Religion, Obama, and Your Liberties

Reaching for Your Soul

To watch television and listen to the arguments of leftists is to punish your mind.  I have heard and watched the most absurd switching of contexts I have seen in quite some time, and I must tell you that if the left is permitted to win on this one, you’re done.  The country is done.  Liberty is dead.  These dictatorial thugs have perfected the ludicrous formula of switching contexts to an extent I have never seen, but you must know of it in full.  This propaganda form would be artful if were not so evil, but in this case, it’s clumsily obvious.  It is nevertheless effective against the sort of people who are easily swayed by half-baked arguments. They say:  “Barack Obama isn’t oppressing people and institutions of faith, but instead, and incredibly, freeing their victims from oppression.”

Yes, that’s right: According to the talking points of every leftwing hack from Jehmu Greene(another Soros shill on FoxNews,) to James Carney(aptly named as he conducts his three-ring circus in the briefing room of the White House,) the word has gone out from on high:  President Obama’s severe policy is not a breach of religious freedoms, but instead the elevation of freedoms for women.  This clown-show should not be acknowledged in the usual fashion.  This is tyranny writ large, and if you’re still not quite seeing the threat explicit in all this, let me do my best to explain it.  We have here two contradictory premises, and one of them is a logical farce, while the other is a natural law.  I’m going to solicit your attention while we differentiate among the two.

The right of conscience(freedom of religion, thought, speech, publishing and the like,) arise from the natural fact that no person can control your mind, or what you believe.  All they can do is to silence you by coercion and naked aggression, but nothing on Earth can forcibly change your mind if you are determined against it.  This gives rise to the old lament that “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”  I can chide you, I can threaten you, and I can even do you harm, but I cannot compel you to change your mind, and that is the root of that freedom: Your mind and its contents are yours, and solely.  No government, no dictator, no King, and no society can command you to change your mind.

Place this against the notion of a “freedom to access contraception.”  That sounds great for those who want it, but that’s not where the left ends their hunt.  They now make of it a “right to equal access to contraception.”   Once you make of a thing a “right,” then nobody can interfere with you legally.  However, all of this flies in the face of nature, and therefore the very concept of “rights.”  What if there is no contraception available?  Is nature violating your rights?  Is the market violating your rights?  Is the government violating your rights?  This abominable argument is based on a nonsensical premise that you can have a right, any right, of any sort or in any context to that which must be provided in some way by others.

There is no such right.  There can be no such right.  This is not a right, but a wish, or a demand, and call it what you will, but to call it a “right” is to demean and debase what a “right” is.  A right is a natural entitlement of liberty that confers no positive obligation upon another, nor requires the consent of another for its free exercise, but arises solely from the natural fact of one’s existence.  How can one then claim a condom, or a birth control pill, or a spermicidal gel, or any of the other myriad forms of contraception are a matter of rights?  To have such a right would compel others to provide it, and that’s a “positive obligation,” and to exercise it, you would need the consent of no other, but what if none wish to manufacture it, sell it, or prescribe it?  It cannot be a right by any measure.  There can be no rights to a thing which others must provide.

What is worst among all the criminal edicts implicit in this case is that Obama is instructing institutions of faith that they must provide, as a matter of “rights,” access to contraception via health insurance plans.  Now he will command people to provide insurance for coverage they do not wish to provide on grounds of conscience, and as bad as this seems, and it is truly monstrous, I tell you now that this is the result of permitting tin-pot thugs with suits and ties from either party to tell you anything about what you may or must sell or purchase, and under what conditions you may or must do so.

What is being done in this case is not merely an affront to people of faith, but to all people everywhere of every persuasion and of any inclination, except statism.  In a nutshell, an actual right, the natural right of conscience, endorsed by our First Amendment, and allegedly guaranteed us by our government, has been trampled in the name of a non-existent, impossible, and unenforceable right to the minds, bodies, souls, and properties of others.  This is the radical boot of Barack Obama on the throats of Americans everywhere, and those too foolish to understand the meaning of this assault on their precious liberties are either too young to understand them, or too submissively dependent to care.

I am laying down a challenge to my readers, to be spread as far and wide among institutions of faith, be they churches, mosques, synagogues or temples, or the charity and healthcare facilities and organizations under their umbrellas:  Do not yield to this.  There is talk of some sort of negotiation.  Any who negotiate this point are sell-outs.  Any who yield are collaborators.  This is not a matter of insurance policies, but a matter of urgent necessity in the name of liberty.  I urge resistance.  I urge non-compliance.  I do not and would not ordinarily undertake such strong language, but I believe it is my duty as an American, knowing full well that this exceeds all boundaries on governmental authority prescribed by our framers, and knowing that this will lead only to more tyrannical edicts issuing forth from the despot’s mouth.

That’s right, I said it.  Barack Obama is a despot.  Report me to AttackWatch if you don’t like it.  Is there any greater treason to be undertaken by any man entrusted with power but to reach out to the consciences of others and demand at gunpoint: “Your thoughts and your beliefs, or your life?”  If my readers fail to remember every other word I have written, remember these few: Government is force, and nothing more, and to yield your mind to its threats of force is a surrender to an unnatural dictator at the most fundamental level.

No person should permit this.  No person should surrender to this. No person.  You have seen now the ultimate bastardization of the concept of “rights,” and it is being done to you as you sit in quiet contemplation of the spectacle, as your appointed leaders contemplate their own surrender in the name of the kingdoms they have built for themselves by the graces of your charity and by your acts in the name of your faith.  If they will not lead, and stand up to this tyrant, you must do so by unseating your cardinals, bishops, ministers, priests, reverends, pastors, rabbis, and any other leader to whom you look for guidance on such matters.  If they will not lead now, when the cause is greatest, and when you need them most, you need them…not at all.

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13 Responses to Religion, Obama, and Your Liberties

  1. Susan says:

    Great article Mark ! I can't wait to share these profound words with all my Catholic friends.

  2. Marc Thomsen says:

    There is only one "right" to contraception which all have the liberty to exercise and which does not rely upon government mandates, force or coercion of another individual to satisfy the imposed government perversion.
    It is the legitimate and real right which the Catholic church has supported all along. It is the right to be responsible regarding "contraception" by abstaining from behavior which could lead to pregnancy and procreation. This right and the accompanying responsibility infringe on no others and require nothing from others. They are solely and completely the right of an individual and rely only on ones own mind and will… the same mind and will which is required to reject all false "rights" imposed by force applied by an unlawful despot.

  3. Birth Control is a Choice. It is not a right! It is unconstutional to force Church supported hospitols and clinics to go against their beliefs. I have had arguements here, as if who cares? It is a lack of understanding of freedom and rights. If not stopped here and everywhere our freedoms are being taken away and eroded.. we will end up as units of the state, with only the freedoms and rights that are allowed by the govt. Not what is God given.

  4. faith martin says:

    Amen Mark, and well said!!!! There is no greater force in this OUR AMERICA, than the will of her people. WE can change this with our calls and letters to our representative AND with OUR votes if they do not do as we wish them to. We CAN say YOU'RE FIRED!!!

  5. Wraith says:

    So, black is white, up is down, freedom is slavery, war is peace and ignorance is strength?

    OK, I think I get it now–I've gone completely mad, and I'm hallucinating that I'm living in an Orwell novel. Thank goodness, beacuse if this were really happening, I'd be scared.

    BTW, Tag, you're it!

  6. Rogue Rose says:

    Here's one way you can get libs to at least think for a moment. Let's say future research shows an enzyme or hormone contained in pork significantly reduces a woman's risk of pregnancy and is used as a major ingredient in future birth control pills. Could the govt force muslim institutions to provide these pork based products to their members? Now they're torn between two of their favorite causes.

  7. Thomas Dixon says:

    Brilliantly written, Mark. By this act, the Administration has cut to the core of individual freedom upon which can be built the utopia of submission. And, their tying religion to womens' rights is a "work of art" second only to Dorian Gray.

    Thank you for allowing me to post your piece. Though a bit pointed at the outset (remember, you've got to pat 'em on the head before you swat 'em on the butt), your logic and follow through were superb! This will go out to everyone I know.

    Highest regards,


  8. eyetooth tom says:

    I've tried to say it before in so many words. I guess to no avail. What you are witnessing is just a repeat of the past. Hate the oppressors …church, religion, and the better off ( bourgeousie, aka capitalists) .
    That movement decided the proletariat (workers) who were doing well enough in the world, was not going to bring it off… had to create and organize what we have today…those from birth to death, a hand out.
    The proletariat over there was even more poor.
    Y'all really ought to read about the eighth congress of the Russian Communist Party on Hate religion, success, and all… all is oppression . All pushed today. Perhaps Russian push dead, but not here. Sorry, beware.

  9. CPB says:

    Very well said, Mark! The Progressives were getting us to complete Tyranny in baby steps. Obama is doing a giant leap frog – without looking back!

    On a related subject (i.e. more tyranny) Have you seen this?
    I don't normally have a lot of respect for Dick Morris these days, but his write-up is a pretty good summary of what Obama, via Hillary, is about to unleash. Pretty scary stuff. And our spineless Congress just might allow all of this through. Even worse.

  10. Texmom says:

    Excellent post.
    Too many conservatives still see this as one of those pesky "social" issues that should be ignored so we don't lose independent votes. They fail to see that ignoring social issues is what got us here.

  11. Tracy says:

    Great article, Mark. We had better gather together and stand up to this evil threat then shouldn't we.