What’s Happening to Fox News?

Who's Pulling the Levers?

Many of you have complained of late about a noticeable shift in Fox News, not only in its coverage of various political events, but also in its staffing. More and more, they are adding to their paid Fox News contributors with people who are in some way linked to the radical left. People have wondered aloud what could be driving this shift, and while we probably won’t ever know it with certainty, I’d like to call to your attention what could be the basis for a quid pro quo that would offer at least one explanation for it.  In the months leading up to the revelations about the phone-hacking scandal at New of the World, another Murdoch news outlet in the UK, we saw the first signals of a change on Fox News, and of course, there have been rumblings of potential investigations and prosecutions here by our own Department of Justice.  If Murdoch and Ailes have anything to fear from these scandals here in the US, then it wouldn’t be inconceivable that the corrupt Department of Justice under Eric Holder and Barack Obama could use it as the potential stick to lash Fox News into political compliance.

One of my favorite talkshow hosts, Tammy Bruce, likes to talk about how her listener-supported show and site are advertising-free, and that one of the benefits is that she doesn’t have to put up with the demand of what she calls “Gestapos” who would tell her what kind of content she must or must not have in order to continue her show.  It’s rather harder for somebody to take from you the independence of thought on which your success is based if they have no leverage to do so.  In that scenario, you’re not worried any longer about advertisers threatening to yank their support.  Of course, you could theoretically annoy all of your listeners but that’s not likely if their support was built as much on the character of your ideas as on your personal style and presentation of them, because not many people radically transform their beliefs over night.

The reason I make mention of this is because as a large commercial outlet that makes it money from advertising, and as a corporation operating primarily in the United States, Fox News is subject to all of the laws that the federal government might apply to it.  As a subsidiary of NewsCorp, Fox News is subject to political tampering not only by threats of legal action against it directly, but also by virtue of legal threats against the parent company.  This would mean that whomever held the prosecutorial sword would be able to exert some influence simply by rattling it a bit.  In this case, we’re talking about the most politicized Department of Justice since, well, ever…  I have no doubt that the crowd of Chicago thugs in the White House would happily apply pressure to derive the kind of coverage they seek from Fox News.  The question then becomes: Are Murdoch and Ailes worried enough about potential legal matters to be man-handled in such a manner?

Obviously, I don’t have the answer to that question, but what I do know is this:  Within Obama’s first year as President, pressure of some sort, whether commercial, legal, political, or otherwise seems to have been brought on Fox News and Fox Business.  I say this because two things have now happened of which you and I are uncomfortably aware:  The lineups at Fox have been changed dramatically, including now the dropping of Glenn Beck, Eric Bolling, and Andrew Napolitano from the line-ups on the two networks.  Arguably, these are the three most conservative or libertarian hosts on either of the networks with the possible exception of John Stossel, but his is only a weekly show.  It would be hard to claim, for instance, that Beck was removed as a business decision, because his was still the highest-rated news show on cable in that time-slot when he parted company from Fox News.  Beck has effectively said that there was some sort of pressure involved.  Soros has been waging a public war on Fox News through Media Matters for America, and other shill outfits, but if he could somehow get an “in” at the network, he might be in a better position to change it.

At the same time as this all began, we saw that a number of contributors were brought to Fox News who reflected a much more left-leaning bias, including Jehmu Greene, and Sally Kohn, among others.  Greene is a preposterous leftist whose rage is at times barely-restrained as she hurls her defenses of leftists around.  Kohn is inexcusable, because she worked for the Soros-funded Center for Community Change.  These are just two of a growing number of leftist trolls, just one step from Occupiers, now being picked up by Fox News as they ditch people like Andrew Napolitano?  I’m afraid that given all of this, I have to conclude that something is happening, and I doubt it’s a business decision so much as one born of some sort of behind-the-scenes politics.  The left wouldn’t want Fox News to go away if they thought they could convert it to their side, and slowly but surely, this seems to be the direction of the the network.  While all of this remains supposition, I can’t help but worry a bit about  it because so many center-left people have thought that Fox News was a “conservative” network, but in truth it was merely balanced with a slightly right-wing dialogue that would be more amenable to the establishment wing of the GOP.

With conservative and libertarian elements slowly being removed, and rabid lefties being slid into place, one must wonder what is going on, and with all the saber-rattling over at the Obama-Holder DoJ, I think we may have reason to worry. If the leftists have found a way to effectively exert control over Fox News, there’s a real danger that we conservatives may have lost the only television outlet of mildly center-right news we’ve ever had.  Many have wondered about the open Romney-pushing going on at that network, and most have assumed it originates with establishment Republicans, but given some of the recent pronouncements of George Soros, one might think again.

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  1. The Cronyism Economic System punishes political dissent as well as reward cronies! http://commonsense21c.com/CRONYISM.html

  2. Sue says:

    I have been following what's happening in the UK very closely. Many more were just fired, and yes, I also feel there's a direct connection with the DOJ in control. Say what you want about Beck … and I've read 100s of articles that state he was fired. He was not. Pressure? Sure, probably ,but to re-sign or not was up to him. I'm sure within that contractual discussion was indeed pressure to *ease up* on Soros, et al. And if my memory serves me correctly, Beck was even approached by Soros' people right there in the studio. I'll try to find the direct link, but I know it's there.

    • Racist says:

      Not just approached, but overtly threatened by Soros' goons. And the threats were made against more vulnerable members of Beck's staff because Beck himself has round the clock security comparable to the Secret Service. I have stopped watching FOX almost completely. I will occasionally watch a few minutes of F&F at 5am as background while I get my day started, and occasionally I'll watch Megyn Kelly for a few minutes just to see Megyn's beautiful smile. But I no longer trust FOX to be objective anymore than CNN, and barely more than MSDNC!

      • Sue says:

        This comment is not to imply if I support Beck, or not, but I like facts. If at any time the information I post is incorrect or incomplete, I will stand corrected. The Beck comments are only partially correct, but the ones referring to him being fired are not, and neither are the comments regarding Fox was losing money from all the advertisers bailing on Beck. Yes, some sure did but they had a laundry list of advertisers waiting in the wings to fill those slots. And yes again … his viewership had declined, but as numbers go, (all shows wish they had them) he was still the top rated show in that time slot when he left.

        The renewed contract negotiations continued for months. They did not want to lose Beck no matter what the press was telling the public or how many You tube videos remain that continue the lies.

        There was indeed major threats made to Beck, his Family and his Staff to the point of real fear. Beck paid for the protection of he and his family, but Fox refused to pay for the protection of his staff. It was to the point where they all feared going to work each morning.

        Politics and political power is an addicting drug, and when that power is being exposed and threatened, the big boys come out to play. That is what happened with Beck.

        Did Beck already have his plans to enhance his company Mercury Arts? Yes, but this issue was the springboard for his departure at Fox. Not the other way around.

  3. Sue says:

    Off topic question, Mark.

    Why do I always have to *Confirm your subscription* to post?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Sue, I have no idea. I wasn't aware that happened. Are others experiencing the same thing?

      • Nope. I sign in with my twitter acct..

        About Fox.. I also have noticed they are becoming more liberal and MSM in their reporting with more extreme contributors. The internet must be protected if we are to know what really is going on in our country and the world.

      • eyetooth tom says:

        Must be some anomaly…hacking there somewhere. Been posting since November,no problem here Could be some new lib worm to stymie comment. Sue must have good comments.

        • Don Purser says:

          The same thing happens to me. I think it has to do with the way WordPress is setup and how you register. I have to register for each different column of Marks that I respond to.

          I'm sure I could figure it out if I wanted to but it's no big deal.

      • Tracy says:

        Happens to me also.

      • bigmamas52 says:

        Yes, I have to "confirm" if I want to follow a post or see other's posts. Every time. Sometimes have to when just posting myself.

      • bigmamas52 says:

        Just had to confirm to respond to this post, just thought you'd want to know

      • capejag says:

        Just checking at my workstation for 'Confirm…' – don't seem to have a problem.

        What you are experiencing Sue can happen If one disables 'cookies' in their browser, uses several different browsers/machines or you are working from a public PC.

  4. judyavelsor says:

    Just want to say. Just wrote station about same. I know they seemed to be in tank for Romney . Glenn is also gone & it is not very nice. I also was wondering why Judge is not on a lot. I too have noticed a lot of taped stuff. I am glad i am not the only one noticing it. I used to keep them on continually. Now they have that Jehmu. . . and that other one. That "J" is down right rude to say the least. She yells at the people. Can you imagine she raises her voice and does not shut up when Hannity is speaking. I like Hannity. Next they will be giving our reg. the shaft. Maybe they are trying to get them out. Could be . . . Like Beck.

  5. Don Purser says:

    I had become annoyed with the increasingly "left-leaning" coverage on FNC and stopped watching any show at any time slot there back in early December. I had previously stopped watching any MSM news coverage (including CNN, MSNBC, etc), over 10 years ago.

    ALL of my news now comes from a variety of online sources. I've completely given up on expecting any TV network for honesty and fairness.

    • capejag says:

      Hi Don, The only problem with online sources is that everyone has a bias!!! Including me, LOL

    • William Hemenway says:

      I agree I noticed it for awhile but when they would only show positives about Romney It made me sick I no longer watch and never will.

    • hiway280z says:

      They are working on getting control of the internet. They already have several sites that will take off some things you post about the current administration.

  6. C.A. Bamford says:

    Yes..I've noticed a shift in Fox News. However, when left wing screamers like Jehmu come on, it is immensely satsfying to hit the "Off" or channel change button on my remote. There is no value in wasting time on contrived and repetitive spinning of Obama's agenda.

    Anyone following FOX New ratings lately?

  7. capejag says:

    Hi Mark,

    I've been harping about this for weeks on the FB forums. Of course, email directly to FAUX doesn't get any reply…. I believe it's a combination of:

    1. Romney/Bain/Clear Channel – remember Bain purchased Clear Channel 5-6 years ago when Mittens was first considering a POTUS run. Even thought this is ONLY FOX News RADIO network, all of the Fox commentators go thru Clear Channel. Yes, they are probably afraid of loosing income. Most of Romney's $20M income is STILL from Bain. 'Services'

    2. Yes, probably Soros attacking via Beck – but Beck has gone off the deep end as far as I'm concerned and is just another Romney lacky. Talking about the double-digit margin when Romney wins v.s. Close race when he looses. LOLOL.

    3. Newt's justified attack on Brett Beir not sticking to issues in early debate; scolding Wallace for same; and being blamed (behind Newt's back) by Brit Hume for outing and death of Hume's son.

    I've also noticed an increase in the 'Fair and Balanced' ads trying to convince us that they are…. LOLOL

    • Karen says:

      You just said exactly what I would have posted. Brit Hume's sheer hatred for Newt shocked me. I'd never seen him like that so promptly did an internet search, pulling up the article about Hume's gay son and how he blamed Newt for "threatening to out him" – although I see no proof of that. It was all during Hume's gay lovers attempt to take out Newt. – Anyway, IMO Brit Hume should NEVER be allowed commentary on this primary because he has a severe bias that shows.

      Also, on your last paragraph, I laughed. The few times I've turned on FOX of late – just to keep up – commercial after commercial about being "fair and balanced". I was thinking, are they saying that more often now, or did I just not notice before. Thanks for clarifying!

      • Marita Jeffrey says:

        Ohhhhhhhh do I agree with YOU!!!!! I REFUSE to watch ANYTHING that has Brit Hume because of his bias!! It is PATHETIC!! And I was shocked and I will NOT respect him as a news man again. I am sooo discouraged by Fox News I can't even tell you!!! Thank God for sites like this!!!

  8. Another lefty is Beckle. How is a fixture on The Five I have no idea.

  9. Pat Cashman says:

    Looks like they have power over more than Fox News.

    • hiway280z says:

      For sure and not long ago one of the pictures from the White House had Obama with a mean look wagging his pointed finger right in boehner's face. Right after Fast and Furious was suddenly shelved.

  10. Mary Rogers says:

    I will still watch Fox News and Fox Business as well as channel surf the MSM's and C-span for 2 reasons.; 1) Fox still is LESS left than anything else out there…at least the right has a tiny voice and 2) I want to know what the left argues…gives me time to research, analyze and come to my own opinion. I also will continue to read everything I can on the internet including this site, TownHall, Heritage.org, among many others.

  11. I agree there is for sure a change in the reporting and the excuse of a show called the Five is a example of the bias to moderate and left. Only Eric can be called somewhat conservative. Most all the taling heads are from the North East that is why they are all in the tank for the likes of Rommney and Christie. Just some more big goverment republicians.

    • capejag says:

      Not all North-east in the tank for Moderates – look at Maines Caucus vote, Mittens split with Paul – LOL

    • Allison says:

      Have you heard Eric call Newt moderate? If he's calling Newt a moderate, I don't listen to what he has to say anymore. One of the reasons I no longer watch the Five. Capejag, that was so close in Maine. Too bad one of the precincts that were heavily favored to vote Ron Paul was closed due to weather. I'd be mad if I were them. Please people, don't give us Romney as our nominee.

      • capejag says:

        So Allison, we literally sweated for Newt while he was here in NH to get him as much exposure and positive treatment as we could – knew we could catch up on our sleep after the primary.

        Newt will always be the 'smartest person in the room' when it comes to American History, the current condition of our government, and exact measures to restore confidence. Brilliant!

        Now as to the Five, the funniest one on there is Bob Beckel in a VERY crude way… Why is it that most liberal socialists attack conservatives?

  12. Donna says:


  13. Donna says:

    If Newt becomes president,he will stop all the garbage

  14. Gail says:

    I am with you Donna…GOOOOOO Newt

  15. Stephen Luftschein says:

    Mark me as confused. Despite anything else, Ailes and Beck split b/c Beck was more interested in Beck and his various businesses. As far as I know, Bolling got a promotion, which bothers me as his anti Israel b.s. borders on anti semitism and Napolitano has his own show on Fox Business. So, if you want to say they got rid of Beck, ok, but ratings don't matter if the only advertisers you can get are gold companies and the food storage companies that the mormon church pushes you to pimp for.

    There are far worse leftists on the network, who have been there for some time, like Mark Lamont Hill, a fellow Columbian, and (I'm blanking on her name) the Political Science Progressive from Obama's alma mater, Occidental.

    The most offensive part of the network, is that O'Reilly, who has a real responsibility as the highest rated show on cable and on his network, is so loose with the facts or regularly shows such a shocking lack of depth and context on issues.

  16. Allison says:

    I'd be interested in knowing how many times they've played Newt's, Romney is a Soros approved candidate ad free while discussing on their Fox shows. They sure had no problem playing Ron Paul's and Romney's attack ad's that were out right lies about Newt.

    People need to watch that George Soros ad before voting in the primaries. And the puppet master youtubes from Glen Beck.

    • hiway280z says:

      No doubt everyone has been pushing Romney down every one's throats. They including Fox have shown him as the winner all along. The debates mostly were aimed at making Romney the main one with Newt as his enemy. Seems we have been asleep for so long they have taken over. Wish Fox would stand up to them and announce to the people the threats and other things they are doing to destroy Fox News. The people would stand behind Fox.

  17. I'm glad someone else noticed that FOX News has hired those wacko's Sally Kohn and Jamu Greene. I was shocked to see those two crazy leftists on there. I can't stomach either one of them….they make me sick with their crazy leftist remarks. In fact, I turn the TV off when eiter of them come on, cuz I know I won't be hearing anything factual or of any value. I'm really sorry to hear that they let Judge Napalatino go…I really loved his insight. I hope all this is just a passing phase Fox is going through; otherwise, I'll just stick with the internet and other news sites that I can half-way trust, and tune Fox completely OUT.

    • Adeas1132 says:

      Jamu Greene makes me want to throw something at the TV every time I see her come on!! Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth. Mark Lamont Hill is the other one I absolutely cannot stomach. They both are sooooo far left it is ridiculous. I am glad I am not the only one that Jamu Greene drives to distraction. I have to mute the TV when either of them are on.

  18. DRW60 says:

    Open Romney pushing? I am sure you meant "Open Romney Bashing"? Fox News & Fox News Radio have been bashing Romney non-stop for the past 3 months. Even today they are quoting George Soros against Romney for goodness sakes!

    Greta has even re-tweeted Axelrod DNC propaganda in the MIDDLE of the Republican debates!

    Fox has had Newt & Santorum on their network non-stop for the past 2 months. Fox NEEDS them so obama gets a 2nd term.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Frankly, that's not the case. Romney's coverage by the news folks(as distinct from the evening talkshow lineup, where the five and O'Reilly carry his water) is pathetically servile. I'm waiting for O'Reilly to propose marriage to him.

      • capejag says:

        I agree with Mark. You need to turn the sound up DRW60. What is being SAID behind the free ad playing is 'How dare anyone attack Mittens this way?'

      • Karen says:

        They are in the tank for Romney all the way. It's what made me stop watching – other than the occasional "check up" to keep tabs on what's going on – as I flip through all the channels. Just look at what happened when Newt won SC. How was that handled? Well, they still hve chicken fights in SC you know and now let's move on to FL. Nothing to see here! Then they stopped talking about SC. But when Mitt won FL – OMG! It's "all over"! Romney has shown himself to be the nominee….. So manipulated. Surpised me anyone can think FOX is for Newt. They've been trashing him from the time he surged in IA.

    • Marita Jeffrey says:

      Are you kidding?? No way!! They have said he won debates WAY back in the first debates and when I was still in my decision making!! I would watch the debates and be sooo enlightened by the brilliance of Newt Gingrich, yet he didn't get as many questions. BUT when he did… he was brilliant — YET Fox news would say Romney won???? I was sooo confused by that because I had JUST watched the debate. Fox news is part of the Establishment!! It saddens me!!

  19. noczars says:

    I watched a Fox Bus.interview about 4-5 mos. ago with the saudi arabian prince. It seems odd at the time, but now I understand the prince put ALOT of money into Fox and now is 70+% owned by saudi arabia. I have also read Soro's has alot of influence @ Fox.

  20. Becky says:

    Can you tell me who pushes Romney, because I would like to watch them? Hannity and Greta have a love fest with Newt Gingrich. You can barely turn to Fox without seeing Newt. Palin is ALWAYS on there showing her information super highway hasn't gone anywhere since the day she played, deer-in-the-headlights with Katie Couric, and she hates Romney! There was an ACTUAL poll done and Romney's coverage on Fox is 63% negative vs. 37% positive, Santorum 63% positive vs. 37% negative and no reporting on Newt. In other words, his coverage is so positive they are embarrassed to post it! As far as the Soros comment, it is for the same reason Obama only has ads attacking Romney and NO one else. He is the only candidate he sees as any threat. Anyone that can't see right through that comment, is being fooled by a fool!

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Becky, start with Megan Kelly. Work your way on from there, including O'Reilly, who has been telling the world with only dutiful caveats that Mitt Romney is inevitable for the last two months.

      • Becky says:

        I 'm going to have to call foul on you there MarkAmerica! Two people hardly represent all of Fox News! I do want to tell you this was a very well written article. I am 100% in agreement with you that Fox has been on a quick move to the left! It is shocking that I have found myself on CNN getting more right coverage, as well as better coverage on what is going on internationally. One thing that burned me to the core is when I saw Sally Kohn introduced as a new Fox commentator, considering she was a former senior strategist at the Soros-funded Center for Community Change. Strange things are going on over there! Anyway, thanks for being a good sport:-)

        • MarkAmerica says:

          See, but there's the problem. On a day to day basis, how many feature shows do they have? From the early morning and Fox and Friends until late afternoon, it's all RINOs all the time, with few exceptions. The Five consists of two RINOs, a liberal, and one guy I don't understand at all, plus another guy whose main show was just canceled on FBN. You can "call foul" if you like, but then that's your choice. The fact is that of all the GOP candidates, the one who gets the most consistently positive treatment as an "inevitable nominee" is Mitt. This has been consistent since last summer, but I think many others who post here will suggest as I have that it's become more noticeable in recent months.

          I always try to be a good sport! Of course, there are those who trip in here and break the rules, use endless profanity, insult other posters, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. You seldom see them, as they get a quick trip to the trash bin. I've never had problems with differences of opinions. I think there have been some pretty rousing debates at times, but I just ask people to be respectful. You've done that, and that's all I ask. Thanks!


      • Karen says:

        Megan Kelly was absolutely gleeful and beside herself the night Romney won FL. I was listening on satellite radio, so maybe it was more obvious, but I had to turn it off. She was actually GIDDY!

    • 96 Mom says:

      Becky, I have always enjoyed O'Reilly. But I am telling you right now that no matter what candidate his is discussing, he ALWAYS gets the statement in that Romney IS going to be the nominee. He sometime says it outright with points to back it up. But other times, he just slips it i there oh so slyly. He is without a doubt pushing Romney on his viewers.

    • capejag says:

      Becky: Two things –

      1. Get out your stopwatch and track the POSITIVE commenting time on Romney vs anyone else even being discussed, and that's usually negative.

      2. Watch the body language when it's reported that Newt 'lost by double digits' ALL SMILES vs CONCERN when Romney 'finished a close second'

      • Becky says:

        Thanks you guys for being friendly about this. I would like to share w/ you a few things about Mitt Romney that might shock you, but 1st I want to emphasize how much this country means to me and how much I treasure our freedom. I have 100% respect for all to choose their candidates based on their belief. I only choose not to discuss politics with Democrats because our views are so different we will never change and I do not want to argue about it.

        With the exception of Ron Paul, I have studied all of the candidates extensively. at times they have all flip-flopped like fish:) I am not kidding you when I say Romney was a very conservative Governor. Excluding DC, it's the most liberal state in the country. It has an 85% legislature. Romney tried to veto 800 x's. I won't go into his record but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. I do want to share to article with you if you are interested. One is an endorsement from 9 leaders of conservative organizations that work on the front lines with him for pro-life, religious freedom etc. the other is an endorsement from 5 former US ambassadors to the Vatican. They know his record more than anyone.

        I do not want to bash other candidates your blog because I don't know who you are voting for. But I do know that one of them voted with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry etc. against
        Republicans over 35 times.

        The bottom line is we have a President right now that we have to get out of the White House. He is ruining everything so many brave men and women have voluntarily given up their lives for, offering us the privilege to live in this Great Country. That's something I think we can all agree on. We are all true patriots for even taking the time to be concerned. Thanks fellow Americans:-)

      • Becky says:

        Oh! In my extremely long dissertation, I posted before this, I forgot to post only to the articles:-)

        Letter bit.ly/ABXAdW

        Ambassadors bit.ly/xOVwwW

    • Sue says:

      Becky … I could post a plethora of factual links for you including, but not limited to Romney's not so conservative record, but more importantly, his very liberal standings on the most important issues that true conservatives care about, but I won't at this time. However, I will offer you this for your vetting purposes although it seems you've already made up your mind. And don't forget this … Obama and his team are already prepared not only with what is already public knowledge, but much, much more. They want to run against Romney in the worst way because they know that voters such as you are forcing conservatives to stay home on election day, rightly or wrongly. They have force-fed McCain lite one too many times.

  21. Sue says:

    Mark and Don … OK, and thank you. Yes, that's it. I have to reconfirm my subscription with every new subject, but as Don said, no big deal.

  22. It would appear that at face value Fox News is leaning more to the left, yet free market forces have to be taken into consideration. If certain hosts bring in more viewership for whatever reason then in order for the network to make a profit it must carry those hosts. Glenn Beck chose to start his own network to allow him the freedom to say what he truly believes without the worry of sponsers dropping him. He quit Fox News before Fox News dropped him, he saw the writing on the wall, certain left leaning sponsers didn't like what he was saying, so he quit before he was fired. It all comes down to the money, which is exactly how it should be. As a result, in a free market, consumers are given more choices as to who they want to view and support. If you don't like Fox News, don't watch it. The internet provides an unlimited source of information from which to choose from. All is good, still in this free country, which Obama and his chronies have failed thus far to destroy.

  23. Stand Taker says:

    Great writeup, Mark.

    I've been tuning out Fox News since last summer I think. Didn't make a conscious decision to do it. The value became so poor I just grew totally disinterested.

    I can't think of anyone on FN that offers anything substantive. O'Reilly is basically phoning it in nowadays, looking like he'd rather be mowing the lawn. Hannity just parrots the same vanilla talking points over and over. The rest are literally forgettable. They're either boring, shills for an agenda, or both.

    If I want to find out what's really going on, I read this site and others like it. These are the only places to stay in touch with reality.

  24. Carrie says:

    Those of you who claim Beck is pushing Romney obviously haven't listened to him at all.
    Beck wants Santorum. He says no matter who wins the primary he will "hold his nose and pull the lever for them", but he does NOT want anyone other than Santorum being behind that lever.
    He supports Romney as an entrepreneur, but that's all. He hates Romney's politics (such as the Mass. health care and gun control) and he says so frequently and passionately. Newt he just hates outright, due to Newt slobbering all over former presidents like Woodrow Wilson and FDR and saying they were the greatest presidents of our time.
    He likes Ron Paul and everything he stands for EXCEPT foreign policy – the entire foreign policy issue is the one reason he won't put his support behind Paul.
    The entire time the primaries have been going on, Beck has been in full support of Bachmann and Santorum. Now that Bachmann is out, his only candidate that he supports is Santorum.

    • Karen says:

      Maybe Beck better look a little closer at Santorum then. He surprises me. But you are right, I have heard him support Santorum. He should also look a little closer at why Newt has said the things he does. Newt looks at ALL sides of an issue before making decisions. He also LISTENS to people and finds the good in them – despite how many faults they have. Beck doesn't want to look any closer, so he doesn't. Newt is clearly the more conservative. His record against Santorum proves it. Glenn lost me when he called the Tea Party actually "racist" if they supported Newt. Then he had Newt on his GBTV program and I watched the video. The way Beck kept laughing and rolling his eyes when Newt spoke was totally immature and disrespectful. I used to be a "severely" devoted Beck fan. But somewhere along the line, it all went to his head. He's become another one of those people who now thinks HE is the only person who is right and if you don't agree with him, you are an idiot – or racist if you prefer.

      • Debbie Rosen says:

        Immature is a good description of Beck, along with insincere, his appeal is to the masses who have been conditioned to believe what they are told without bothering to do any investigating or (God forbid!) reading on their own. Glad you’ve seen through his manipulative ways and distortions of truth and outright deceptions.

    • TNchick says:

      All you said is absolutely right about Beck's preferences; I am a long time listener. However, a little off the subject, I was shocked at the level of vitriol he threw at Newt; 1) Beck admits he was in a drunken blackout most of the 90's, so how can he be such an authority on Newt? 2) For somebody planning a "Restoring Love" event at Texas Stadium this summer, I find him to be so hypocritical – the assassination of Newt which went on for weeks was so full of hatred. I was not necessarily a Newt supporter, but Beck was so offensive, I canceled my GBTV subscription.
      P.S. Yes Fox has slid left; if I have it on, it's on MUTE.

    • Debbie Rosen says:

      Makes sense to me, like attracts like, and Bachman, Santorum and Beck are all dangerous loonies.

    • Sue says:

      Don't know if I posted the correct video, Mark, so here it is again.

      • Allison says:

        I've been hearing that new lady, Jehmu talking lately. Ugh. Now last night I heard Sally Kohn debating on the religious freedom assault from Obama…oh.my.gosh. that woman is enough to make you sick.
        I don't know how we ended up with Romney being a candidate that people are actually voting for… of all the conservative Govenors, we wind up with the architect of Romneycare. How is that?! We won't be getting a bold contrast with him as the nominee. Newt is the only one I trust who can get us turned around. People criticized him for his statement about not wanting right wing engineering. That was not because he didn't believe Paul Ryan had a good plan, it was because as he said, we had just had a very unpopular health bill crammed down our throats. He doesn't want to do that… he wants the American people to be with him when he's making big changes. Isn't that what Palin said in her CPAC speech that is what she is looking for in a candidate? Someone who is governed BY the people.

        Also I wanted to post a link to what Chuck Norris said today on why he chose Newt over Santorum. Did you know while he was out there supporting Huckabee four years ago, Rick Santorum was supporting Romney?


  25. Jimmy says:

    I started watching Morning Joe about a month ago. I can't stand the fluff of Fox & Friends any more, they turned into a CBS morning show.

  26. Sean says:

    Beck is a fraud and an ass. He is a money grubber who steals from smarter conservatives while trashing them as the same time. He was no loss to Fox. Andrew Napolitano is a Paulbot who is a step away from thinking George Bush allowed 911 to happen. Eric Bolling gone from Fox?? He is a star on one of the most popular shows Fox has. The show that replaced Beck and gets better ratings. Did you ever think the Bolling might not want to do two shows since he has children at home and one was recently hospitalized?

    • Debbie Rosen says:

      It is so telling when people apply the term Paulbot to those who ascribe to the Old Right politcal philosophy of Dr. Paul, as opposed to the neo-con doctrines so-called conservatives follow today. Treating the people of other countries with the same respect and consideration we desire is somehow painted as dangerous and radical by the very people whose foreign policies have brought us to the brink of destruction as a nation, and earned us the wrath of people all over the world.

      • Sick of the fraud! says:

        God told the Israelites after he saved them from bondage in Egypt to destroy the Cannanites. They disobeyed God and made “friends” with them. (The Book of Judges) Do you think WE should do the same? THere are people who want to destroy our Nation (big satan) and Israel?. Have you not heard what Iran’s leaders have said???????????????? There’s a LOT of evidence in their own words!!!!!!!!!

  27. Allison says:

    Oh and yeah, I'm turning off Fox too. It is freaking me out that they are hiring people like Sally Kohn who is connected to George Soros???
    I turned them off before when they were so obviously happy to cover Romney in such a biased way they were practically campaigning for him!
    When Judge Jeaninne Piro had Sarah Palin on, the first half she was just gleeful at how Romney did in the Florida debates. Then before Palin came on the news that Herman Cain had enodorsed Newt and she just about choked. Sarah said good, I hope that will garnish votes for Newt. Piro shot back, this was one of the FEW national figures to endorse him as opposed to Romney.

  28. Allison says:

    I wasn't aware of who Sally Kohn was…I recognized her but didn't know anything about her. I'm sorry to be so negative…but this is really disturbing. http://www.aim.org/aim-column/fox-news-hires-soro

  29. Sue says:

    They've noticed, but they don't care.

  30. bob68 says:

    Fox News has basically been protecting Obama for at least 2 years. They are nothing more than "controlled opposition". Even a dictator wants the perception of a free press…that is what Fox is providing for the Communist Obama regime.

    Do not watch Fox.

  31. Tracy says:

    As far as I'm concerned any news organization that doesn't tell the complete truth about the destruction of this country is just as guily of treason as the president . That's why I quit watching Fox and listening to Hannity quite awhle ago. There is a blatant ignoring of what's right in front of their faces. No one can tell me they can't see it. It makes me furious to see them do nothing when they have the voices to make a difference.

  32. MarkAmerica says:

    2/15/2012 Note: Another Soros Shill showed up on Hannity :American Values Institute Director Alexis McGill Johnson http://www.soros.org/initiatives/usprograms/focus

  33. fedupjeff says:

    one reason or another those with a large audience that expose truth are
    being denied access to the public through the Media. Look what happened
    on MSNBC with Pat Buchanan and on Fox with Andrew Napolitano after both
    expressed the same opinions/views Andrew Breitbart and we the awake 3%
    are screaming from the sidelines through social media. Bottom line is
    political institutions, unconstitutional control, and goals of the power elite are being threatened!
    “They can’t be afraid of me…I’m not going to be President of the
    United States. They are afraid of the ideas we express because they’re
    afraid of the people.” – Pat Buchanan I do not expect to know
    if Andrew Breitbart, a 43 year old anti Obama conservative working to
    expose government corruption and the ruling class to the masses suddenly
    died or was killed. Think about all the cover ups, as far as I am
    concerned the same cartel that killed Kennedy have controlled every
    president since and now OWN Wall Street, the same ones that also backed
    Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & now today back Obama. Just connect the dots
    and look at historical facts and you only get one logical conclusion why
    history is repeating itself

  34. fedupjeff says:

    Those that expose truth are
    being denied access to the public through the Media. Look what happened
    on MSNBC with Pat Buchanan and on Fox with Andrew Napolitano after both
    expressed the same opinions/views Andrew Breitbart and we the awake 3%
    are screaming from the sidelines through social media. Bottom line is
    political institutions, unconstitutional control, and goals of the power elite are being threatened!

    “They can’t be afraid of me…I’m not going to be President of the
    United States. They are afraid of the ideas we express because they’re
    afraid of the people.” – Pat Buchanan I do not expect to know
    if Andrew Breitbart, a 43 year old anti Obama conservative working to
    expose government corruption and the ruling class to the masses suddenly
    died or was killed. Think about all the cover ups, as far as I am
    concerned the same cartel that killed Kennedy have controlled every
    president since and now OWN Wall Street, the same ones that also backed
    Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & now today back Obama. Just connect the dots
    and look at historical facts and you only get one logical conclusion why
    history is repeating itself

  35. Nymizmail says:

    Leave The MSMand their lies. I’m finding myself at GBTV.com most of the time.

  36. my Fernando Arce says:

    i cancelled my cable tv..i get my news from internet sites and op ed from mark america.  msm is dead!

  37. ajironworks says:

    When you hear what this Lord James talks about , it is obvious why the
    Government passed the NDAA Law to Lock all Citizens up Indefinitely without Due
    Process ….. Hahahahaha

    Lord James of Blackheath – UK Parlament, House of Lords, Thursday 16
    February 2012, Lords Chamber

    Lord James of BlackHeath, 15 Trillion, 759000 Tons of Gold, ‘Fake’ US
    Bonds & 3 Men with Big Balls!!

    Anonymous – Fed Reserve Caught Red Handed


    have you ever listen to this ? @ frame 6:00 they talk about not enough Gold
    to back the 15 trillion ,


    Letter to Obama about Romney and 41 working
    together …. This is Like a Hollywood script …….


    This link involves the 41st president and Romney
    reciting the written text of the above link .


    I got onto this stuff here ;



  38. ajironworks says:

    Here is a TON of Info compiled on the Lord James Claim and the Plot is DEEP ,
    it even comes with a Petition from the Whitehouse wanting to find out about the
    16 Trillion Federal Reserve Money shenanigan ….. I found all these links here
    in the comments list of this Link , http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/

    From the Daily Caller on Saturday:http://dailycaller.com/2012/02/25/british-lord-fell-for-15-trillion-federal-reserve-scam/

    New White Hat Video… Take it


    Rats Leaving the Ship: Banking Families Are
    Disappearing | in5d News http://2012indyinfo.com/2012/02/28/rats-leaving-the-ship-banking-families-are-disappearing-in5d-news/
    At the 52 minute mark in this February 8, 2012 interview from Project
    Camelot of Jay Weidner, Kerry Cassidy states, “One thing, which is we got word,
    is that the contractors in the Boston area are exchanging among themselves that
    houses are starting to be emptied, and what are in essence banking families are
    just disappearing, altogether, they’re just abandoning their houses…”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W9fVkqRzyZo

    American Kabuki Musings On The Finite Statist
    Machine: 81 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS 2/27/12http://2012indyinfo.com/2012/02/28/american-kabuki-musings-on-the-finite-statist-machine-81-resignations-from-world-banks-22712/

    — MUST READThis is one of those Rare “FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS” Intel

    I received permission
    from higher ups to post this as You All Need To Know.According to several
    high level and down the rabbit hole sources, this was relayed to
    me.These are rumors and yet to be verified. Use
    discernment.Geithner, our ‘in-trouble ‘Fed Treasury boy was detained and
    is now under protective custody. In the questioning process, he revealed all the
    alleged attempted thefts of George Bush Sr. related to the Global Settlements
    and PP distributions.George Bush Sr. under questioning revealed that
    Bill Gates’s team was responsible for the software controlled hacking of the
    accounts. Over 40 trap doors were discovered that directed stolen funds to be
    deposited in offshore accounts of Bush Sr, Obama and others. These have been
    found and plugged by the White Knights Computer Experts with Galactic
    Assistance.Bill Gates was flown to China for a nasty confrontation on
    the matter.It is alleged that Bill Gates is now under arrest &
    protective custody. He is alleged being charged with over 30 counts of treason.
    It also alleged that Bill Gates was the one delaying the RV as he had control of
    the red button which interfered with the processing.It is also alleged
    that Henry Kissinger is under arrest as well as many of the Dark Cabal
    Families.The Dark Cabal Rats are panicky and turning on each others. They
    are threatening to kill each other and that is one reason they are under
    protective custody.As always this intel is written on jello and may
    change anytime.Thank You White Knights, Thank You Galactics, Thank You
    LORDGOD Bless You & Yours, GOD BLESS AMERICA John MacHaffie HIS
    Humble Servant

    The Canadian documents provide examples of how a trader at
    the cooperating bank contacted traders at banks such as RBS to try and influence
    Libor. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/28/criminal-libor-probe-doj-banks_n_1308163.html


    NEW. A gathering of different sources of information
    regarding the hidden financial system.White HatsBen FulfordDavid
    WilcockPoof and othersAll in one!FOLLOW THE MONEY

    Tyler Durden’s picture
    Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed – Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks
    OutrightPosted By: WatchmanDate: Thursday, 1-Mar-2012


    THEM QUIEThttp://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/08/06/breaking-news-bin-laden-troops-probably-murderered-to-keep-them-quiet/


  39. Chris Skates says:

    I think you have a good theory here. Also, liked your Santorum comments. I am a Santorum guy as well. Nice blog. I blog on wordpress but I must say your site looks much better. I need a coach for my blog and twitter.

    • Mark America says:

      Chris, WordPress.com is good, but I found that as my audience grew, it suffered from limitations that prevented me from giving readers the content I could. What I use now is a hosting service, and what I have is the same basic software package as wordpress.org, but I’m able to customize many more things and deliver a wider range of content to my readers. The problem is that I’m paying through the nose for a service in order to support the amount of traffic I get, but I don’t run ads because I don’t want the nuisance for my readers. So I just suck it up. Maybe if the place grows some more, I’ll need to consider running ads to help support the cost of operating the site, but for now I’m sticking with it. If I can help, do contact me. I’m now pretty familiar with the wordpress.org package and so I’m better able to help. The thing about using the wordpress.org software and a different webhost is, apart from the expense, you have a fair bit to learn. I use most of the same underlying technologies in my paying job, so it wasn’t too steep for me, but then IT is what I do…LOL

    • Santerrible says:

      Rick Santorum is an absolute disaster that a) will lead us to a certain defeat in November and b) the Party won’t let have the nomination away.  Let’s pick Rick the porn addict to office.   His meltdown yesterday was also another classic Santrum.  He’s a man-child. 

      Look what he said in 2005 when he was racking up 4 trillion in debt: “One of the criticism I make is to what I refer to as
      more of a Libertarian-ish right. They have this idea that people should be left
      alone, be able to do whatever they want to do. Government should keep our taxes
      down and keep our regulation low and that we shouldn’t get involved in the
      bedroom” -Rick Santorum

      Vote for a real candidate, Newt Gingrich.  We balanced the budget four times in the 1990s. Only real leadership can balance the budget.

      • Santerrible says:

        Sigh.  No way to edit my post.  The porn addiction thing is a false rumor.  The Republican Party has enough problems this year without disinformation chumming up the waters.

        Apologies about that, but now you can warn others.  :)

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