What Obama Did to the Catholics? Romney Did It Too!

Telling You How It's Going To Be

As it now turns out, back in 2005 when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he forced religious institutions including Catholic hospitals to dispense the so-called “morning after pill.”  This is another bit of evidence as to how Mitt really isn’t a conservative, and how he really doesn’t care about religious liberties.  I am exhausted with his posturing as a saintly man who abides his faith, but to put his stamp of approval on a law that deprives others of their recourse to conscience is a disgusting breach of the the Constitution.  I don’t care to hear his pathetic states’ rights arguments, as they don’t apply in this situation, irrespective of his nonsense to the contrary.  There’s something fundamentally wrong with a politician who thinks it’s his role to shove such provisions down our throats, irrespective of our wishes, and irrespective of the matters of conscience that collide in these issues.  He’s only too happy to command you.

This bit of information merely confirms the worst of my fears about Romney: He’s not merely Obama-Lite.  He’s Obama with an “R” next to his name instead of a “D.”  This sort of state interference with the rights of religious practice and conscience is precisely the sort of monstrosity people of faith have suffered endlessly under the  Obama regime.  We shouldn’t be in the business of nominating a candidate who is substantially more like Obama than unlike him. I hope my fellow conservatives and Tea Party folk will understand that this isn’t merely about abortion, or morning-after pills, or anything else of the sort.  This is entirely about the ability of people of faith and the organizations they create around their shared faith to determine for themselves in which activities they will participate.

This is precisely the same thing Obama is now doing with respect to the coercion of religious organizations, including the Catholic church, to provide insurance to employees that includes contraception.  Once again, government is interfering in the relationship between employers and employees, and their insurers.  This is a scandalously tyrannical abuse of authority, and the fact that Mitt Romney participated in much the same thing disqualify him in my view. Whatever your views on the divisive issues, there can be no ignoring that even if it is not your faith under attack in this case, your turn will come eventually.

I cannot now and will not ever vote for Mitt Romney under any circumstances I can now imagine, and I can imagine plenty.  Feel free to make of that what you will.  In fact, make the most of it, but I will not be bullied on the matter.  That he actually imposed such a thing on the people of Massachusetts is simply unforgivable in my book.  I will have no part in merely replacing Barack Obama with another who shares his despotic reflexes.


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10 Responses to What Obama Did to the Catholics? Romney Did It Too!

  1. Gail says:

    Well, All indications are if it is Romney or Obama, either one could be the charming Anti-Christ as spoken of in Revelations. Charming on the outside but evil on the inside.

  2. Marlin Rice says:


  3. I have not been for Romney from the beginning. Too many faces, too many stances, too many giving for votes and money. He replaced all the govt hard drives in his office… thus eliminating all emails, correspondences and memo that came to him and from him.. Wonder why? This is so much like concealment as O. Tread lightly with this man, He is not your friend.

    • dnr says:

      This is the kind of thing that Santorum needs to shout from the rooftops. And of course, be sure that he ties in Romney's deceitfulness to that of the current resident of the WH. They are birds of a (buzzard) feather.

  4. eyetooth tom says:

    Looks like leaders and wannabes have this in common. Their thought is religion is the opium of the people, let's give them Plan B instead of opium.

  5. Mark…you are perpetuating a completely deceitful article written by a journalist that knows the weakness of most.

    I don't and I can prove using this article with visual graphics markups how it can fool most…See the link to my visual debunking.