Governor Palin on The Factor – Video

Bloviator-in-Chief Talks to Sarah Palin

After saying he didn’t intend to be condescending to the voters, but nevertheless calling most of them uninformed rubes, I couldn’t help but notice that while O’Reilly didn’t interrupt her often, his laughter in arguing with her response suggested that he did intend to condescend to her. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I find Bill O’Reilly to be less than sincere, and always quite the advocate for the GOP establishment, but I must admit he never fails to tick me off when he talks to actual conservatives.  This interview was no different. Have a look:

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5 Responses to Governor Palin on The Factor – Video

  1. Tracy says:

    I used to be a loyal watcher of Hannity and O'Reilly but no more. I haven't watched them or listened to them in over a year. I agree with you that O'Reilly is very condescending and I am of the opinion that Hannity sees the truth (or maybe he' stupid and doesn't but that's another matter) but refuses to report on it. I believe that they think more of the almighty dollar than the importance of telling the people the truth. The sin of omission and these two are guilty along with others at Fox. I don't need to watch this video to know that to be the truth.

    Thank you, Mark.

  2. CPB says:

    I actually saw this exchange last night and I felt sorry for Palin – she was really trying to make her point but O'Reilly was just flat out being a bully. I hope she decides to not come on his show anymore. Hannity will at least usually listen to Palin but his "commentary" on most aspects of this primary race show his bias – regardless of how many times he says he's "fair and giving every candidate the option of speaking on his TV and radio programs". Sometimes his bias is just what he leaves out or ignores – like Tracy said above. I agree – the almighty dollar is winning over the truth. Thanks for speaking the truth, Mark – sure wish the whole country was listening.

  3. IndependentMom says:

    I quit watching Fox opinion shows for the most part for the reasons stated by the two posters above. O'Reilly is condescending and leans too far left for me. Hannity keeps saying the same thing over and over as if on script and it gets boring.

    When someone gets paid what these people do they are going to say what their employers pay them to say. Sadly it looks as if Fox is going to the left and is overlooking too much of what is going on by those who want to destroy this country.

    That is why I started searching out bloggers that had more to say, and who dig a bit deeper, which is how I found your web site among others that I follow.

    • Lori Friend says:

      I am right there with you, IndependentMom. I hadn't intended to quit watching O'Reilly, Hannity, etc. when Beck left Fox, but found myself NOT watching Fox at all b/c of the constant fluff like what the others spewed.

      And b/c I quit Fox along with CNN and haven't watch MSNBC for YEARS before this…well, I had to go somewhere so "homework" city I went and people like Mark I found.

  4. smitch61 says:

    I gave up all news on every channel as my New Year resolution. I read your blog daily and a very few others. I was a news junkie for many years and in most cases the news was all I had on in the home.

    My stress level is way down, I have a much more positive outlook on things. I think in the end it has been the best resolution I have made.