts of unexpected endorsements play out, but none of them matter to me, and apparently, they don’t much matter to most of you.  I don’t consider political endorsements at all, which is one of the reasons I haven’t spent a great deal of time on endorsements here, except as the manner by which to discern who is a part of the establishment, who feels indebted to it, or who seeks to ingratiate themselves to the party of DC.

I’m not particularly surprised that Donald Trump would endorse Romney.  Trump is a New York liberal who happens to have money, and happens to work deals, but who seems to have no solid political philosophy upon which I could predict anything except that he’s likely to endorse the most liberal candidate in the field.  In fact, this can be considered as having explained his endorsement, much like Chris Christie’s.  Another brash Northeast corridor deal-maker signs on with Romney.  I’m not exactly shocked.  If Trump has come out and endorsed Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum, it would at least have been an interesting and more unpredictable outcome.

As it is, I see one guy who likes to make big deals endorsing another guy whose view of the world is largely encapsulated by “deals.” He’s willing to become whatever sells, and that should be your key to understanding Trump’s endorsement.  Trump is a guy who isn’t really very ideological, and I believe most of his anti-Obama ranting has been contrived to gain attention.  Trump is also a guy who has used the power of government to try to coerce other private citizens to sell him property he wanted by virtue of eminent domain.  Sorry, but a man like Trump who would clearly favor the Kelo decision is the kind of guy whose interest in “the deal” afford him the ideological and moral flexibility to permit him to view the property rights of others as flexible and open to renegotiation.

For these reasons, and a few others I won’t name here, I lean away from anybody Trump endorses.  I look at his endorsement as a negative, if it has any effect at all.  I simply don’t see this adding any support to Mitt Romney, although it may help solidify his more tenuous support among pop-culture watchers who also like Trump. I don’t think this converts anybody, and it shouldn’t, except perhaps to chase them away.  I have long viewed Trump as the almost prototypical RINO, in that he fits the definition of that term as well as anybody may.

My apologies to readers who expected me to fall upon my knees in fawning submission now that “The Donald” has spoken.  I know what he’s playing for here, and it’s a chance to say “You’re Fired” to the loser after the Election.  It will be a great marketing ploy, but it won’t help save the country, and since I don’t place much stock in his bluster, I’m not about to spend my time worrying about his endorsement.  It’s meaningless and superfluous, but unlike a bad hair-piece, it fits.

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7 Responses to Deal-Maker Endorses Deal-Maker – Conservatives Yawn

  1. Kathleen says:

    Lol, I love the title to this article. As for Trump oh well. He won't be earning money on this deal.

  2. CPB says:

    Agree, Mark. Trump's endorsement just makes me want to run the other way – you know it HAS to be another RINO.

    BTW – we'll be lucky if we get to have the Texas primary on April 3 – no way will be doing it on Super Tuesday in March. We are working on a local state rep's campaign and they are really struggling with not knowing the exact primary date yet. I am on a regular email list for the TX Rep Party and according to the latest post this week, we should know by Monday if we get to keep April 3. The redistricting is a real mess.

  3. Bruce O'H. says:

    When rumor had it that Trump was going to endorse Newt, I was surprised.
    When I heard that he had, in fact, endorsed Romney, I thought, "that makes more sense."
    And I yawned…

  4. Laurie says:

    I think The Donald thinks his endorsement means something,, how many times has he declared bankruptcy again????

  5. Dave says:

    I'm glad he endorsed Romney, and it didn't surprise me in the least. Just more of the same BS typical liberal republican nonsense… It actually shows me why we shouldn't vote for Romney, being backed by the likes of Trump…Big money means big favors…
    America will never wake up… Except for a few of us minorities who see the big picture, Joe American (no offense Mark) is too busy with all his entertainment to care about the political arena so he votes for whoever does the most lying, and Josephine votes for the best looking…
    This it's what happens to a decadent society… Sigh!