Obama’s OMB Director Jeff Zients Caught Hiding the Truth – Video

President's New Budget Liar

Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget Director Jeffrey Zients testified before Congress on Barack Obama’s proposed budget.  House Republicans spent a good deal of time and effort trying to get a straight answer on when our budget would balance by grilling Zients on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, Zients is another Obama liar.  He has no intention of telling you when, under Barack Obama’s budget proposals, the budget would balance, because under Obama’s ludicrous budget offering, it never does.  Let me say this again.  Under Barack Obama’s budget proposals, they merely slow down the rate at which debt is accumulating, in theory, but in practice, it will not slow down since they are assuming rosy interest rates on new and existing debt, and his administration is rigging the numbers.

Here are two videos of Congressmen trying to get a straight answer from this newly-appointed Presidential Budget Liar, who will not admit on camera that the budget will never balance under these proposals.  Never.



You can take what you want from all of this, but what is clear is that Obama is not interested in upholding his oath, but instead merely running our nation into the ground in opposition to his oath.

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7 Responses to Obama’s OMB Director Jeff Zients Caught Hiding the Truth – Video

  1. Richard says:

    This is Obama's goal – to ruin the U.S. so that the government falls and he and his buddies can save the day with their type of government. I say we should try the bunch of them after Obama's term in office has finished before he gets his way!

  2. Tracy says:

    So…how much longer do we sit back and listen to these liars? Everyone and I mean everyone who has any kind of clue knows exactly what is happening.

    And the beat goes on.

  3. Brian Dani says:

    And once it's run into the ground what will he do with what is left. I would never buy a car after it was use in a destruction derby.

  4. Laurie says:

    How can you pass it if they can't get a straight answer. That guy creeps me out.

  5. I know everyone thinks of the conspiracy theory of agenda 21, New World Order, World Bank (already), World Government. But, for a minute just think about it. Nothing can happen as long as the currency of conversion internationally is the American Dollar. If the economy faulters, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Euro falls, there is too much investment by the US and will fall, too. hmm… Opportunity for the World Bank to internationally determine that the currency credits issued already by them will be the currency of the world? Don't you believe those who are ready to dismantle the economic stability of the US are ready? The dollar will not be the currency of conversion. Inflation will skyrocket as a result of our debt and printing fiat money over and over.

    Bush 1 signed Agenda 21, Clinton established the "Rural Council", O signed it also and has executive ordered many of the guidelines. (Executive Order 13575-ask yourself, why is secretary of defense, secretary of Homeland Security under the Agricultural dept?) This will give our sovereignity to world govt and world bank.. Agenda 21 has determined hand guns should be confiscated. Children's disagreements can be mediated by govt.. DCF-already now. All children have rights that supersede parental rights.. (smile) try enforcing parental rights.. you don't have any. How does that hit you? For those of you who do not believe..

    I hope I am wrong, but this July, Aug or Sept. All we need is a catastrophy, man made, riots by ows (smile) thus giving O the reason to call National Emergency. This will give him the power to delay or postpone the elections.. 4 more years.. how about more? He need another term to finish "fundamentally change" the US. Govt is in every part of our lives, work, education already.. school lunches.. How small of a regulation is needed before you recognize tyranny?

    We must get to the elections and vote this socialist with those behind him with their agenda out of office.

    Ohh.. if I come up missing. (haha) NDAA, Expatriot Act, ACTA…. am I a belligerent? The govt will define that, not common sense.

  6. It's obvious what Obama is doing with this budget as it is a reflection of his socialist agenda; he wants power, and he thinks he can sucker punch eough people into buying into his ponzy scheme of more handouts to the takers at the expense of the makers. All this will result in is bigger government, more dependency, a crippled economy, and less freedom to the individual. He shoveling BS and I'm not buying it!