Breaking: As Overflow Crowd Grows – Palin to Press on Brokered Convention(Updated)

View from Inside

The reports coming from CPAC in Washington DC suggest that the theme we have heard, that “Sarah Palin is no longer relevant,” has been exposed irrevocably as a lie.  At present, the lines into the event are being described as enormous, and this is more than two hours in advance of her speech scheduled for 4:30 eastern. CPAC has actually gotten an overflow space set up in an adjacent conference room in order to try to accommodate more of this crowd. As I predicted, Sarah Palin’s speech would be the biggest draw of the event, for all the reasons we’ve discussed.

Matthew Sheffield, posting via Twitter provided the photo at left, and as you can plainly see, the line inside is gargantuan, and it extends out and around the building.  Meanwhile, spotted in an brief press interview, Governor Palin said that a brokered convention would not be a negative for the Republican party.

You can watch the video of that brief exchange here:

Update: It’s now being reported there are three overflow rooms for the growing crowd waiting to hear Sarah Palin speak at CPAC.

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15 Responses to Breaking: As Overflow Crowd Grows – Palin to Press on Brokered Convention(Updated)

  1. Stand Taker says:

    Sarah, please oh please jump in. It will change everything.

  2. j.a.agibinik says:

    Only in the United States of America can some girl that my cousin went to high school with……Wow! What an awesome speech! Sarah looked like a movie star after, walking around, getting hugs, all those phones taking her picture! Only in America can some girl from Wasilla have such a huge impact on the world!
    Palin/West 2012

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    "Were not red state or blue state…were red, white, and blue…and Obama your out of here"! Palin's comment…my sentiment exactly.

  4. Maggie LovesAmerica says:


  5. Linda Shepard says:

    Sarah never fails to draw a crowd and generate excitement and patriotism. Her heart is for the people and she speaks for most of us "little people". I can't understand for the life of me how anyone can NOT want Sarah to lead us. Oh, yeah, the CBC would be out of a job and probably in jail and those silly pundits with egg on their faces. But, she is the only one to truly be a good and compassionate leader. The constitution would get its power back . I want her to get in this race so much and as President, enact some new laws that will get things under control. Too much corruption with most of these other politicians. JMHO

  6. Gail says:

    Sarah Palin did not disappoint ….Great speech

  7. Frank May says:

    I had predicted Gov. Palin would be giving an "acceptance speech" for the GOP nomination.

    Sure sounded like that to me………just change a few words.

    Frank in St. Louis County, Missouri

  8. Marianne says:

    Please Sarah, this country needs you. You and only you have the heart and the know how to fix this country.

  9. Steve Mims says:

    I'm glad she is still a big draw. Maybe something will happen in the end to save us from the big-government candidates.

  10. davidfarrar says:

    If Newt and Rick want to defeat Mitt in the primary they should make a brokered convention their goal, both publicly and strategically.

    ex animo

  11. RebinTexas says:

    Thanks for all you do Mark,

    As I write this, am just about to hear Rush talk about Sarah's speech. She, truly, was awesome!!