Ron Paul Sold His Soul to Mitt Romney?

Working Together?

I don’t know if this is true, but some of the facts are well-known, and if it’s true in any measure, the people who are supporting Ron Paul will be asked to shuffle across the convention floor to support Mitt Romney, not in exchange for the Vice Presidency, and not even for a cabinet posting, but for a speech for Paul and his Senator son in prime-time during the Republican National convention.  Ron Paul supporters should know that this is the extent of the goal of this entire campaign, and that Mitt Romney has designs on their support.  This is the reason that throughout these debates, and throughout the campaigns, Ron Paul hasn’t run one negative ad against Romney, and hasn’t even ruffled Mitt’s feathers in any of the debates.  He has a strategic alliance, and he’s willing to carry out this charade in order to get a speaking platform for he and his son.

This leads me to several questions I have long suspected I would have to ask of the folks who have with such vigor and diligence supported Ron Paul, through thick and thin, and against the taunts of most of the other campaigns or candidates.  Is that what you Paul supporters have been angling to achieve?  Will you put down your Paul signs and pick up Romney placards instead?  Is this the ultimate meaning of your money bombs, your poll-slamming, and all the other activities in which you have participated in support of Ron Paul’s agenda?  How much influence do you now think Paul will wield in a Mitt Romney administration?  Do you think Romney will legalize drugs?  What about the military and foreign aid budgets?  What of the commitment to the Constitution?  What becomes of eliminating the Federal Reserve?  What will you do when you discover that not only has your candidate undercut you, but that all he managed for your trouble were twenty-four dollars worth of costume conservatism?

I know the diehards will be unable to believe this, much as we who support Sarah Palin couldn’t grasp for some time her announcement of the 5th of October.  Knowing at least a little of what they will ultimately feel, I am angry for them, not because of the alliance, but that it’s been so well-hidden from them in plain sight.  I agree with much of Ron Paul’s spending cut agenda, and I agree with his stance on the Federal Reserve, but if all this has been in pursuit of a speaking platform, I must ask them if this entire exercise will have been worth it for a few minutes of prime-time exposure of your issues.  To my friends in the Ron Paul legions, and you are my friends in many important ways despite our disagreements, because I know you love liberty, I must confront you with this not in order to say “I told you so,” but instead to commiserate with you. You may remember that some time ago, I decided myself that if Paul could only make himself a little more palatable on foreign policy, I could potentially support him.  I told voters in Virginia that to vote for Paul as their only alternative to Mitt Romney was a vote in the name of restoring the party.  Now, you see, I advised those Virginians to what appears to have been no more than a ploy.

In truth, this sickens me, and I am tired of the manipulations this entire primary season has revealed.  As time goes on, it may yet get worse, and if it does, I’m going to say so without apologies.  Some things are simply “a bridge too far,” and the idea that a politician would use their influence with supporters in such a way is frankly unforgivable in any context.  I realize that there will be attempts to gain some promises from a potential future Romney administration, but for the love of all things good in the world, that seems a tiny prize to exact for all the laborious efforts Paul’s supporters have poured into this.

Some of you will remember when I said of Paul that I love his domestic spending agenda, and his general temperament toward government growth, but you and I know that Mitt Romney will not follow that plan, as he already offers glimpses of “strengthening the safety net.”  My friends, I would not blame a one of you if you took one look at this and simply walked away.  Really.  I feel for you.  I do.  This abandonment of principle in the name of  such pathetic rewards makes me steam.  Surely for withholding his fire against Romney in the early primary states, he should have gotten more than this dry bone to toss to his supporters. If it is true, I expect the backlash may be ferocious, and it would be deserved, but there’s one person I really wouldn’t want to be, and his name is Ron Paul.  Maybe they’ll take some of their inevitable anger out on the GOP establishment that deserves no small measure of the blame.

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37 Responses to Ron Paul Sold His Soul to Mitt Romney?

  1. juneau says:

    Well, nothing would surprise me, but I have to wonder: Why would the Washington Post be considered a real source of news on anything conservative? I mean, we've seen very little actual reporting and tons of agenda-driven spin throughout the media, so why believe the Post's story?

    But let's believe for a minute that it's true. So what? Ron Paul has spent election cycle after election cycle trying to bring his platform to the forefront, and he's finally close. Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something positive to glean from such a platform for his cause AND for his supporters.

    Re: Sarah Palin. She was my biggest January disappointment. If we can believe the Post article about Ron Paul/Romney, then should we also believe the talk of Sarah endorsing Newt for a slot on his Cabinet? Sarah and Ron Paul are the last two conservatives to whom I will give the benefit of the doubt.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Juneau, re: Palin: I don't see that happening. Could be wrong, but doubt it some. Re: WaPo: Good point. That's why I led off in the first sentence of the piece with "if this is true…" I always doubt media, and WaPo is high up the doubtful list. Problem is, that list is getting pretty packed up top. It's your decision on how to view this. If you see it as a positive, bully for you! On the other hand, I can't but think this is really a blow to most Paul supporters only because they will get no part of their agenda under Mitt Romney. Maybe a token, limited audit of the Fed. Maybe.

    • blueniner says:

      I heard this today in Mark Levins second hour of his radio show, Levin said he was always suspious about this, but decided to bite his tongue. He said this didnt surpise him. He was wondering how all of followers would feel about Paul selling them out.

    • blueniner says:

      I dont know what Sarah Palin has to do with this report, everybody likes to bash and link Sarah for blame. Sarah is into restoring the country not go along to get along, or manage this diaster, therefore there is no way she would endorse Romney. Santorium nice guy but a dud. Ron Paul, well hes Ron Paul. The only chance of any possible change was Gingrich, albeit a roll of the dice. So Sarah had very little options other than herself, and she saw the writing on the wall, so she had to go in another direction. Many many people were dissapointed Sarah Palin didnt run. She is everthing this country needs.The game was rigged and it wasnt in her favor. I trust her instincts.

    • jan says:

      Apparently Ron Paul's agenda is to get more exposure for his son Rand who will evenetually run for President. I am very disappointed in Paul. I didn't think he could be bought, but apparently he is pretty cheap.

    • Forrest Horn says:

      1. Ron Paul is not a conservative. He's a Libertarian.
      2. Politics is the art of the possible.
      3. I have come to trust Dr. Paul. He's probably one of the few remaining trustworthy men in American politics.
      4. IF Dr. Paul has made a deal, it is to further the goal of returning the Nation to its constitutional form of government.
      5. I may have to hold my nose, but if Dr. Paul says the best we can hope for is this deal, then I shall do so.

      CPT. Harley

  2. Toria says:

    I don't see one fact in this article. Just speculation. If he were going to support Mitt he would've dropped out and endorsed him already. Why go through the rigorous schedule that he does just for a chance to speak at the convention? It makes no sense. Nice try though.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Toria, Okay, ignore it then. Here's your problem, and I hope you won't ignore it: As the field of GOP candidates is winnowed down, the presence of a token third candidate who is just enough to rob support in states more difficult for Romney makes sense. Just sayin'. In Iowa, no anti-Romney ads I can find were run by Ron Paul. Ditto NH. Still looking for SC. And Florida. Saw ONE web ad

      • recoton1 says:

        Paul ran an anti-Newt/Romney/Santorum ad in both SC and NH, and made a few buys in SC and FL but saved his money for the caucus states. You can see the ads without much searching at As for selling out, I'd be terribly disappointed. I think that whoever wins is getting the sense that they will need us Paulites or Paulbots or whatever if there is any chance to win. Giving the Pauls a primetime speech at the convention will not be sufficient. If there is a genuine outreach to adopt Paul's committment to liberty and sound money, anti-militerism and message of peace, then I think we can get on board. All of that said, I plan to caucus my rear end off here in NV tomorrow and contiue to hope for the people of this country to WAKE THE EFF UP ALREADY.

    • jan says:

      He is trying to get delegates, he even said so. He is running for delegates then he has a say…apparently those delegates will go to Romney. I had hoped that the conservative (Paul?) would go to the conservatisve candidate. Do you feel that we are continually getting sold out?

  3. Angela Hale says:

    A lot of people have speculated that he wants a speech at the convention and, don't forget, if he goes far enough, he can also put a few planks in the platform. As for the rest of it, even if it is true, his supporters almost worship him as a deity and will not see it even if he tells them it's true.
    I'm like you, Mark. Not sure if it's true or not but, if so, it seems a paltry sum.

  4. Texmom says:


  5. Ken Caudill says:

    If you don't know, and you do not, why do you repeat this nonsense?

    Just wondering.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Ken, It was reported in the Washington Post, and while I have issues with that publication, they reported it, and if it's true, it would have a significant bearing on things, and more, if true, Paul's supporters deserve to know.

  6. Dave says:

    Just makes me sick. If this is true the GOP deserves to lose against Obama because they are really making it very easy for the Obama campaign and all it's followers to just sit and laugh at us who try to support our cause. It is turning into quite a surreal circus of clowns destroying each other and pulling the wool over Americas eyes, while this country is being utterly destroyed from within.

    Romney? He will only continue the legacy of the destructive path Obama has brought us down.
    Where are the cries from the real patriots? The Tea Party? What happened to the drive they had in 2010? Is Romney really what we're going to end up with?

    Sorry, but I'd rather see Obama destroy this country than to be disappointed once again with another RINO in the Whitehouse…

    It was bad enough having to watch Shawn Vanity and Hush Limbaugh sway the 2008 Democrat primaries with their Operation Chaos and Stop The Hillary Express that put Obama on top, but to see the crap that these candidates are pulling is just out of control. It's the old boys club calling the shots again the same way they did with all the support for the 2008 RINO nominee John McCain…

    Keep sleeping America, nothing new to cheer about here… What a freakin scam!

    Mark I do commend you for your efforts but I feel like they are like a candle blowing in the wind, but you never know, maybe people will just get sick enough and SCREAM "ENOUGH!"

  7. I have argued that Ron Paul has stayed in the race for perpetuate his branding for Rand, and may be jockeying for a slot for Rand on the VP Ticket. There is also a rumor that a Ron Paul 2012 shirt lies under the suits of the Romney sons.

    Bottom line that everyone is missing: Ron Paul is for the return to the Gold Standard. That favors JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs at the expense of smaller banks. One needs only look to the Cleveland Administration to see it. That, BTW, is the version of the Gold Standard that Ron Paul advocates, as he explains on a Jay Leno show a while back (same show where he said Bachmann was a Muslim Hater).

    I have even speculated further than financial firms of Romney's sons have participated in the money bombs … just a hunch. You always need a useful idiot to attack your opponents for you, and not mess that Presidential hair…

  8. capecodskies says:

    I'd not be surprised at all..but will wait,,if ever..for Ron Paul to repudiate this or actually carry it out come convention time..

    Could possibly be a dis-info piece..then again..anythings possible nowadays..

    Guess we'll find out soon..

  9. Vindex Dogood says:

    What a load of crap! How do you explain this ad from Paul's campaign?

  10. stubby philips says:

    "Whether Ron Paul is elected or not does not change the reality of a privately owned central bank is the only problem facing every single freedom desiring man woman or child" said the Paul Bot
    I do not my faith in any leader, only the people can repair this !!! Ron Paul happens to be the only contender speaking this truism ,he also may only be fishing for how many people realize the situation…That does not change the reality of the privately owned fed being the true problem that we all face said the Paul Bot

  11. Roner. says:

    Well the "my friends" line give you away as John McCain or a supporter. All I see hear is unverified speculation. I doubt Ron Paul would ever sell out to a figure like Romney. All of the anti-Paul rhetoric is quite sickening considering that serious political trouble America is in. Paul has been accused of being everything from a sufferer of Alzheimer's to an Obama operative to a Zionist shill to a far Leftist lunatic to a far Rightist bigot & now a Romney operative. I have never seen one politician so vilified by everyone across the political spectrum. I guess he must be dangerous to the establishment. The most shocking opposition to Ron Paul comes from the phony [ that's right I said it! ] so called conservatives at Free Republic who seem to hate him as much if not more than Romney & Obama!!!!! They are so deluded that they are [ I kid you not ] supporting en mass the candidacy of [ wait for it… ] Newt Gingrich! Mr. Carbon Tax who did an add with none other than Nancy Pelosi!!!!! wtf? Free Republic tout support for the Constitution yet when a pro Constitutional candidate comes along like Ron Paul they outright DEMONIZE him simply for [ get this… ] sticking to his conservative principles on foreign policy matters. The folks at Free Republic appear to WANT a war with Iran!!!!! I guess the Leftist infiltration of the Right is complete when folks who claim to be conservative are advocating Leftist warmongering & nation building philosophies that they are supposed to be against. The Right is supposed to stand for the principles of the Founding Fathers. Not for the positions of its enemies. The Republic will be forever lost if someone like Ron Paul is not elected President.

  12. David says:

    Re: Sarah Palin MAY vote for Romney if he is the Republican nominee to keep Obama out of office BUT she is no fan of Romney.

    Re: Sarah Palin MAY accept a VP for Gingrich BUT very doubtful to a cabinet position. Sarah knows that anything less than VP is a payoff / pay to play to shut her up and lessen her influence.

    It has been my take that from the beginning that the establishment elites have been playing a chest game geared to keep Sarah Palin out of the race (stack the deck with as many supposed conservatives as possible; hence removing any chance of Palin becoming a major force and allowing their establisment pick (Romney's birth right to the Presidency) to win out in the end.

    Re: Paul. What you suggest about Paul is likely true. The same is true for Santorum – Santorum will throw his support behind Romney as well.

    If all is true, congradulations to those who have and are supporting them.

    What good does it do to scream we need to return to Constitutional Conservatism if everytime we have a perfect opportunity to elect a true and proven Conservative if those among us are going to be fooled into voting for another liberal. BTY, there is no such this as moderate!!! You are either liberal or conservative. You are either a Christian or an atheist. There are no inbetweens.

    The perfect choice this time was and still is Sarah Palin.

    If Gingrich is not the nominee, then WeThePeople need to start the day after the 2012 election to elect Sarah Palin in 2016. Not that Gingrich is Sarah Palinish but he is most trustworthy on stage. Trust Sarah Palin.

  13. juneau says:

    I just heard Mark Levin's piece on this story. He calls The Washington Post, the Compost, yet, he uses this story as 'evidence' to smear Ron Paul. How convenient for everyone who is supporting other candidates and would just like Ron Paul to be the non-serious candidate of the past. The more I hear all who proclaim this story as "news," the more I think it's just another attempt to discredit Ron Paul and turn his supporters from him. And just because Levin says Paul isn't spending ad money on bashing Romney doesn't make it true, does it? If it IS true, maybe, just maybe, his strategy was to hit those who actually threaten his candidacy at the time. First, Santorum, who appeared to be on the rise. Then Newt, who was at the top next, and now all three in one ad, as well as various Romney bashing pieces (not TV-verified). Also, Romney supporters are not likely to turn to Paul, as much as Newt's and Santorum's are. If Ron Paul can capture the supporters of those two, then there's a much better chance he could capture the nomination (well, at least in an honest process).

    • MarkAmerica says:

      "Honest process" Boy oh boy did you say a mouthful with that.

    • CPB says:

      Honest process? Really? Are you kidding me?! There is absolutely nothing honest about a process that allows Romney to buy this election just because he HAS the money to do it. Face it. He is the only one who has the funds to continue the process a LOT longer than any of the others. It doesn't matter if the number of electoral votes decided so far is miniscule compared to what is left. If you don't have the funding to go on, we'll never know what a fair and "honest" contest is. I am convinced that Texas will not have any say at all in this process by April – it will all be decided for us. Again. Sigh. Our founding fathers have to be turning over in their graves.

  14. WallyPalo says:

    "Ron Paul supporters should know that this is the extent of the goal of this entire campaign" I am a Ron Paul supporter and I do not know or believe that this is true at all. Since your posting of an anti-Romney Ron Paul ad came after this article, I assume this piece was all speculation. Not a very fair way to present a political argument against a candidate.

  15. Jared Myers says:

    I would take this with a HUGE grain of salt, since Ron Paul is the LAST person who would make an alliance of this magnitude with an establishment figurehead like Romney.

  16. Jay Tea says:

    First Ron Paul has run many negative ads against Romney . Go look at his campaign ads he released early in Iowa and New Hampshire… Secondly Ron Paul knows for a fact that we will not vote for Mitt Romney . We stand for the message and will not sway.. Unless Mitt Romney came out tomorrow and agreed to do 100% of what Ron Paul tells him to do and sign an oath to that then maybe we might support him…. Most likely Ron Paul will run 3rd party if he does not win the nomination , and if he doesn't then we will just vote for Gary Johnson or write his name in.. Either way Obama wins. The only way to Beat Obama is to nominate Ron Paul

  17. Paul Smith says:

    Pure spin to confuse and confound Ronulans.  Press on, my bretheren!

  18. How effin stupid do you think people are..?? Ron Paul 2012!!!