Fighting Liberal Professors – Time to Go Back to School

Should We Fill These Seats?

We all know how useless many of our public schools have become, but have you examined the things that are now delivered as “education” in our publicly-funded universities?  You might believe the worst of had been confined to the elite schools of the Northeast, but in fact, leftists have taken over nearly all the country’s universities and colleges, from the large bustling campuses to the tiny community colleges in middle America.  My adult daughter attends a community college, as she works to finish her degree, but the problem is that even in our small town, the liberals are running the community college.  In a history class this week, she was taught that capitalism is bad, that unions are good, and that socialism is good for workers,  and all of this in the context of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Too many paying adults throw their money too casually to the institutions of “higher learning” in which their children are propagandized in the destruction of their own beliefs.

My daughter prides herself on the fact that she confronts these sorts of things.  A few semesters ago, she got herself into some trouble for contesting another history professor’s malevolently biased portrayal of historical events, and worst of all, doing so in the classroom setting.  The professor, unaccustomed to being challenged by students, was dumbfounded and became angry in typical leftist fashion.  It resulted in a bit of an issue that wound up before the Dean and ultimately led to a withdrawal from the class and a refund of tuition for it.  These thuggish professors continue to shove their left-wing views down our kids’ throats, and almost nobody is there who can or will challenge them.  When somebody does challenge them, they bully, cajole, and mock, and hope to swing the class to their support, essentially hoping to shut down any dissent or questioning that may go on.

There is an answer, and in the name of justice, and all that is good in the world, I for one will pursue it, but I want to suggest to you that you consider the same action.  We of more experience and knowledge should enroll in classes, basic history, government, and economic classes we’ve taken before, and sit in those classes with the specific goal of challenging very leftist talking-point of the professor.  It would help to know in advance which are the leftist professors, but even if you throw darts at a class schedule, you’re likely to land on a leftist, because they constitute the vast bulk of professors.  When the summer term begins, I am going to see about enrolling in such a class, and I have the professors all picked out.  It will cut down on my blogging two nights per week, but it will certainly give me more about which to blog.

Somebody must oppose these people.  They’ve been wrecking the political understanding of our children for generations, and if we are to have any hope of stopping the bleeding, we must do it here.  This is where the propaganda is hammered in, and it’s why we’ve lost control of our culture. It’s been a long while since I’ve sat  in a college classroom, and even then, since I went to college as a well-informed adult, I intimidated professors by virtue of the fact that in my early thirties, I was more than willing as a husband, father, businessman, and employee to challenge whatever a college professor might say if I suspected it was biased or false.  Now, nearing fifty years of age, I am not only willing, able, and informed for the chore, but now I know fully how they have been abusing their tenure, and I look at it as sport.

The college professors who infect our universities with their leftist bilge had better worry if this sport catches on.  Rather than mocking conservatives, the free market, and the rest of American culture, for once, we have every chance to turn tables on them.  I hope you’ll find time to do similar in your own communities, and join me in starting upon our long road back.

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  1. Gail says:

    Thanks Mark…I look forward to reading your blog on the subject of Leftie Liberal Professors. That will be a fun read.

  2. Betty says:

    In some states a senior citizen can take for credit classes for $20 a credit at any state college. They have to wait till after the first day of class to register and there has to be a seat open but add that to your idea and a cost effective army of senior citizens could be deployed to push back a little on some of those professors.

    • Rogue Rose says:

      Wonderful info Betty. An army of senior citizens deployed to push back. Gotta love that.

  3. And look at the cost of a college education, which now amounts to Leftist indoctrination. Talk about a scam.

    Think Hillsdale College as an alternative.

  4. Rick Lachner says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly because I've dealt with this in the public elementary system with my 13 & 9 year olds. I've also heard similar rantings, accusations, and inflamatory speeches from college professors. In some cases I've challenged those but have been drowned by indoctrinasted fellow students.

    Can you provide definitive proof for the doubters? I have friends that will read "conservative" authors but demand facts and proof.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    Rick L.

  5. Ann Rosen says:


  6. WallyPalo says:

    I went back to school in my late 30's, to finish my undergraduate degree at Stanford (1990's). So, I had to take one of the "Western Civilization" replacement courses ("History of Philosophy), which met an hour per day with a few extra afternoon "sections" per week. My section teacher was a Marxist lady who tried to steer the students towards accepting socialist philosophy. I took great pride in participating in discussions in a way contrary to her leadership. I was surprised how many Ayn Rand fans there were in that section (maybe 4 or 5 of 14 students). I guess I was also surprised that Rand's work was even given a mention. Nothing about Rand's Objectivism, though, just a reading on a feminist topic. Also nothing about libertarianism or the philosophy of America's founders. Plenty of Marx and his pals.

    It was eery how self-censoring the students had become. I remember hearing two students talking about having committed the sin of picking up a copy of the Stanford Review (the conservative student paper) to read an article. Back in the 70's, we college students were encourage to read everything (like the Joseph Turner character in "Three Days of the Condor"). Of course, back then, reading outside the mainstream meant reading about communism. Nowadays, 'outside the mainstream' reading means reading conservative authors (or about the Founding Fathers).

    Finally, I've known great academics (PhD's from first rate colleges) who were unable to get Liberal Arts teaching jobs anywhere in the nation because they weren't from the Left, weren't the right gender, and had the wrong skin color. The Leftists have taken over the Academy and are now barring entrance to anyone opposed to them.

  7. eyetooth tom says:

    Interesting idea. Imagine "a unit" becoming a building block, one unit at a time.
    But will they let us in…my high school diploma was washed away couple of hurricanes ago?

    • eyetooth tom says:

      Diploma washed away…actually the category 5 in '69. Couple must mean my hurricanes, Camille and Katrina. Did some wading and swimming relative to both in same order.

  8. traci mccormick says:

    I too had a very similar situation with my daughter in a community college and ended in a similar way meeting with the dean ect…all 3 of my children know the facts and are not afraid to speak up and have more than once been in the minority but know who they are and what they stand for !!

  9. Rogue Rose says:

    Excellent idea, but be prepared for anger and bullying from the leftist professors. If you want to be 100% certain your professor is a leftist, take a "Human Relations" class. Be prepared for strong anti-semitic propaganda, especially around the topic of Israel. They will also be strongly anti-military. Watch for propaganda about "bankers, hollywood, and zionism". We all know those are just codes for "those damn joooosss!!". It's truly disgusting how the hatred of the Jews is being pushed on our young people. I personally was in a HR class that taught "the reason Europe established Israel was to get all the Jews out of Europe because they had caused so much trouble." That's a direct quote. Also be prepared for anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-capitalist propaganda. I was unprepared and shocked by what was being taught. They'll never catch me off-guard again.

  10. It's a sad state of affairs – Do you know of such a list of Instructors and Professors (the hard lefties)? A list that tells us just who they are?
    If not, I want to start the PUBLIC LIST of Communist, Socialist and Hard Left High School, College and University Instructors and Professors.
    And I am gutsy enough to host it, too. I need a name. How about:

    List of Educational Sickness and Shame (LESSLESS.ORG).
    I like it.

  11. Rogue Rose says:

    Here's a thought. Many colleges allow laptop use in the classrooms. We can use our laptops or other electronic devices to record what's being presented. Get them on the record, in their own words, in the classroom. Be careful about recording laws in your state. But, if you're not using a phone line, the laws are less stringent. Also, be sure to check the college policy. They may give permission.

  12. carlirwin12 says:

    I am forced retired because of a military disability, so in my spare time I tutor math at University of Kentucky. A few years ago a student ask if I would proof read a paper he had written for a social science class, not my field but I read it, it was a paper about the Vietnam war, these were his main points of the paper, the Vietnam war was started by President Nixon to oppress black people in America. Unbelievable right? No what was unbelievable was that he got a A on the paper. This was just to much for me so I confronted his Professor. The Professor said that yes the paper was factually wrong but that the spirit and tone of the paper was in keeping with a over all picture of that era and that the student had displayed a clear understanding of the oppressive nature of a capitalist system of Gov.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Carl, I am not surprised. I saw some of this sort of grade-boosting when I was in college in the 90s. It always seemed only to apply to students whose work was clearly left-wing. Shocked? Probably not. Thanks!

  13. eyetooth tom says:

    Go for it. You young folks, going on 50. More power to you. Same message was preached on talk radio in early '90's… Chuck Harder, For the People,…"old folks would save the republic." Well you're getting there like I was then, old. Not much changed. Just different old folks coming up. Will be watching what you do and what you can do. Blame who you will for the situation we are in to please you, but you got the baton now. Run with it. You are gonna have to sprint.
    As far as the Soros article earlier…consider that maybe he would like to turn folks toward a contestant who will lose to O. Just considering.

  14. CPB says:

    Excellent idea Mark!
    I educated my kids in conservatism at home and then paid for three college degrees. It always irked me that they would come home and talk about the liberal crap that was dished out in classes across the board – history, political science, economics, philosphy – heck even English classes! Mine knew better than to fall for the tactics but were usually too worried about their grade to do much challenging. Not having to really worry about "the grade" would give us an advantage in the classroom when challenging liberal ideas.

    Here's another idea – these "Patriot Camps" (link below) are designed to teach elementary age kids about the founding of our nation and constitutional principles. It could probably be expanded or developed into something for older kids too. I have thought about doing something like this for high school students for a year or so but I would really like to get a conservative high school history/government teacher or a college professor to sponsor it – mostly for the credibility to market it to parents. A Community Constitution Class – One Mind at a TIme – something to think about….

  15. I found a better name and I already registered it: (and the .org, of course).
    It will have two rules.
    1) You must identify yourself in order add someone to the list (that may help keep out SOME of the riffraff).
    2) No Violence, No violent speech – that's not it's purpose.

    The purpose would be a resource to let parents (or whoever is paying the bills) know just who the heck is teaching THEIR kids! It will need good, selective search capabilities by field (State, School name, Instructors full name, classes taught, etc. etc.) and a rating system – like 1 to 5 RED stars . I will pay to advertise to parents. I've got to do SOMETHING.

    I suspect that the worry of violence is why there is not a list already! But I think the conservatives will NOT be or act violent against anyone one the list. But they also won't pay for their Kid to sit in a COMMIE's class either (Mine won't – she starts college in 2 years – No MONEY for COMMIES – PERIOD!) . I guess there may be a list out there already, but I can't find one searching. They (Google) may be filtering the lists out – I caught them in the act of filtering conservative material already (they just push them WAY down the list – page 800 – But I went found it on – Page 2).
    And the kids don't even seem to realize that they are pushing for the loss of their own freedoms… What in God's name have we allowed to happen in this nation? Scary isn't it?

  16. Mark, I fear the future is fortold, we are attacked, all conservatives, all freedoms, all religious beliefs. We are attacked from all sides. Govt, schools, colleges, universities, special interest groups, leftist politicians… too many, way too many. I know many that look at me as fringe fanatic, knowing what is really going on behind the scenes, but unavail to the eyes and ears of the couch potato. Expatriot Act, NDAA, ACTA, book publishers are revising our txt books toward socialism, group rights top individual rights. Even here in florida, the civilian oversite comittee that proof read the txt books were written out by legislation and replaced by "educators". Mark.. I am an optimistic person by nature, but it seems each day there is a new direction, a new event, a new ideal that commits fraud against our free market, capitolist society. Even now you can not say it is still….. Over regulation, over govt, over law, over executive orders, shredding our Constitution… I fear for our future. You, me, those here will be held up in ridicule even by young people who have been taught different, blindly believe… Of course school is always right.. A belligerent, that is what we are. Now.. wait for them. They will come.

  17. Mark:
    Three shorts about this topic.
    1, Retired military, disabled vet. BA-70, MA-73, thanks to USAF. I chose Cal State Sacramento because I knew it was still fairly even-keel & I was Criminal Justice/Public Admin but Education & Soc/Philosphy were on down hill slide!
    2, Grandson chose to start BS History/Criminal Justice at Humboldt State mainly because it was highly ranked, etc.. Transferred back to Cal State Sacramento after one semester because he could not develop any conversant like-minded friends. One class of 30+ Soc students were asked what were responsible actions during demos/riots, etc., and he and only one other student were in the minority in that all of the others in the class thought they had full right to demo, destroy, burn as necessary, etc.!!
    3, Same grandson, in High School, had to drop math class because teacher would not admit/accept that a question on an exam was insolvable. Grandson very sharp & his father is a math tutor. They proved to school that teacher was wrong & grandson transferred to better school!
    Leftest, intractable, intolerant bigots!!!

  18. eyetooth tom says:

    Problem. I clicked on Richard's name. Get website Blibit. Identity does not seem to be there. Really haven't seen anybody willing to say "This is me, I live here, Here I am. My family is here too." Not even webmaster…of course me neither!!!…but really… give my name on such list, you are kidding? Not even Angie's List! A lot of articles here…maybe Ric;hard gave that information earlier? If he did why not carry over to continued posts so we (and whoever else)know you?
    I'm too harsh I guess. So here's my name alias Charles Krauthammer!
    Oh man…I was going to delete this… until I googled Blibit. Google does not have it…only click on Richard to get whatever it is!
    Maybe I've missed something. Open to learning.