Dereliction or Treason?

What's He Doing?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to offer you a number of facts to consider and then I’m going to ask you to consider them as a complete set.  At present, our military is falling into a disgraceful condition under the maladministration of Barack Obama. In fact, the condition of the country at large is one of unsustainable weakness, but every day, Obama undertakes more bad ideas that hamper or harm our nation.  Most assign this to a reckless incompetence, and while I can understand the desire to not think the worse of a US President for his intentions, I am questioning them now as far too many things seem to be aligning disturbing synchronicity.  It seems as though something is wrong with this President, and it may be far worse than misguided intentions. His actions as President have severely undermined our defenses, and may make us essentially naked to aggressors. When one observes such a trend, it must be called to the attention of his fellows, because if this is intentional, then the only name for this is not “dereliction” but instead “treason.”

We are now slashing the defense budget to make room in the Federal budget for entitlements, including Obamacare’s implementation, and all those other programs previously in existence.  We are now grounding our Air Force’s fighters at a phenomenal rate.  We are nearly 20% weaker in this vital area than we had been a short decade ago, and cancellations of projects like the F-35 guarantee this will only become worse.

We have handicapped our naval capacity by insisting they use a certain percentage of bio-fuels in their combat aircraft at an outrageous expense to tax-payers, and an as-yet unknown cost to the defense of the nation.  We are nearing the point where we will effectively scrap two entire aircraft carrier battle groups, further limiting our ability to respond to threats around the globe, or protect our own air-space here at home.

We have given most of our critical missile defense secrets to the Russians, allegedly to ease their worries about them, but in truth, what we’ve done is to give them to a potential adversary that has contractual relationships with Iran and other nations with which conflicts may be inevitable.  At the same time, Iran continues to threaten us and our allies with missiles against which these systems were designed to act.

Iran now flagrantly sails its fleets not merely through the Suez Canal, but also threatens to shut down shipping through the Straits of Hormuz, and between these two passages, nearly 50% of the world’s oil supply is transported.  We do not challenge them there, except to waggle our finger, but it’s worse because their ships now sail openly along the edge of our territorial waters in an intentionally provocative way.

Petroleum and its distillates are soaring in price, even though President Obama has killed off the Keystone XL pipeline that would have brought fuel to our energy-starved nation within a short time.  Our current oil production is dipping, but more than this, the taps at the Strategic Petroleum Reserves remain open, as Obama uses this to hold down the price of oil only slightly.

The Iranians are developing nuclear weapons and they already have mid-range missiles on which to deliver them, but more than this, they are developing long range rocketry that will reach to the North American continent.  Iran continues to fund terrorists who attack us globally, and yet, when there was an uprising in Iran, Obama did not back it until well after it had been quelled, but he did so only half-heartedly.

Soros is raising an army of rabble that you know as the Occupiers.  What these will be are the useful idiots to be led into slaughter when the time comes, and Obama needs an excuse to clamp down. At the same time, Obama’s department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement(ICE) is being directed to permit illegals to go without arrest whenever possible.

Our financial system has been directly tied to the banking systems of the failing Euro currency, and it’s no secret that if they collapse, as seems likely, we will almost surely accompany them over the precipice and into the abyss.  Your purchasing power is being eroded away, and soon you will begin to see a more distinctly inflationary trend that they will not be able to mostly hide from you as has been true over the last few months.  Instead, we’re going like gang-busters to worsen our troubles.  The government rigs the unemployment statistics, and we’re told “things are improving.”

None of these things are likely to have been unknown to you,  because as readers of this site, you’ve seen most of them covered here.  You might look at any of these in isolation, and conclude that they are the results of colossal incompetence or even dereliction, but as yet, you may not have noticed the common thread running through them.  You might be satisfied with that notion, but for the fact that you know nothing exists in a vacuum, and that you cannot separate the out from the whole if you’re to understand them in context.

What all of these things have in common is that each of them substantially harms America’s economic and physical security.  Each and every one of these things also have in common is the fact that they are directed by a single authority, and the person who wields it is none other than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama maintains two separate cabinets, one consisting of his official cabinet secretaries, and the other composed of his shadowy system of czars and advisers.  The latter group wins every argument, and it shows in the decisions this president takes.

If not dereliction, could this really be treason?  If we didn’t suspect otherwise, I’d think he was getting us ready for a take-down on all fronts.  What’s worse is that his chief opponent in November is likely to be the candidate of his preference.  Still, one can hardly miss the fact that what all of these things leave in play is the fact that we are being set up, and it is we Americans who stand to lose everything.  His sympathies for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are telling relations, and the fact that his favorite pen-pal is the radical, Islamist President of Turkey, and what you realize that there’s almost no hope.

Is Barack Obama intentionally leading us to the banquet of the enemies at which we are to be the main course?  Consider what might happen if an electromagnetic pulse(EMP)  bomb was detonated by Iran over US territory:  You will not see television again, perhaps for a generation. Your vehicles will not function.  Every electronic device, and indeed the whole electrical grid may be down for years.  You will have no oil with which even to do battle to reopen the Straits of Hormuz or the Suez Canal, because we have been bleeding our Strategic Petroleum Reserves into the ground at their behest.  No oil?  No Navy or Air Force, meaning no response from us.  At that point, fuel-less, and with nothing in which to place it  if we had it, the country would almost immediately grind to a stop.

Spend a little time to think about everything Barack Obama is doing, and ask yourself if these are the actions of an honest man concerned with his country but inept in application, or instead the mere organizing of a man who is committed to its destruction.  The worst-case scenarios are too awful to imagine, but that we must stop him is also clear.  If it isn’t treason, it sure looks like it, and if the net effect is the same, it won’t make a difference either way.  Does it matter?  In this context, is negligence distinguishable from treason?  I don’t think so, but we must begin to assess the threats against our country, and if we should survive through election 2012, we must unseat this president, though I do not know now how we can beat him.

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  1. Seriously though, I am sure Obum can be voted out of office. By November we will all wake up to what is happening to our country with this Marxist in power.

    1. Gail, He needs to be impeached!!! He has done so many impeachable acts against the people and the constitution, but no one is stepping up!!! It's the old boys club… sigh… Mobster rule…

      1. Of course not. The senate would have to impeach him and he is one of their own. He has been on a mission to destroy the country he hates since way before he was elected. Rush and Beck knew it from the start, but no one else has the guts to say it.

  2. In my opinion, Obama's presidency is historic for a number of reasons. One of them for his being the first internal enemy president ever elected.

    1. MARK You are more then right with this write up. Think back to his state of the union campaign speech. Did you catch his SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ? Then he went on and said he was going to order more drilling for both gas and oil. Now take a good look at HR3534 with his executive orders and his misfit czars. They along with our congress have already given up our countrys sovereignty and we think it's great. take a very close look at that bill. This did not just happen overnite but has been in the making for a very long time by both partys. Now you have the unions with power, the occupiers that I am sure will make things very ugly this summer and fall.Then last of all you have US folks. With the choices we will have this fall. MITT/OBUM-MA . Aren't we also being made part of the USEFULL IDIOTS ??

  3. Dereliction, Treason?
    How about Terrorism… The True Enemy Within and currently our biggest… further spreading his communist, socialist, dictatorial, Jihad agenda though the Democrat party and now spreading it through the Republican party like a plague, or like Mr Smith says, A Virus!
    Just trying to find the Trojan Horse that is most likely somewhere in Chicago.
    If you talk to some people from Chicago they say he came from nowhere and won the senate seat very suspiciously. I do believe the mob is in control of the country now, as our government has been infiltrated by mobsters since JFK.
    Not saying anything bad about Kennedy but his father did use his mob ties (Sinatra and Giancana) to get him in the Presidency but he turned his back to his father's mob ties and didn't return any favors… and of course that's what got him killed, along with the Mob being in cahoots with the CIA which had their agenda keeping him from investigating certain classified secrets… but I digress…

  4. It is not President Obama that is destroying our country. Obama is simply the figure head. It is the liberal agenda that is the problem. Until the American People reject the agenda that promises unearned wealth and security in exchange for our individual liberty, the destruction of the American Revolution will continue.

    The Wannabe Tyrants have completed the Dictator’s major objective of control of the Media. Any attempt to impeach the Tyrant would result in immediate and hysterical denunciation of those initiating the impeachment action and the Constitution. The Constitution would be denounced as an obsolete document perpetuated by slave owners 200 years ago to continue the oppression of the masses. There would be a call for a Constitutional Convention to correct the inequities and provide Social Justice to the downtrodden. A Constitutional Convention, controlled by the Wannabe Tyrants would be the end of the American Revolution.

    Focusing attention on the personality or identity of the tyrant thwarts the evaluation of the Tyrant’s agenda. It is the acceptance of the Tyrant’s agenda, not the Tyrant that is destroying our nation and strengthening our enemies.

    If the Republic is to survive, President Obama's agenda must be rejected by the American people. Of course, the rejection of the agenda would rid us of the Tyrant and the oppression he represents. If we were to rid ourselves of the tyrant while allowing the Wannabe Tyrants to continue our enslavement nothing will be accomplished.

    It is not the hand that holds the whip that is important, it is the whip.

  5. As someone who prides herself on being able to step back and see the bigger picture, I am delighted when I see others able to do the same.

    For the record, I am convinced it is not dereliction.

    Great blog!

  6. In an interview this week, Obama stated that the reason he hasn't been able to live up to his campaign promises is that he is under great restrictions because of the foundation laid down by our founding fathers. He said because of these restrictions, he hasn't been able to do what he wants to do. Those were his words. I saw the interview and couldn't believe he has the nerve to blame his failures on the Constitution and our founding documents! What a joke!!! He is the reason America is failing. As of Feb. 1, he ordered that the pay for combat soldiers be cut by $225 a month. Only those who are in a direct position to be shot at will receive the whopping amount of $225 per month. Those who are deployed in belligerent countries will not receive the combat bonus each month. Isn't that outrageous!!!!???? These soldiers should be getting an INCREASE rather than a DECREASE. I'm sure Obama has stashed some stimulus money somewhere that could easily handle the extra pay. He's trying to bring our military down and he's succeeding. Yes, he is definitely NOT a patriot; nor is he worthy to be the leader of this country. Why isn't Congress doing something????

  7. As others have alluded to, Obama is basically the personification of evil. There is really no other way to say that.

    I long wondered how Americans didn't take 5 minutes to look up his background, associations. I finally concluded that, for whatever convergence of reasons, most people are willfully ignorant. That even if they have an inkling of reality they'd rather pretend their own disbelieving idealism is the truth over the hard facts. "Couldn't happen here." And I honestly can't believe so many people voted for him out of guilt or out of fear of being called racist. What kind of 4th grade, imagined peer pressure is that? Are people really that weak and pathetic?

    Obama is evil, as is the apparatus that is behind him. He is the real life Manchurian Candidate. It feels like he's been president since 2007 because we've been bombarded from day one.

    When he made his speech at the 2004 Dem Convention, someone close to me said he'd try to run for president. I scoffed, saying it was a certain impossibility. That he would never overcome his radical, bizarre background. Americans won't give this guy the time of day.

    My fellow Americans, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO US?

  8. I've wondered for years why the word 'treason' was assisduously avoided. Is it because it's a 'quaint' term applicable only to the 18th century? I wrote my Congresscritter two weeks ago and asked why the terms "high crimes and misdemeanors" are somehow inapplicable here. After all, I know damned well what a misdemeanor is, and should I ever be afoul of the law sufficient to be charged with one I doubt it would be a simple laughing matter as it seems to be with our President.

  9. These very thoughts have been bothering me about Obama and his shadow govererment for quite awhile. It is understandable that the mainstream media would not bring this to light but what about our elected
    officials – surely, being educated people, they should see what this man is – are they not Americans? What will it take to expose Obama and his minions? We see, on a daily basis, the destruction on our nation by this


  10. Not dereliction – he is not at all interested in his sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Not treason – don't you have to be a citizen of the US in order to be accused of treason? I agree with the poster who says TERRORISM. He is an enemy of the state.

  11. Mark,

    Thank you. Your greatest article to date. And, thanks to all those who commented here as well.

    I, too, have long believed bho and many others are guilty of treason. And, I believe the "ows" crowd was practice for later this year. During that time, I imagine an incident will be manufactured which bho and his minions can and will use to impose martial law, and potentially cancel the elections or something which may have the same effect.

    While bho may be a citizen; there is no doubt in my mind that he is NOT a "natural born citizen" as required by our constitution for the office he currently occupies. I was deeply saddened to see the result of the case in Georgia, which would have kept bho off the ballot in that state if it had been decided on even one ounce of honest deliberation and integrity.

    Thank you my fellow patriot – I pray this goes viral and I pray I am wrong about things later this year. May God have mercy on US, guide US back into His light.


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