Sarah Palin Addresses CPAC

Governor Palin Welcomed at CPAC

Governor Palin spoke at CPAC on Saturday, delivering the Keynote address to an overflow crowd, and  her address was enthusiastically received, but I noticed something else.  Not everybody in the room was there merely to hear her speak, as a segment of the audience serenaded her with their rendition of “Happy Birthday,” as Saturday was indeed her birthday.  There was a brief incident a few minutes into her address when some “Occupiers” who had made it into the room made a ruckus.  Never satisfied to let anything go by without negative drama, “Occupiers” created some sort of disturbance, and were immediately overpowered by the crowd, and then Sarah Palin, with “USA USA USA.”  The Occu-pests were escorted quickly from the room and Governor Palin pointed out to the crowd how easy it had been to win.

There were many highlights in this speech, far too numerous to catalog here, but I’d like to bring your attention to a few.  She discussed the fact that our country is in trouble, and that we must be united to restore it.  She warned:

“We are not red Americans, we are not blue Americans; We are red white and blue, and President Obama, We are through with you!”

The crowd roared their approval, leaping up to yet another standing ovation.  When it came to the theme of her speech, it was clearly to rev up the crowd for the election season ahead, and citing the lack of a federal budget for more than one-thousand days(actually over 1100 now,) she said of his spending priorities, simply:

“He mucked it up!”

Again the crowd applauded on its feet in collective approval.  She went on to talk about the decline of the nation at the hands of Barack Obama’s government, and of the looming disaster hanging over all our heads, for generations to come, she vowed:

“So help me, God, it is not a future we will ever accept!”

In one instance, she likened the corrupting tendencies of the permanent political class in Washington DC not to a “swamp,” but instead to a “hot tub with jacuzzi.”

Governor Palin is an astonishingly effective public speaker and politician precisely because she believes in America, and in constitutional conservatism, but more importantly, because she communicates with the raw force of simple ideas that have withstood the tests of time and crisis.

She said that once the nomination battle had concluded, she would support any of these because Obama must go.  That united the crowd that clearly suffered a divide along the lines of the various contenders, because all then stood in a rousing standing ovation.

This has been my only discomfort with the speech, because here was one  politician who clearly motivated and inspired the over-sized crowd(minus the aforementioned handful of Occu-pests, who were inspired in another way.) None of the Presidential contenders who made speeches at CPAC this week had attracted this kind of crowd, nor this kind of enthusiastic support.  This leads me to a conclusion and some of my readers may again chastise me for it,  but the question is aimed squarely at the GOP establishment, and to a certain degree, at us:  I believe we are running the wrong candidate, because among all those still in the race, none of them have roused quite this level of overwhelming support.

Governor Palin is able to inspire people because they perceive her as real, genuine, and sincere, and she connects with them in a way I haven’t seen in a politician in a long time, if ever.  To see her sidelined in 2012 is disheartening to many, and having talked to a few who were in the room, the end of her speech was a sort of let-down, because, as one asked me directly: “What are we doing?  Why isn’t she our candidate?”

Having replayed the speech two full times, and having now examined closely the reactions of the crowd, I can’t help but agree with my friend.  The establishment may not like her, but the grass-roots conservatives love her, and the GOP establishment’s attempts to diminish her is a strategy they undertake at their own peril.  Governor Palin is able to rouse audiences from their seats, and conservatives in general from complacency, and even the Occu-pests cannot resist her, the last of these drawn like moths to a flame singing their wings.   It’s not possible to ignore that while some in the media, and in the party establishments have claimed she is “irrelevant,” today’s keynote address and the response of the crowd clearly demonstrates the fallacy of that meme.

Well done indeed, Governor Palin, and Happy Birthday!

Here is the complete video, in three segments(Courtesy the Barracuda Brigade):

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38 Responses to Sarah Palin Addresses CPAC

  1. Keith Sparbanie says:

    I refuse to accept the "blessed" candidates being rammed down our throats by the clueless GOP. I'm voting ROGUE.

    Sarah Palin is MY President.

  2. Stand Taker says:

    Just watching some of the speech. That's a president. Our president. And she looks unbelievable. I've never been more convinced of her leadership.

    I'm heartbroken she's not running. Yet?

  3. debbie says:


  4. Gretchen says:

    She said 3 times, "The door is open."

  5. carlirwin12 says:

    unlike the candidates who are running, not once did Sarah have to assure the crowd that she is a conservative.

  6. Mark I listened to all the ones running have felt no passion…along with and others I sat in the rain in Iowa field…and heard a speech that made your heart sing and today as I watched on T.V. I felt passion …I felt there was hope…that America was still the shining city on the hill…as was said on Oct 5, Today America loss…and I feel that …God Bless you Mark

    • William Hemenway says:

      I see Newt Gingrichs as passionate about America and I believe the Palins do also I know if Sarah Palin could she would endorse Newt Gingrich by her comments of the candidates running he was the only one who offered real solutions to real problems at CPAC y

  7. Sarah is our candidate. She is the only one with passion. I do not want to elect another "politician"…I want a warrior, a Grizzly…I want Sarah.

  8. Teri says:

    What amazed me was that when she finished her speech she walked down on the floor and shook hands with the people there. It looked as though this was spontanious. My husband passed by and saw this and asked me if she's running. Looked like it to him. God Bless Sarah Palin…Grit with grace (to borrow a phrase).

  9. Marianne says:

    I still say that Sarah is the only one that can bring us out of this mess. THE ONLY ONE.

  10. Susan says:

    Sarah looks better than ever. She and Newt would tear them a new one and don't think they aren't aware of it. The establishment just keeps throwing ole Romney out in first place. They should know by now all the independent thinkers in the Tea Party are the majority and they are not going to sit still for their antics. People have found a new outlet for news
    the net and the Tea Partry meetings that are many times held monthly.
    The lame street media is DEad on arrival. Haven't watched any news for the last 3 years. Don't need it.

  11. smitch61 says:

    She is wonderful…It still saddens me, I thought for sure she was running two years ago.

    I wonder what good candidates we could have had but chose not to run assuming that she was in it.?

  12. Nancy Rizzo says:

    That was a Presidential speech. I wish she were running.

    • Frank May says:

      Did I hear Gov. Palin say only that she would "support the nominee"? I submit those exact words were purposely chosen, because the nominee might be Sarah Palin.

      In a previous post to this group I had predicted her CPAC speech would be the GOP nominee's acceptance speech. Did anyone else hear that on Saturday? Further, she acted the part of the nominee when she went among the people afterwards.

      "Ya gotta have hope!"

      Frank in St. Louis County, Missouri

  13. lou-dallas says:

    It's obvious that Gov Palin has not been knocked off stride in the last three years. With the crowd's reaction to her keynote address, it seems the only thing holding her back……is herself. Oh well, back to reality and dealing with what we have in these candidates……oh well…!

  14. j.a.agibinik says:

    USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! SARAH!! SARAH!! SARAH!!

  15. carm says:

    Aa greataa great speecha

  16. carm says:

    A great speech by a great lady. Why oh why is she not running.? She is exactly who will turn the country around.

  17. DC says:

    If she did not have kids, there's no doubt she'd be running. She has the fire and passion for her country, knows she can beat Barry, and she would deliver true conservative leadership with a servant's heart. Slam dunk. The problem is that once the left demonstrated that its OK to disparage her kids with the most vile, disgusting crap in MSM and social sites and congratulate themselves for it (and 40-somthing yr. old gay men feel perfectly free to spew their hate to her kids in public establishments), it's no wonder she fears for the safety and well-being of her family. Do you think that since this precedent has been set, she could expect Bristol or Trig to suddenly be as free from scrutiny, gossip and downright hate in the WH as say, Sasha or Malia are today? I mean, would she expect them to just stop? Is she expected to accept a different standard for her kids than anyone else's? They went after her family in unprecedented ways and that was her Achilles heel. It is for any mom. Problem is, this mom would have made a great President.

  18. j.a.agibinik says:

    I love what "Barracuda Brigade" did in honor of Sarah's birthday!
    Palin/West 2012

  19. Kathy Mial says:

    Still praying we make it to a brokered convention and Sarah steps in to take over the reins of the Conservative party. Without her, I truly believe the election is lost. No one can inspire and pull the party together like she can. Praying 'til the end … Run, Sarah, Run!

  20. among all those still in the race, none of them have roused quite this level of overwhelming support

    Interesting observation.

    I know a lot of people who would never vote for Palin. Yes, I know more who would (or did) vote for Palin for POTUS. Then, again, most whom I know are conservatives.

    But of all the GOP candidates in the field, none of them generate either enthusiasm or support across a base broad enough to get elected.

    I grow more concerned by the day that Obama is going to get re-elected. :(

    • MaryL says:

      I am also convinced he will get back in. Either there will be rigged elections or NO elections. He will not step down. It will be to the death of the country.

  21. Dave says:

    Thank you Mrs President for a right on the mark speech that I haven't heard from any politician in decades! She is the true patriot and the only choice to be the leader of this country… She has the fire, the heart, the passion and she didn't need a teleprompter! Take that Obummer!!!

  22. 1thinkingwoman says:

    Sarah is truly an amazing and passionate conservative Mom. She can't risk the target being put on her family. Any of the candidates can beat the current WH resident, clean up the mess, and they would be a FOOL to not include her in HIS cabinet somewhere. She's not going away, she will continue to lead, and has all the experiences military, Mom, public figure, parenting challenges – she would get the government out of a lot of areas like the POTUS discussing contraceptive choices in the boudior. A lot of us are creeped out. Guaranteed. IMHO.

  23. Audrey says:

    Besides what DC wrote above, the Republican establishment is against her all the way. They could not have their way if she was president! That is why they are also against Newt. God forbid the GOP could not control the president!!!! They do not like what Sarah did in Alaska either.

  24. RebinTexas says:

    Thanks Mark,

    I've only heard it once – but plan to listen to it again. Hope someone posts Sarah's speech verbatim – it was so loaded I could never adequately describe it without a copy to refer to.

    I pray we may yet be able to vote for Sarah and someday, preferably in 2013 call her Madam President.

  25. Linda Shepard says:

    I am a bit offended by commenters who think that Sarah can't be a good mom and president at the same time. That's like saying "dads" aren't important in taking care of their children. Our country is suffering and needs the right leadership and that is going to affect Sarah's childrens' futures as much as the rest of us. Sarah's family would be protected physically and as far as verbally, well, they are being attacked now so what would be the difference? I am praying for Sarah and her family and I am hoping with all my heart that she will get into this race because I believe she is our best hope, not only against Obama, but also against the corruption in our political arena.

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