Deaths From Global Warming Hoax Soar

Political Hoax Engulfs Globe

The Canada Free Press has published an article that aptly makes the case that the Global Warming Hoax is now responsible for a growing number of winter deaths among Europeans and others who have succumbed to the cold due to the expense of heating their homes, particularly amongst the elderly.  This makes perfect sense, as the elderly on fixed incomes struggle to pay for their medicines, heat their homes, and buy groceries.  The UK and others in Europe have been closing down coal-fired power plants, driving up the cost of electricity, and generally diminishing the standard of living. We will soon experience this same phenomenon here in the US, even in summer, as Texas will lose three coal-fired plants this year, to be shut down in accordance with EPA mandates.  Instead of freezing to death, our elderly will bake in their homes come high summer, and you can bet the death toll will rise here too.

This is all the result of a logically and scientifically bankrupt notion of “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” that is being pounded into the heads of your children at your local public schools, despite the fact that much of these theories have now been debunked, and the science upon which these government actions have been taken demonstrated as biased and fraudulent.  Much of this is based on the mistaken theory that Carbon Dioxide(CO2) drives temperatures, when it now turns out that the opposite may in fact be the case.  Rather than exhaling and adding to Global Warming, it seems, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is highly dependent upon the temperature of the oceans, since they sequester a large amount of the world’s CO2.  As temperatures rise from any cause, the oceans’ carrying capacity for CO2 rises.

The question remains: While we experienced some minor warming over the last two centuries, the cause of that warming remained unclear.  We actually experienced a “little ice age” that tapered off through that period, leading to another question:  What is the actual “normal” mean surface temperature on planet Earth?  That turns out to be a rather more difficult question to answer, particularly because there are overlapping cycles that may even have a cosmic source, such as our solar system’s relation to the spiral arms of the Milky Way.  What this implies is that our climate may indeed be dominated by factors well outside of human control or influence, and that our contribution to any alleged “climate change” is incidental to the natural processes at work.

Naturally, the biggest single driver of climate on Earth is our own Sun.  It too goes through cycles of activity and relative inactivity in terms of sun spots, solar flares, and other phenomena that directly affect the way our world is heated, just ninety-three million miles away.  Meanwhile, right here at home, the masterminds who wish to command us have been looking for excuses to control our activities, and in the 1970s, they happened upon the climate as a good excuse.  First, they said we would go through an ice age, when during the latter half of that decade, parts of the country experienced record snowfall, blizzards, and cold spells.  When the cycle began to reverse in the 1980s, they quickly went off in search of a new bogeyman, and of course they found one:  Human activity, they alleged, was causing the Earth to warm.

According to their most ludicrous predictions, Florida should by now be under water, along with all of Louisiana, and other coastal regions globally.  The polar ice caps should be all but non-existent, and yet the polar ice has returned with a vengeance, leading some to wonder what was all the fuss all along.  The human policy tinkerers are never discouraged, because they keep ginning up new science to support their claim of the week, and of course the ruling by the EPA that they can now regulate CO2 means they will.  This has spawned shut-downs of coal-fired plants, and driven up energy prices globally.  This is the result of an Obama administration unrestrained by the doubt now cast on the questionable science, forging ahead with its regulatory scheme because in truth, none of this is about the environment. No, it’s about you.

What better way to claim the authority to regulate all human activity than to claim dominion over the question of Carbon Dioxide, and the various energy sources that produce it?  All life requires energy, and modern civilizations require gobs of it, but by shutting down energy production, not only do they restrain and restrict your individual endeavors, but also the enterprises that allow you to sustain yourself.  Businesses require energy, and to make it more expensive is to reduce the productive capacity of the entire private sector.  More, since government is the single largest energy consumer by far, its weight adds to the cost.  There’s no desire or even real concern for the environment among policy makers pushing this garbage.  They’ve always viewed it as the method by which to regulate our lives.

Meanwhile, real people are losing their lives around the globe to this miserable policy, predominately in Europe and North America. It’s a terrible shame, but then we’re talking about politicians who have little of that, and as they posture as saviors of the planet, as the death toll from their schemes increases significantly, at some point we ought to ask the question: “For whom are we saving it?”  After all, they are discouraging human reproduction by every available means, and the elderly are being baked, euthanized, frozen, starved.  If we’re not reproducing, and we’re shortening our life expectancies, the population will at some point begin to shrink.  They’ve been after that goal since Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb, and yet not a single one of their dire predictions has ever come true, so instead, they’re now imposing them.

At some point, as Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security scours lines in airports and other venues for those who would carry out “man-caused disasters,” at some point she might be inclined to turn the focus on government. Slowly now, at first, but in escalating fashion, the ultimate results of these policies will be a disaster in human terms.  We must regain control over this runaway government, and we must begin to tear it down.  It’s maniacal policies are now poised to kill us faster than any “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” ever could.


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9 Responses to Deaths From Global Warming Hoax Soar

  1. Karen C says:

    And don't forget Ethanol subsidies! Responsible for a shortage of grain in third world countries!!! Those poor people that the left loves to say they care about so much…….these policies are already having an affect.

  2. sedeuce says:

    Great post, Mark! One of the best pieces of work that absolutely destroys algore and the whole fraud that is "global warming" is a new film out by Phil Valentine, a talk show host in Nashville. You can find out more at

  3. CPB says:

    Well said Mark! Thatnks for the info about the new film, sedeuce – I will be looking to see that. Another excellent award-winning, anti-AL Gore film is "Not Evil Just Wrong" by documentary filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAveer (more at They start their story with the first major environmental victory – the banning of DDT, based on very questionable "science" and liberal statistic manipulation – which resulted in the immediate and continuing death of millions of people in the developing world from malaria. This film points out specific Al Gore inaccuracies and how his false doctrines about Global Warming hysteria is continuing to kill jobs and force energy prices to soar. These two very dedicated people travel all over the country attempting to educate people about the Global Warming hoax that is continually promoted and validated in MSM propaganda. They encourage people to sponsor showings of this movie in communities – especially in areas where Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" has been shown. Did you know it's being shown in many public schools all over the country?

  4. CPB says:

    Oops – mistyped that link: Sorry.

    • fred johnson says:

      Mark You can forget about global warming & climet change There dead under the bus. The new name is SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Remember Obum-as state of the union campain speech. We just passed HR3534 that is his stainable devp. bill.what this does is give the UN control to all offshore, great lakes and all gov. owened land drilling along with 5% tarif to the UN and we let the house and senate do it. then they all cheared along with us,when he said he would order more drilling. Now tell me who do we have running that will have the balls to confront them or him? what it amounts to is we have already given up our countrys souereignty up.

      • fred johnson says:

        Mark Do a google on UN sustainable development and also do one on HR3534 check out climet depot web site

  5. Charlie R says:

    Another ball out of the park Mark!
    NOW, if we can get an energy policy that respects the fact that energy of every kind except Solar, wind and ethanol. is vital to our coming out of this decline toward third world status, you will see our economy take off again. As it is now, the Congress and the President are like physicians trying to get a patient to run a weekly marathon on a 1000 calorie per day diet all the while wishing they knew what to do to get that runner to thrive. I know, lets take 100 calories away from our runner and give it to the organizers of the event! Or, perhaps giving an additional 100 calories to a neighboring event will get the desired result. Yes, that WILL work, if you're tying to kill your runner. I believe they are. Really.

    Now, WHO is going to stop "them" BEFORE they succeed? Does anyone really think that $5 per gal. gas at our nations pumps this summer isn't going to radically change the quality of life for ALL who live from paycheck to paycheck? Everything is suppressed by prices like these. Mark, all that I've read or viewed these past 7 days alone is just like watching a slow motion train wreck with time to divert it but with no motivation direction, power or switch to do so. When are we going to see ANYTHING done about what is going on right now under our noses, WHEN?

    On a positive note: I actually think Obama and his minions are overplaying their hand and that there may be just enough time to switch this train from the track its on. All that we're watching in disbelief may be just what is necessary to produce the stick in the eye of the American public that will overpower every union, socialist occupiers vote this fall. And, even just as importantly, the candidate that comes out of the brokered convention this August will be the right person for the job. YES!, And, I'm thinking (hoping) that this person will become known as the most deft candidate in recent history by virtue of their staying out of this primary process.
    Oh, and I'm doing quite well Mark – as long as I remain more optimistic than not. Thanks for asking.