Are Conservatives Satisfied With the Field?

Is There A Better Choice?

I’ve written enough about this subject to paper the bottom of an industrial size aviary, but I’m intrigued by the question, and I wonder how the readers at this site feel about the question.  It’s clear that there is significant dissatisfaction among Republicans in general, conservatives in particular, and no small measure of discomfort among Tea Party folk.  Today, I read a blog post by a friend who assesses the situation, and simply concluded that we’re in trouble if we don’t come up with another solution to the problem.  He rightly points out that Romney surely cannot win, but that there’s not a great deal more hope for any of the others. My friend isn’t long on words, but he’s generally spot-on, and you might wish to take a look at his article here.  His contention is simple: Get another candidate or prepare to inaugurate Barack Obama for a second term in January, 2013.

I certainly don’t like to seem pessimistic, but I think given all we’ve discussed here over the last week, we’d be foolish to ignore the matter and pretend it isn’t a problem. There are those who would broom this entire field, and there are those who would sweep all but one away, but in fact, it’s my contention that there’s such significant dissatisfaction that the GOP will have a hard time rousing the base this fall, if the nominee comes from among this group. While I find Newt Gingrich most able of these, that isn’t to say the electorate will agree, but I maintain that Mitt Romney simply cannot get it done because his strategy relies far too heavily on a cash advantage he will not have over Barack Obama, and he spends a good deal of his time avoiding his relevant history and record when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Whatever you may think of this field, I’d like to survey your opinion.  Feel free to leave comments in this thread in further explanation of  your responses,  and if you would support another candidate if they were to enter soon, who would that candidate be?  (Please place in the comments section below.)  Here’s the question:

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11 Responses to Are Conservatives Satisfied With the Field?

  1. MiBones says:

    Sarah is our candidate and I don't see her running. She said no and I believe her. Remember she has responsibilities toward her family, especially Trig. I don't know how much care he needs and it's unfair to expect others to fill in the gap for Sarah. I also wonder how tough security would be for the entire family. There is a visceral hatred for all her family. If finding someone else is more then a pipe dream, the Tea Party/Conservatives better get hopping and meet privately with someone and get a game plan. This would take everybody uniting together. Something we have not done as yet.

    • Frank May says:

      Not to pick nits, but I recall Gov. Palin said she "will not seek the GOP nomination." I take that at face value. She's not participating in the GOP circus of endless "debates" with the folks who are creating sound bites for the Dems. to replay if any of them gets to be the nominee. Correct me if you heard her say, "I will not run for President."

      Also take note of the issues addressed by the GOP contenders. Name an issue which was not first raised by Gov. Palin. She has continually been the first to raise the subjects, and the field has responded by discussing them. She has led them around by their collective beaks like one leads a domesticated bull with a ring in its nose.

      Gov. Palin has continued to recommend the further vetting of the field which favors the up and down popularity cycles. None of the candidates have achieved a majority in any of the primary contests where ballots were actually cast (Romney attained exactly 50% in the Nevada caucus). That seems to say folks want someone other than Romney, a fact which is not lost on the Dems. who are probably counting on a lot of no-shows in the General Election against Pres. Obama.

      About Gov. Palin, I keep hearing: "She's not electable." "She's too polarizing." ……… you name it, we've all heard the reasons why Gov. Palin should NOT be the nominee. What folks don't seem to remember is that she was the reason McCain didn't get beat worse than he did in 2008. Gov. Palin got folks excited! She can do it again! Isoroku Yamamoto's supposed "sleeping giant" quote might be applicable. Could Gov. Palin "awaken a sleeping giant [the American electorate] and fill him [them] with a terrible resolve" to deny Pres. Obama a second term?

      The scenario exists that in Tampa, Florida on August 27, 2012, no one will have sufficient delegates pledged to insure the nomination is his. If that happens, the convention will have the task of selecting the nominee. It is my fervent hope that Sarah Palin will step forth and accept the nomination.


      Frank in St. Louis County, Missouri

      • Kathy Mial says:

        Frank –

        You have perfectly detailed what goes through my mind on almost a daily basis. I remember while watching her acceptance speech for the Vice-Presidential nomination, I said to myself, "This woman will be President of the United States one day." For me, that belief has never wavered. I have no doubt that Sarah could beat Obama and put this country back on track. One can only pray that your scenario for Tampa will come to fruition.

  2. dancer says:

    seems to me that omuslim is winning with all the lies about the econony and that people will wake up before it is too late unemployment and romney making all those goofy statements , i pray its not toooo late but if gas goes over $4.00 a gallon then people should wake up

  3. Im going Newt all the way unless somerone like DeMint gets in. I dont know why he didnt run? We could sure use someone of his caliper.

  4. I also will vote for Newt.. Something he said of the media. MSM and all the negative ads thrown around certainly does make a person, honest or not, but definitely capable to be the president decline the opportunity. Every little second of their lives are under a microscope.

    (except O) More than once I ask, and still hope someone with money has the diligence to investigate his background completely. I do believe he is not eligible to be pres.

  5. terimwal says:

    I will vote for Newt. He is the only one of the current field I can vote FOR, rather than holding my nose and voting against Obama. I am of the opinion that Romney cannot win. I know that I, for one, will not vote for him. I've done the nose holding too many times in the past. It's time to draw the line.

  6. bigmike says:

    Newt is gonna need serious help , I suspect she wants him to gain ground from where he is at right now, to demonstrate that his support does not wholly depend on her imprimature. I expect to see the bus on the road after the Iron Dog finishes on Feb. 29. If Newt can take it to Obama and Romney at the same time, he has a shot. If he only goes at Obama or Romney, then the other will push him under.

  7. Morgan says:

    When Sarah decided not to run in October, there were (at best) four candidates I was willing to consider: Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Perry. As time passed, I became more uncomfortable with Governor Perry's record and wasn't nuts about Herman Cain's 999 plan. Ultimately, I chose to support Ron Paul with Congresswoman Bachmann as my second choice.

    Since then, of course, Governor Perry, Congresswoman Bachmann and Mr. Cain have dropped out, and as for the other three candidates, I might be willing to support Rick Santorum if he wins the GOP nomination (emphasis on the word might here), but I will not support either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

    In answer to the question, I'm not satisfied with the current field; not enough of the right candidates either got in or had much of a chance in the end.

  8. I have heard all the comments that Sarah said no to running, how the hatred or her and her family is visceral. But whoever we could find will receive the same hatred because these people are evil. We are threatening their hold on power!

    So, what do we do? Give up when the screaming minions of hateful get loud enough? We don't have the luxury of accommodation. Our country is being dragged to ruin. Our lives, livelihoods and loved ones are being destroyed.

    Gov. Sarah Palin is the only one who can lead us to resounding victory with a conservative message. I so hope and pray she hears our cry for help.

  9. John Fedor says:

    If Newt stumbles I hope Sarah gets a chance to jump in. I also believe,not this cycle but the next one, we conservatives can get a "third party" established. I am so sick and tired of getting "mugged" by the damn Republicans! They feed us a pile of soft, warm "B.S." every election and then, out comes the knives and we're skewered again. We should have 4 years to get organized.