Flash: Would Sarah Palin Accept Nomination from Brokered Convention?

The Five Becomes Six with Sarah Palin

“The Five” became six for a short time on Wednesday evening when Governor Sarah Palin joined the other participants.  They discussed many topics, but near the end of the segment, Eric Bolling teased his own show Wednesday night. Governor Palin was interviewed, and will answer definitively the question: If a brokered convention picked her, would she accept the nomination and run.  Bolling played coy about the answer, and said we’ll need to tune in to find out.  This should be interesting.  Bolling tweeted earlier about the interview saying it was the one that could change everything.  This will be the last interview on Bolling’s “Follow the Money” on FBN as the show is being axed.

The show airs at 10pm Eastern. So what do you think?   Will she say “yes” or “no”?

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10 Responses to Flash: Would Sarah Palin Accept Nomination from Brokered Convention?

  1. Sue says:

    I voted no. I don't think she'd accept, however, I'd LOVE to be wrong!

  2. Batmo Beal says:

    I said "maybe", because I think it's still too early for Sarah to tip her hand, but I KNOW she really would mean YES!

  3. Linda Shepard says:

    The transcript says she would do all she could do to help. So YES.

  4. I said maybe because I don't think I could handle a straight up no or YES…remember when Sarah said something about this being an uncoventional election a while back…???…

  5. carm says:

    I voted yes. I believe Governor Palin loves this country and i feel if the people ask her to serve she will.

  6. RebinTexas says:

    I agree with several here – on the "maybe" – too soon to be so open. Yet, another part of me – knowing Sarah as We do…….wants to say Oh Yeah!!