Christian Leaders Begin to Stand Up

Rick Warren

Via the GatewayPundit, Jim Hoft reports that a number of Christian leaders are saying they will fight Obama’s edict by refusing to comply, among them Pastor Rick Warren pledged on his twitter page:

“I’d go to jail  rather than cave in to a goverment mandate that violates what God commands us to do. Would you? Acts 5:29

You can find the rest of the article here at GatewayPundit.

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11 Responses to Christian Leaders Begin to Stand Up

  1. Sue says:

    Ahhhh … The Christian Leaders are NOW standing up to Obama and his policies? Where were they when the lot of them supported and voted for Obama? Including ,but not limited to Rick Warren and the Catholic Church as a whole.

    Be careful of what you want. You just may get it …

    • MaryL says:

      Sue, I am a diehard Catholic from birth and I am sad to say you are right! Our bishops pushed for the passage of Obamacare. They have spent a lifetime winking at contraception among Catholics. Now they are trying to close the barn door after the horse has gotten out. I guess better late than never, but as they say, "better never late!" Very sad for me.

      • Sue says:

        Maryl … I have posted this sentiment on several occasions and I can't begin to tell you the vitriol in the responses I receive. They take it personal instead of relying on the facts as I stated. Thank you so much for seeing it as it was indeed intended. You made my day :) But … to be fair, it hasn't just been Catholics. There are many, many religions who to this day continue backing Obama as he continues to wipe away one freedom at a time.

  2. MaryL says:

    What the heck happened to my comment?

  3. MaryL says:

    I am sorry that people have spewed their invective at you. Facts ARE facts! If one is honest, you can only look at what has happened in my Church and many Christian churches. I hope the Bishops prevail, but there are MANY of them on the list who spent a lifetime dissing the policies of the Church. What goes around, comes around. The really faithful Catholics are endured years of hardship at the hands of their own leaders,

    • MarkAmerica says:

      My paternal grandmother, perhaps the most influential thinker in my personal life, was always angry over the slide of the Catholic church. She lived into her early nineties, but I would have long conversations with her in which she would explain to me how different the world had been, in all respects, in the days of her youth. She was not happy with some of the directions in which she saw the church turning in response to societal pressures, and she had thoughts on the "post-modern feminist movement" that would have made Rush Limbaugh run and hide. Her chief complaint with the church was not always the institution itself, but often with what she termed "pick-and-choose" or "cafeteria" Catholics. I cannot imagine her looking at the situation and thinking anything other than: "This is what your decades-long surrender to popular culture and leftist imperatives has begotten."

      • MaryL says:

        God bless her, she was right! I grew up in the 50's when the Church was really the Church. Educated by the Sisters and got the BEST from them. Now it has all changed, and not for the better. She knew and she had the right idea.

      • Sue says:

        Mark … I had a very similar relationship with my Mother-in-law. We had a wonderful relationship, and she voiced the same concerns that your Grandmother did. My Mother was raised Catholic, and in fact, came an inch close to becoming a Nun … until she met my Father :) And I was married to a Catholic, but this conversation in my perspective does not hinge on them alone as I stated above. ALL religions have yes, bent to the modern culture of a live and let live society. As harsh as I know this sounds, it's long past due that the piper be paid and that stands for all of us.

        This issue will only go one of two ways. Either Obama folds, or doesn't, and he ends up paying for it in the election. I have a couple of thoughts on it. He does nothing and lets it stand, then the USSC renders it's ruling on Obamacare in June and it's overturned and found to be unconstitutional.,OR, same scenario, only the USSC upholds it and Obama still takes a hit in November. Either way, I feel it's a lose/lose situation. He was absolutely stupid to take this on.

        And Maryl … thank you again, and yes, it's time this issue reaches the boiling point for all concerned.

  4. I am glad they finally are. We need all the help we can to expose all this. So many are ignorant, unknowledgeable, believe it can't happen here, don't want to be involved… We all know so many like that. I invite any help, any reason for somone one else to finally stand up.

  5. jan says:

    Christian Leaders need to stand up. Because the cost of not cooperating with the government on these insurance mandates would, for instance, cost the Catholic Church $140 million dollars the first year….what does this say….It says that Obama is trying to destroy the Church and it doesn't matter what religion. He is startling to look more like Hitler.

    Just for a laught???? hmmm…Michelle was at a military base and told them they were going to start like eating vegetables…nottthing wrong with that but you cannot have a vegetarian army….they need protein also …true story.