Clear Message in Santorum’s Tuesday Romp: Romney Should Drop Out

Santorum Wins Big!

I think the results in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri speak for themselves: Romney is damaged goods, and he’s not conservative enough to defeat Obama, and yes, most of all, big money doesn’t necessarily equate to electoral success if that’s all you have, and clearly, in the case of Mitt, that’s true.  It’s time that Romney withdraw from this race before his tendency to mostly negative campaigning further damages the party’s unity. I expect that tomorrow, Mitt and his SuperPACs will train their fire on Rick Santorum, who we should congratulate in any case on a great success in these states.

Where is Ann Coulter? Is this not the moment for her to leap from the Romney Bus to the Santorum Bandwagon? Or will Coulter double down on Mitt, and come out telling us how terrible Rick Santorum really is?  I am open to considering your predictions, as I expect Coulter to be apoplectic but I’m sure that won’t last too long.  In any event, I think it’s time for Mitt Romney to pack up and go home, and leave this contest to actual conservatives.

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5 Responses to Clear Message in Santorum’s Tuesday Romp: Romney Should Drop Out

  1. Stand Taker says:

    Boy would I love to see Romney quit. But what are the chances of that?

    He's as bent on winning for the sake of winning as Obama is on being a Marxist.

    The message was shot out of a cannon tonight: We don't want Obama or his GOP counterpart. Give us conservatism.

    I pray this "Sanmentum" continues.

  2. WallyPalo says:

    So, is this what happens when we don't have a debate in the days before a vote? I'm glad to see Romney take a beating for a change, but I agree that Mitt is going to go after Rick big time after this. Mitt money will buy lots of negative ads.

    Funny thing — I saw a Reuters poll (nationwide) today and see that Romney only gets 29%, while Ron Paul (in 2nd place) gets 21%.

    Maybe it will be a wide open convention in Tampa, with a few late walk-ons.

  3. I'm hoping it is not Romney vs Obama as I don't think there would be any real choice. I'm crossing my fingers.

  4. Gail says:

    Mitt Romney"s team is now searching the rails of cyberspace to find dirt on Rick Santorum. Newt can rest for awhile from the bombardment of negative ads from Romney….I think that was Newt's plan when he was rather quite in Nevada.
    Newt will do well in the Southern states and Super Tuesday.

  5. MaryL says:

    Go Rick! I agree Willard should drop out, but I doubt his big ego will permit that! Watch for the mudslinging now. And my bet is Ann Coulter will double down for Willard.