Transcript Circulating Allegedly From Palin Interview With Bolling

There’s a piece on Time’s site alleging the following exchange between Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling:

BOLLING: Governor, a lot of people are saying it can’t happen. I don’t necessarily agree with them. If one of the nominees, one of the GOPers, doesn’t get enough delegates, it could go the a brokered convention.

If it does get to that and someone said, Governor, would you be interested, would you be interested?

PALIN: Well, for one, I think that it could get to that. And I — you know, if it had to — if it had to be kind of closed up today, the whole nominating process, then we would be looking at a brokered convention.

I mean nobody is quite there yet. So I think that months from now, if that’s the case, then, you know, all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country. I would — I would do whatever I could to help.

That’s — that’s fantastic.

Bolling himself reported that this was a fifteen minute interview, and this is maybe thirty seconds worth.  We don’t know yet what came before and after this brief snippet of the exchange.  What I’m suggesting is that rather than get too terribly excited about the meaning of this small piece of the alleged transcript, let us wait and see, since it’s only two hours distant until the show airs.

I can imagine many ways that this conversation could be led in, and I can imagine more ways on how it could continue. The phrase “I would — I would do whatever I could to help” could mean anything from accepting a nomination to just helping whomever would be picked in that scenario.  Let us not get too wild over this until we see the interview with out own eyes.

I would love for it to be true, but for this alleged transcript to be leaked in several places makes it seem suspicious to me. People are running wild with it, and I have little hope of changing that, but I also believe until we see the interview, we should be cautious about drawing conclusions.  I’m not trying to spoil anybody’s party, but we’ve been here before.  I’d hate to see another let-down.

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8 Responses to Transcript Circulating Allegedly From Palin Interview With Bolling

  1. RebinTexas says:

    I've been in a class all day – haven't heard any news – this was the first I heard that Sarah would be on with Bolling. So, thanks for keeping up so well for US Mark.

    I'd love for it to be true as well…….but we need to be slow and cautious, just as Sarah has been……..even as We The People keep praying.


  2. Gail says:

    I saw that interview…it is old….Months back

    • framistat says:

      I don't think this is the same interview. she appeared on The 5 last night also as a surprise guest about 15 minutes before the show ended. She said pretty much the same thing to Eric there.

  3. IwjwI says:

    Here is Eric's tweet about it. You may have to open it in a new page.
    "@ericbolling: ALERT! Palin breaking big news… the 15 minutes with Gov Sarah that may change everything.. stay tuned 10p FBN"!/ericbolling/status/

  4. smitch61 says:

    Caution yes. If true, how nice it would be to begin getting involved to call for a brokered convention. I do not believe the GOP would be silly enough to dismiss it.

  5. What I see is that American citizens really do NOT know what they want, BUT "we" are certainly out to be duped by the liberal press. In many ways, we believe what they try to cram down our throats. We need to be
    "very good" at seeing through their smokescreen, think for ourselves, and
    vote for and "believe for" whomever we really want, regardless of the press.
    Don't forget the atheist George Soros is paying the liberal press to "come down on the side" of whomever he wants to condescend any conservatives and Christians. He hates the D.O.I. and the C.O.T.U.S., and
    will do everything to destroy them. I.e., it is NOT too late, and I strongly
    believe in Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and a few others, BUT it takes
    a LOT of money to run for Presidential Office…or any public office.

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