Allen West Reveals Truth Nobody Else Will Discuss

The Truth Others Won't Speak

Congressman Allen West(R-FL) spoke to a group in his home district back in early January, and he was blunt about the future of the country, and the way in which our government’s priorities have been re-ordered under Obama.  He spoke of the massive entitlements spending, and the slashing cuts to the military budget, and the way the United States has become vulnerable under the dysfunctional leftist agenda that is the Obama administration.  A little bit of candor goes a long way, and West is one who doesn’t shirk the responsibility to tell the truth to the American people.  West points out that while the media ignores the real problems we face. It’s not merely the media, but also the permanent political class that dominates Washington.  As Sarah Palin reminded us during her speech to CPAC over the weekend, the establishment inside of Washington does not share our miseries, and cannot know our pain.  West actually mentioned in this clip that he has no intention of spending his life in Washington DC.

Watch the video clip from early January here:

West also spoke at CPAC last week, and he delivered his usual fiery performance.  I’ve posted that video below as well:

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5 Responses to Allen West Reveals Truth Nobody Else Will Discuss

  1. Allison says:

    Mark, is there a reason why candidates can't choose a VP at this point in the process. Rubio says he doesn't want it over and over. Santorum would be a great VP, haha. I wish he could just name Allen West now. Why can't he if that's who he would chose. Why is it to early? I think he would clinch this nomination if he did.

  2. Sue says:

    Allen West has stated in so many words he supports Newt. West would never aligned himself with a Moderate/liberal. He's a tried and true conservative. And, Newt has also hinted for West as his VP.

  3. JUDYAVELSOR says:

    there is only one course of action . Obama must go. second changing asap the people in DC each election. we have to show them . . . NO MORE .We have to support our republic by backing all our patriots. TO SHOW OBAMA & CRONIES THEY ARE NOT WANTED OR NEEDED IS TOP ON THE LIST TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY THEY HE DRAG IT DOWN.

  4. Bob Blood says:

    I believe Gingrich West Ticket WOULD be The WINNING Ticket… Can He choose a VP Now?

    • Sue says:

      Bob … that would be my dream ticket. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's anything that forbids a candidate from choosing a VP choice at this juncture, but because of a laundry list of considerations, (a need to win state, etc) they wait until the nomination. Hmmmmm … I just caught myself with that dream ticket statement. I'm thinking now that would be # 2. Newt/Palin (or the reverse) would force me to spend a LOT of money on a HUGE party with all the accoutrements if that happened. :) I can dream, can't I?