Ron Paul’s Mitt Romney Ad Is a Hoot!

Perfect Android Politician?

I have been watching to see if somebody would send me a link to an anti-Mitt ad run by Ron Paul, and my real focus was on televised ads.  I’m still looking for evidence(since I don’t live in any of the first five states) to suggest he ran one on television as part of a paid advertising buy.  I know he did run lots of anti-Gingrich and at least a few anti-Santorum ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, but I wasn’t there to see all of those ads.  Now comes this ad from early January, and I don’t know if it actually aired anywhere, or has been merely a web ad.(There are many more of the latter floating around.)  This ad aims squarely at Romney, and it is exceedingly effective.  If this ad aired anywhere, and you know about it, please let me know.  If not, it should be brought up to date(Perry is a minor player in the ad) and aired somewhere, because it’s devastating. Truly:

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13 Responses to Ron Paul’s Mitt Romney Ad Is a Hoot!

  1. Stephen Luftschein says:

    3 1/2 minutes is obviously not an ad for television. This was a web ad, and Newt has a similar one.

  2. gengm7 says:

    Mark, This is a very good ad, way to go,

  3. The end is hilarious!!! Romney telling you to pass it along to a friend.


  4. It does put in one spot many of the things we already know about him.. It should be a TV ad.. It is good…. and true.

    You know I am rather down a little. So many things going on it is almost too much to think about. The political elite and even O seem to be working together to get Romney to become the nominee.. We are lost with four more years of O.. I will probably move to another country if "they" will let me.

  5. juneau says:

    Why is there so much value placed on TV vs. web. I understand the $$ difference but the viewership on the web is unbelievable. If the RP campaign made it, why discount it if they couldn't afford actual TV airtime?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Here's the difference: Web ad videos are ineffective because few who aren't interested in them actually watch them. You have to actively click and go look at them. TV ads are in your face, no escape if you have the tube on, so guess which is actually more important? See, I have trouble with this because I get no local television, and I don't watch much TV anyway. A few hours per week at most. I don't get any of the broadcast networks. As a result, the tendency is to be less than fully aware of how much TV-watching other people do, and I know few people (statistically) spend near as much time surfing the web as they do glued to the tube. It's shifting, but the point here is that TV ads work, web ad videos don't.

      • CPB says:

        Agree Mark. And – also – voters that are using the web are actively taking the time to educate themselves about issues and candidates and probably already know the info presented in this ad. It's the sheeple that cast their vote based on TV sound bytes and headlines from the MSM and, what their friends tell them (who also get their information from soundbytes and headlines). It's a shame we can't make people pass a basic civics test in order to vote – ha! – just imagine the outcry. We can't even get them agree to showing a picture ID!

      • juneau says:

        Great. Now I'm even more depressed and weary.

  6. I thought that ad was put together by Democratic Rapid Response?

  7. WallyPalo says:

    I'm still laughing about the tag at the end!! Hilarious. I've seen several Ron Paul ads this season that were biting, spot-on, and full of energy. Whoever is doing them is brilliant.

  8. WallyPalo says:

    Just found another great Ron Paul ad:

    Whoever is making these things is a genius. Such power! It just sucks you in….

  9. Of course…. if the video was put together by Dem Rapid Response,, one should not be shocked..

  10. dee says:

    This "Ad", as much as I SO appreciate its content, is not an ad. It does not fit
    the time constraints of television broadcasting, which generally speaking comprise commercials in blocks of time, usually from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length. A commercial could be made out of this, but it would have to be edited down to size. This is why you won't see it on regular television.

    Nobody sells ad space for 3 minutes and 26 seconds… nobody.

    I do hope they can air it somewhere, but unless it is modified, it won't be anywhere that the people watch en masse.

    Go, Ron!