Ron Paul Flashback: 1988 Video

Ron Paul 1988

One thing is certain: Ron Paul has been pretty consistent in his ideas.  Back in the late 1980s, there was an infamous television show hosted by Morton Downey Jr.  I never saw the show at the time, because I was out of the country serving in uniform, but I’ve seen a few clips subsequently.  In this episode of the program, none other than Ron Paul, then a former congressman, appeared on his show to talk about drug legalization.  I don’t know the woman in the beret, but after roughly three seconds, I wished I could cut her microphone.  The other interesting thing is that none other than disgraced congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY,) appears on the show via telephone.

Whatever we may think of Ron Paul, it’s fair to say he’s been consistent in his views for a long time.  This video should provide a little insight on that, whether you agree with him on this particular issue or not.

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7 Responses to Ron Paul Flashback: 1988 Video

  1. juneau says:

    Wow. Morton Downey Jr. hates Ron Paul….another reason to consider supporting Ron Paul! I think America has finally caught up to Ron Paul. This country is just nuts enough to make Ron Paul sound sane…it's only taken about 30 years. It's Ron Paul's time.

    • j.a.agibinik says:

      Ron Paul? Please tell me you are just really bad at telling a joke…..He's the only person to campaign longer for president than mittens…..and failed. I must admit that I do agree with some of his budget ideas…..but, that does not excuse his crazy, what's wrong with Iran having a nuclear bomb?, thing.

  2. CPB says:

    I would never vote for Ron Paul but I found myself rooting for him in this piece. I agree with you about the woman – cut that mic! And to use Charlie Rangel as representing "the government"? What a joke! It's rather interesting – if I had watched this 1988 (granted, I WAS a lot younger and more naiive!), I would have labeled Ron as a complete idiot (along WITH Downy), but I kind of agree with Juneau above – this country has just become nuts enough to almost make Ron Paul sound sane now. Wow.

  3. Steve Mims says:

    I was surprised to see this week that Reuters has Ron Paul polling in second place nationally. Of course, these things change from week to week. Still, even though I don't agree with his foreign policy, he has my support this time. He seems to be the only one who understands the magnitude of the financial hole the USA is in. And, because of his decades of consistency, I don't worry that he might flip flop or come down on the side of some new big government program (like Bush did with the Prescription Drug program, and Newt did with the Department of Education).

    • robocaller says:

      I've seen previous Reuter/Ipsos polls, those too were outliers. If this is the same as those, then it was done online and was based on a sampling that was 50% Dem / 50% Repub.

  4. robocaller says:

    This video shows everything I don't like about Ron Paul. Not his libertarian positions, which I respect.

    But 1. That he was willing to make his his argument on the Morton Downey Jr Show. 2. That he simplifies the debate into two options, legalization and prohibition, with nothing in between.

    Paul thrives on how our media culture dumbs down our political debate into two absolute choices and invites everyone to yell at each other about them.

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