Ann Coulter Finally Loses It – Video

Good Grief!

At least she wasn’t ranting and raving, quite. I think Ann has lost the last shred of her rapidly declining credibility.  Her littany is exhausting:

Romney is “conservative.”  Newt isn’t electable.  Obama is “personally charming.”  Tea Party is a bunch of “utter hypocrites” for supporting Newt. The “era of Rockefeller Republicans is over.”

Oh, and again: “Romney is the most conservative….”

H/T GatewayPundit

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8 Responses to Ann Coulter Finally Loses It – Video

  1. I turned the channel last night when she spoke (actually couldn't believe fox let her).

    I won't put my intelligence through something as inane as her today either. (smile)

  2. Virgil says:

    This women is clearly for Mitt, I wonder how much she is getting paid!

  3. I agree with Coulter's statement about Obama's being personally charming.

    But the rest of what she said? Sheesh.

    What has happened to her?

    I used to admire her. I don't anymore.

  4. C.A. Bamford says:

    Obama is charming only in the slick, "I'll still respect you" manner of a cheesy Lothario. How gullible or desperate were those who bought his line?

    And when has Coulter ever been more than a grating but sometimes amusing entertainer? She has no credentials in governing, fiscal management, education, or historical (hysterical, maybe) knowledge of the American politcal process.

    Her opinion is only slightly more relevant than the entertainers, madona or that old guy, whatsisname, who so admires Che.Guevara.

  5. CPB says:

    Had to change the channel when she came on. I really used to like her writing. Have lost ALL respect for her lately. Disgusting.

  6. SheilaK says:

    Absolutely has gone to the dark side. What happened to her? I used to admire her and respect her opinions. She has jumped the shark.