Why Mitt Is Desperate to Force Newt Out

Reason to Worry

First, he called Adelson to convince him to stop adding financial support of Gingrich via his SuperPAC.  When that didn’t work, he piled on some more of his own money, and those who fund the SuperPacs advocating on his behalf or at least slamming his competitors.  When that didn’t work, some shills in the press dropped the conspicuous rumor that Newt’s “…hold a press conference after the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, raising new speculation about his future in the race,” implying he would get out Saturday evening.  This was solely to try to undermine the vote in Nevada in Romney’s favor by creating the impression among Caucus-goers that Gingrich would be out of the race by night-fall anyway.  You might wonder why Romney who is the putative front-runner, and his army of establishment hacks, would go through all this trouble if he’s got this “all sewn up,” as the “inevitable” meme pretends.  The answer is as simple as this:  It isn’t over, and Mitt knows it, because he can read a calendar.

One of the things weighing in Mitt’s favor is the postponement of the Texas primary.  Texas is a state likely to favor Gingrich, but its primary that should have happened on Super Tuesday has been postponed to April 3rd, and may yet be kicked further back on the schedule over judicial tinkering with the redistricting. Texans are starting to speculate that perhaps this is intentional, and is being used to reduce the importance and relevance of Texas in selecting the nominee.  There is good reason for that speculation, but I think it won’t matter unless the Texas Republican party gets smart and makes it a winner-take-all affair, which sine it is after April 1st, by national party rules it could be.

Romney doesn’t want this primary dragging on and on through the convention, because at the rate he’s spending money, he’ll soon look at the general campaign with emptied coffers and no ability to do in any measure to Barack Obama what he’s been trying to do to Gingrich, with some success.  As it is, he will be at a huge financial disadvantage come the onset of the general campaign.  This is why for Mitt’s sake, he must push this to a speedy conclusion, and it’s the reason why since Iowa, he’s been relentlessly hammering Gingrich.

As Governor Palin recently pointed out, we all love a rough-n-tumble debate, and a strongly contested primary, but I think Mitt’s reliance on these under-handed tactics and back-room deal-making will eventually take a political toll.  Even as he rides high on the expected wide margin victory in Nevada, people around the country are beginning to take notice of the fact that he is outspending all opponents by a phenomenal amount but when it’s closer to par, he can lose, and lose big.

Voters in the GOP must ask themselves now, because it will be much too late in the fall, whether we want to rely upon a candidate who can only seem to win where he either has a distinct home-field advantage, such as in New Hampshire and Nevada, or a gigantic financial advantage such as in Iowa and Florida.  He’s not likely to have many of those advantages, particularly in money, when it comes to the general election, so we must begin to ask of Mitt Romney: How will you outspend Barack Obama’s expected $1billion war-chest?

He can’t.  If this is so, my friends, we have a problem beyond his lack of conservatism.  If at the end of the day all he has is money, but no good arguments to elect him other than he’s not Barack Obama, we’ll lose, and lose big.  The Democrats know this, and this is why they want Romney so badly they can taste it.  It’s time to rethink this a bit and realize that if money is everything in 2012, then the GOP is going to get beaten badly. Only a candidate who can take the fight to Obama with a small relative budget is capable of beating him, and right now, by any guess available, that candidate is still Newt Gingrich.

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  1. Gail says:

    My donations go to Newt and Newt only

    Romney is an empty jacket

  2. markonpergin says:

    In a political season we cannot not judge upon what someone may have said in the past, because anything can be taken out of context and then distorted, especially when considering the give and take of working with opposing parties in order to pass legislation.
    Let us judge our political candidates upon what they have accomplished and the nature of those accomplishments.
    I contend that under that criteria, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum to a lesser degree have clearly demonstrated accomplishments consistent with the conservative ideal. On the other hand Mitt Romney has a clear record of accomplishments that are an affront to individual liberty, a direct contradiction of the conservative ideal.

  3. markonpergin says:

    We cannot judge on what someone may have said in the past, because anything can be taken out of context and then distorted, especially when considering the give and take of working with opposing parties in order to pass legislation.
    Let us judge our political candidates upon what they have accomplished and the nature of those accomplishments.
    I contend that under that criteria, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum to a lesser degree have clearly demonstrated accomplishments consistent with the conservative ideal. On the other hand Mitt Romney has a clear record of accomplishments that are an affront to individual liberty, a direct contradiction of the conservative ideal.

  4. The only way Romney would have any chance to beat O would have been if he disowned Romney Care from the beginning stating that he didn't realize how much it would cost the govt, cost the people, cost to the doctors, hospitols, care.. and from the debates call for a change and repeal of this. With his owning it… he owns obamacare..

    O light.. I hate to think I might have to hold my nose to vote.

  5. Kelly says:

    I am to the point where I am not even sure if I could push the button for Mitten. Obama, Mitt, one and the same. A man that stutters when the questions get hard, and a man that can never finish an answer scares me. I much rather have a man who says it like it is than beat around the bush with lies. I didn't like mitten in 08 and I don't like him now. I hope Florida follows their own rules in that winner does not take all. I will continue to support Newt, becaue he really cares about the United States. Mitten cares when he has to look like he does. Take your millions Mitten, spend it on your family, have a nice vacation, and stop the attacks. Act like a man, people are sick of the bashes.

    • I agree with you, Kelly! Unfortunately, Newt is not going to be on the ballot in Virginia on Super Tuesday–and I don't think write-ins are allowed. Ergo, I am going to vote for Ron Paul in the primary–as a protest vote against Romney and the VA Republicans who are in bed with him! I would never have done this in the past; however, I will encourage my fellow VA voters to do the same in March!

    • Cathy Mindy says:

      Kelly, you are so right…Romney doesn't have the grit to beat Obama! Newt cares about America and has the know how to turn our economy around. Pretty Boy Romney is a joke and is Wall Street in Person! They use to call men like him…Hatchet Men! Am so sick of the POG saying Romney is their man…let America decide who we want instead of being told who we should vote for as President. Go Newt!!!! :)

    • mellie says:

      I agree; a stuttering flip-flopper who, according to George Soros, is no different from Obama in the first place!!!

  6. Obama's $1billion war-chest is a game changer. We're kidding ourselves if we think that money won't matter during a campaign run in the media and on social networking sites.

    Hell, much of the time when I'm surfing YouTube, up pops an Obama ad.

  7. Tom Judd says:

    This is most likely planted by Obama's supporters, it's BS that someone would know of a phone call to Adelson, who's "shills" are they if they exist at all. Everything else is speculation and not based on any facts that you could varify, so I'm left with the fact that this is probably just a lie to hurt Romney, like him or not, always look for provable facts when it comes to politics……………… Tom

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Or it could just be that you're a Romney supporter. Possible?

      • Tom Judd says:

        No I just want a successful business man to run the country not some street corner hack who hates business, insults our allies and is driving this country off a clift. Tom

        • MarkAmerica says:

          Tom, Government is not like business, and not all business experience is applicable in government. For instance, in business, you need to please customers to increase revenues. In government, you merely put a gun to their heads. I think that's a reason to be wary of businessmen who don't have strong principles.

          So, who do you support?

  8. Without his money, Mitt's got nothing on Newt!!

  9. eyetooth tom says:

    We are squabbling amongst ourselves. With no choice, really…. clear or unclear. I think it's being set up for us like in '92. Romney may beat Obama…and whatcha got?…Soros answered that. He could have quoted George Wallace as to "not a dimes worth of difference." With Newt, you still got a original third way guy, not conservative way guy. And maybe more of the Obama way if Newt can't win. A NWO way however you cut it. Romney and Newt are not Marxist…but Globalist…and there won't be elections amongst 7 billion global humans, citizens it you will. And of course, there are the Islamists, with their own idea of Globalism. Don't see a day at the beach!
    But maybe Newt and Blondie know better. He'll tell you if that's so.

  10. carm says:

    Great post as usual. If you go by the numbers that the other candidates had Willard does not have the majority of republican electorate with him. The fact that he has said he was a progressive (liberal) has many of us conservatives doubting that he is a conservative just because he now claims to be one. Willars record as governor speaks for itself. Romneycare is the father of obamacare. Mandate and all. Willard said if elected president he would give the states a wavier, Not repeal it and one of his supporters said as much. Like Governor Palin I and many others want this primary to go on. We need a real conservative with a proven record who says what they mean and mean what they say. Unfortunately for the country Governor Palin is not in this race.

  11. uheardme says:

    Why give the MSM and the Republican Establishment who They want in a candidate? We tried that four years ago with McCain and lost. Let's build on the Conservative Victory of 2010 and go with the only real Conservative who can win against Obama. Educate yourself on what he's already accomplished in Washington, what he's been up to as a private citizen in the years since then, and the ideas he has for making America great again. Go to newt.org . Watch his videos and read. Get familiar with his 21st Century Contract With America and his American Energy Plan. This guy Newt is no empty suit. Do your own homework. Educate yourself. Don't let the MSM lead you around by the nose telling you what to sniff. Know that garbage issues brought up by the media are just that. Garbage. This election is too important. The truth is: Countries Can Die. And America is on the brink. Read Newt's books like Real Change and To Save America. The stakes are too high. You owe it to posterity to know enough to make the right choice. Don't be lazy and just rely on slick attack ads and a biased blatantly manipulative news media. Find out for yourself what this man is all about. . . . Do it! . . . Not doing it four years ago got us Obama. . . newt.org . . Do it! . . . Help put an end to Obama's Secular Socialist Machine. . .Then you can be proud that you too helped Save America! . . . newt.org

  12. 'The Newt Bashing' by Allen Raymond

    It is very interesting to me that most of the money being spent by republican candidates right now is being spent to smear or defame Newt Gingrich, as opposed to talking about or promoting their solutions or to even attack Obama. The establishment & the main stream media, as well as, the democrat party leadership, is hysterically freaked out by the potential of a Gingrich nomination and eventual Gingrich Presidency that would occur with that nomination. One has to ask themselves why the establishment does not want this proven conservative national icon of REAL change on a national/federal level who is pro America, pro Christian and conservative values, pro life, pro religious freedom, pro free speech, pro judicial reform to re-balance our branches of government and truly restore the power of our individual vote as citizens, pro free market, pro supply side economics, pro American energy, pro God given unalienable rights given by our Creator unto citizenship guaranteed by our Constitution which is the highest authority in the country under God, and who is incredibly capable, proven and unusually uniquely qualified and NOT a pro one World-er elitist who wants to make us all subjects as opposed to citizens…to be nominated and eventually elected President? Newt would stop it in its tracks, not slow down their move towards a one world government with the USA de-Christianized, emasculated and relegated to irrelevance. Newt would stop and dismantle the treasonous agenda and diabolic nonsense and re assert USA influence, prominence and power that
    the progressive socialistic pseudo-intellectual anti-Christian elite absolutely hate with besmirching teeth gnashing irrational vitriol. Newt would promote USA ideals and values throughout the world. The PROVEN conservative solutions that Newt would implement would nuke the one world oligarchic socialistic agenda and they KNOW IT!

    Think I’m wrong? Go to newt.org and read the 21st Century Contract with America. This is a CONTRACT, it’s not a “to do” list and/or a pile of nice sounding suggestions or ideas. Meaning, this is what Newt is committing to accomplish as OUR employee acting as President and what he is being hired to actually do and can be held accountable for. Even if Newt is able by God’s grace to accomplish half of that contract, the elitist agenda is badly short circuited and damaged and the country is MUCH better off. This is why he is being attacked the way that he is… it's the establishments and democratic party leaderships only hope of stopping the threat of Newt and that truly says allot when you think about it. When one has completely lost the argument of substance and all they have left is to frantically attempt to get people to focus on the irrelevant through smear in order to distort, to establish opinion through illusion leading to a defined and predictable action in their favor, that says something powerful indeed!

    Newt Gingrich is Ronald Reagan on steroids. The establishment, the anti Christian socialistic liberal main stream media and the democrat powers that be in charge of attempting to re-elect Obama know all of this… too many conservative republicans, as well as evangelical Christians don’t! The scary blunt reality at this point is; a vote for anyone else except Newt Gingrich in the republican primaries is a vote for 4 more years of Obama. Again, a vote for ANYONE else but Newt in the republican primaries is a vote for 4 more years of Obama and it is irrelevant if you disagree with or even dislike or even hate this fact.

    See the link(s) below for answers to the lies that have been spread about Newt:
    http://www.newt.org/answers http://www.politijim.com/2012/01/stats-on-what-ne
    In January/February of 1980 Ronald Reagan was 30 to 40 percentage points down to Jimmy Carter, as well as not even in first place among the other republican candidates and was being constantly barraged by the liberal media and all the coward experts in and out of politics as being un-electable because he was divorced (A moral failure), too conservative (unstable and would bring about WW3) and just too controversial (too many BIG grandiose ideas; like the defeat of the Soviet Empire & crazy economic ideas). The Carter re-election team was ecstatic at the prospect of running against the goofy “B” movie actor whom they laughed at and was the brunt of their jokes and besmirching arrogant pseudo intellectual derision. You gotta love the arrogant big mouth cowards… for without them there would be nobody for God to rub it in their faces when He puts into power the outcast whom He has chosen in order to humble the proud. Go Newt 2012!
    Keep in mind one prevailing fact everyone: Even though Newt was in Washington DC for 20 + years, he was NEVER OF IT and WRECKED HAVOC ON IT while IN IT and IS HATED BY MANY BECAUSE OF THAT FACT! Go Newt 2012

  13. Tim says:

    Dear GOP and Romney,

    You can't put lipstick on a pig or polish a turd. In the end, all you got is a pig with joker-lips and who craps shiny-shit that smells.

  14. Mary Clark says:

    From Texas, supporting Newt in every manner possible. Romobama will give us 4 more years of the same.

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