Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Goes to Egypt, Criticizes Constitution

Justice Ginsburg in Egypt

Conservatives have known ever since this leftist was shoved onto the Court by Bill Clinton that she would be a thorn in our sides until she departs that body.  On a trip to Egypt, Associate Justice Bader-Ginsburg was interviewed and asked her opinion about the process by which Egypt was creating its own constitution, and this Supreme Court justice used the opportunity to talk about the US Constitution and its history, but saying ultimately that it was not an example for others to follow, and that Egyptians should look to the South African Constitution, the Canadian Constitution, and the European Conventions on Human Rights. She did at times speak positively about the US Constitution, but she did  so while slinging a little mud at the founders for slavery and the rights of women, among others.


I must say that if I’m a Supreme Court justice, and I am asked such a question by people who are about to write a Constitution, I am going to say some things she didn’t, and omit a few she did, and I am going to point to the superiority of the US Constitution as distinct from those others she named.  She may not have said anything terrible, but  one gets the sense that she has a different sort of reverence for our constitution, not in what it is, but for what she’d like to make of it.

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13 Responses to Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Goes to Egypt, Criticizes Constitution

  1. eyetooth tom says:

    Sorry I couldn't listen to 18 minutes of Ginsberg. Had attack of gastric reflux as I tried to punch "Play." Seen too many reports of her comment, to paraphrase… "I thought that's why we passed Roe Vs Wade…to get rid of the undesirables." Was even in my newspaper, what… couple of years ago.
    Guess I'll be uninformed on her latest, but taste I'm aware of. Swallow fast to keep from eroding my teeth. A;nd refresh the tree of liberty, swish with some pure water, from time to time.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Yes, she's a piece of work. She was somewhat tame through most of this one. It was interesting to hear her say what she did about the South African constitution. Not everybody there is exactly thrilled with that constitution.

      • eyetooth tom says:

        Tame? Ok, perhaps I'll read after I go to the drugstore for Imodium. Gastric reflux is one thing…the other thing is another.
        Tree of liberty needs pure fresh water and sometimes Imodium. :)

      • eyetooth tom says:

        Thanks for chat. Welcome to Reflux – Imodium generation, you said " approaching 50." We takes our medicine and come out for the next bout.

  2. traci mccormick says:

    she needs to resign!! she took an oath to uphold the Constitution and she trashes it?

  3. dancer says:

    as awful and vile as she is I DON'T WANT HER TO RESIGN for the simple reason if she does omuslim will put someone worse than her maybe even a muslim brother hood mole on the court that would really finish us off we have to keep her until he is arrested for TRASON and taken out

  4. cowboypress says:

    Forget the Dixie Chicks… there is the real traitor! Her and all those idiots who voted to kill the Constitution by passing the NDAA and continuing the attack with SOPA and PIPA. The same brain trust that now wants us to pay taxes to the UN.

  5. WBH says:

    Ginsburg is right. It makes no sense for a modern nation to use our Constitution as a model.It is an important, but flawed, document. Most nations prefer a parliamentary system. There is nothing wrong with that. The US Constitution has features that were put there to protect the institution of slavery–and not just the most famous ones. So, there is nothing wrong with telling people to look to more modern models