How to Stop Barack Obama

"Resist We Much"

We are under constant attack by Barack Obama’s administration.  He is rapidly converting the United States into a vulnerable, weak nation that cannot defend itself against external threats, but polices its own people with an iron fist.  Evidence of this thesis comes from all quarters, and conservatives are placing all their hopes in the coming presidential election.  The thinking is that if only we can get the right candidate, and if only we can nominate and elect that candidate, once in office, that person will change everything.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you believe it will be so simple, you’re sadly mistaken.  This isn’t going to be easy, and it’s not going to happen without pain, but if you want to defeat Barack Obama, you will need to learn one word, and make it stick for all times, irrespective of the cost.  You must learn to say “no.”

The Obama radicals intend to overturn 230 years of liberty.  They now inspect brown-bag lunches brought to school by small children, making sure the meal complies with the Department of Health and Human Services(or Michelle Obama.)  There is only one way to defeat such a thing, and parents in the country need to find some ‘intestinal fortitude’ and take ownership over the lives of their children, as should have been the case all along.  Say “No.” Don’t send your kids to these schools.  Organize sick-outs.  Organize whatever is needed.  All you need to do to stop this is to refuse to comply with it.  Refuse.

Obamacare can be defeated in exactly the same way.  Refuse.  Refuse to buy insurance.  Refuse to pay their fines.  Refuse. The only word you need is “no,” but saying it, and sticking to it is the harder part of the chore.  Everything the leftists do requires your participation and consent.  Don’t give it.  Don’t participate.  Then their only option is to round you all up, jail you, or kill you if you decline.  Let me ask you bluntly:  Do you favor life as a slave?  That is the only option remaining if you accept their assault on your life.  I’m not suggesting you do this all tomorrow, but you should begin to prepare to do it when the government finally, inevitably arrives at that line in the sand across which you will not step.

It’s time you begin to turn this around on the leftists.  Call them what they are:  Torturers and rapists and murderers.  All they have is naked force, and they’re not as frightened of using it as you are of refusing to comply.  When people of faith are told that they must fund contraception that violates their conscience, it’s time to admit that you have nothing but a shell to lose, but with Obamacare, even that will be theoretical.  Your wallet is not yours. Your home is not yours.  Your life is not yours.  One by one, bit by bit, the radical left is taking over.  They are preparing to sweep away all constitutional constraints upon their actions.  What are you doing to prepare?  How will you resist?  These are questions that you must confront.

Here’s the dirty secret none of them wish you to know, and it’s important to your frame of mind with respect to their attack on your values, your rights, and your lives.  What the left hides from you is that in order for them to have power, you must submit.  This is not the same submission to the laws you know and respect, that merely require you not do a wrong to others.  This is a submission to aggressive laws that demand performance of some sort by you.  This is the secret.  Their attacks on you via the law require you to act.  The laws you honor merely require that you not act in ways that cause harm to others.  You do not steal, nor do you defraud others, and you certainly don’t murder.  Their laws require you to take specific measures, to act on behalf of their policy agendas, either via your wallet, or via your compliance with their demands.

Therefore, this must be your standard in measuring which laws you must continue to obey, and which have only the power over you that you give them.  I am not advocating anarchy, but instead a careful examination of laws on the basis that they either do or do not comply with the context the framers of our constitution laid down as the basis for all our laws.  Again, I am asking you to think this through because the time will come when you will need to know, and you won’t necessarily have time to think it through later, or deliberate it much.  This is your time to prepare, but the preparations mustn’t be nearly those necessary to survive off the grid, but to survive resisting the tyranny that is now unfolding.

Just as in your personal life, where you must draw clear boundaries lest others run over you, in this sense you must also know what it is you will refuse to do when the law makes demands.  A number of Catholics and others of faith are now preparing to make such a stand.  They have decided on drawing a line, and I want to warn you that some will abandon the line they have drawn, but others will refuse to walk back the boundaries they have laid down.  This is the distinction, and it comes down to the principles you hold dear.

The left lives in fear of you discovering your own power.  The left lives in dread of waking up in a world where you have learned to say “no” and mean it.  That’s it.  That’s your power.  It is born of knowing what lines you will not cross no matter their threats and their coercion.  Once you know this, there is nothing they can do to you that you cannot resist.  I do not promise you painless resistance to tyranny, but I am telling you that it can be defeated.  Start small to learn how well it works.  Learn to make a fuss.  Learn to call attention to their aggression.  Learn to scream at the top of your lungs without shame “No means NO!”  Place them in their proper frame, as murders, as rapists, and as thieves.

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  1. We have all heard of the brown bag lunch inspection and forced feeding of chicken nuggets to the 4 year old but what not so many have heard of, I think, is that yesterday in a small MN town there was a huge break out of students vomiting. Some called in sick, some had to be sent home (quickly, the school spokes person implied). A doctor on called in to comment said that these outbreaks are usually due to a food handler not washing his/her hands properly.

    What that means is the food handler had poop on his/her hands, And what that also means is that the lunch the poopie food handler makes is supposedly better then the one mom makes.

  2. Thanks, Mark.

    Solidifying your world view is very important, to know what and why you are resisting as they try to push it down your throat.

    Screaming is GOOD, and You can CALL CONGRESS. 1-202-224-3121

  3. Great article Mark.

    FYI – the Tea Party here in San Antonio is having a rally this Sat, Feb 18, for our 1st Amendment……..we are taking a stand here.

  4. Mark: EXCELLENT POST! This is what Ann Barnhardt has been advocating for a long time now. She is refusing to pay taxes since her tax money will go to fund abortion and other evils. Check out her site at She has a GREAT picture on there today.
    We must indeed RESIST the evil the left is trying to perpetrate on us! Otherwise we will be like sheep going silently to the slaughter. Stand up, America! The election will not solve the problems.

    1. Yeah…many years ago as a paper delivery boy who had to collect on Saturday mornings door to door, often I was greeted by a naked women at the door. She always paid the $.75 (that's cents) a week , after which I said "Thank you Ma'am"! Say "no"… heck…honor your elders.
      Several years later I delivered for the drug store…she never ordered Bayer aspirin.
      Now paper boys don't get to collect. All automated or by mail.
      There is nothing new under the sun. Sure, times are serious, but timeless as to consequences for those who have to endure.
      This info in case you think times are a lot different now. Culture,
      morals, tyranny, and etc.

  5. You would be horrified if you knew how many young people do not know about the haulocost or believe the lies of the left leaning teachers who say it never happened!! We must get this message to the American people that you just described "we can say NO!" we will not allow you to take over our lives and liberties inch by inch..there are more of us then them and your so right they are terrified the folks will figure out they can stand their ground and say "NO"!!

  6. Noticed that often your site is re-blogged around. Watch out or you are gonna be featured on "Attack Watch."

      1. Of course…knew you were not afraid of that attack. Actually I thought I'd heard that site was discontinued, but I saw it's still there.
        So waiting on national (patriot) organizer vs community (marxist) organizer.
        We have yet to see who it will be. ? Where are or is that one?

    1. Attack watch and the new paranoid sites set up by a desperate adm. are such a joke!! We all know Obama lies and does fuzzy math and his minions know how to spin so ….really ???

  7. Mark,

    I think we're all going to have to be as clever as St. Thomas More in resisting this new tyranny. Time to watch "A Man For All Seasons" again!

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