How the Republicans Can Win

Leading Our Leaders

There’s nothing else to say about this except that we’re in trouble.  We shouldn’t be, as Barack Obama’s war of diminution against our economy, defenses, and culture should have doomed him, particularly in the hands of able leadership.  Due to Republican ineptitude, he is turning what should have been an election more like 1980 into one much more like 1996.  That shouldn’t be possible, but it looks almost certain to be the outcome, and worst of all, as I reported on Friday evening, he may manage successfully to make enough hay over the debt ceiling to do serious damage to the GOP House majority.  We might well ask how it is that we arrived in this predicament, but looking at the onrushing elections, it’s time to think about how we can turn this around despite our ineffective Congressional leadership.  There is a way, but until we make them grasp it, we will not win this argument. If they will not lead, we must, because our nation’s future now rests in our hands.

The first thing the House of Representatives must do is to begin passing a long string of bills, all legislation that would pass muster with the American people at large, and each confined to a narrow scope of issues.  Many or even most of them can be repeal bills, striking down previously enacted bad law.  In fact, apart from such things as money already spent, they should repeal virtually everything enacted since roughly 2007.  They should begin to beat the drum about an intransigent, puppet Senate, and they should keep this up from now until the election. They should build a pile of legislation that reaches skyward, and pile it on the steps of the Capitol, showing the world what Harry Reid will not even consider.  Every day in session should be concluded with hours of special orders speeches, decrying the President’s unwillingness to lead, and Harry Reid’s unwillingness to act on legislation.  We shouldn’t be able to turn on the television without some Republican Congressman or Senator appearing on screen to criticize in indignant terms how it is that Harry Reid, and Barack Obama are harming whichever group is effected by the legislation at hand.

In short, we need the House Republicans to go to war with the left.  We need people like Allen West, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, and others of that frame out there making a holy fuss.  We need Rand Paul and Marco Rubio from the Senate out there calling attention to the miserable conduct of the Senate, and Harry Reid’s disgusting parroting of the Obama line. In other words, the whole of the Republican party should go to war, minus the useless RINOs, who live in cringing fear of the next poll, that due to their cowardice, becomes a sort of self-fulfilled prophecy of failure.

The other important thing they can do is to stay well clear of the Republican nomination fight.  Leave the primary battles for the nomination to the people. Among their number, we do not need controversies or divisions, as they should be seen as a solid line opposing the forces of Obama.  A little indignant anger is good, and they shouldn’t hesitate.  They should band together in small groups on particular bills, raising hell over the failure of the bills to move through Harry Reid’s Senate.  They should never fail to mention that this is part of the Obama-Reid strategy to deny the American people their will through legislation.  In short, this must become a Tea Party.

From now until the general election, it should be an unbroken string of repudiations of Barack Obama and Harry Reid. If Barack Obama is holding a rally in their district, they must co-opt it if they can.  They need to organize groups as large as possible to show up and jeer President Obama often and loudly.  They must do this, and you must help them.  And if they won’t do this, you must do it independently, taking  the lead in your own districts.   The consequences of this election are too dire to permit the current administration to continue.  We must take the Senate, and we must take the presidency, so our options are few if we want any chance of staving off the national disaster for which Barack Obama and the Democrats have set the stage.

In the summer of 2009, Tea Parties formed, and at various town-hall meetings, the purveyors of the President’s agenda were swamped by an avalanche of public defeats.  The YouTube recordings of their ridiculous advocates went viral and they learned that they would have to push their agenda out of reach of the public eye, and control the circumstances of their public appearances.  They brought in thugs, and when that didn’t do so well, they stopped holding town-hall meetings. Then they sent their thugs to the town-hall meetings of Republicans, but that mostly fizzled.  Bear in mind that they are keenly aware of the effect on their agenda of such events.

This is not going to be an election that can be won on any level but by the most active side.  They have an advantage, because they have mobs of people who have nothing better to do with their time, but to you goes the advantage of defending your principles and your values, and indeed your country, but also the understanding of why you fight.  Their mobs really don’t know what it is for which they are fighting, but you do.  You can see the future of your children and grandchildren in the country they’re building, and you know where it leads.

It’s time we throw off this fretting over the Republican nominee, whomever it turns out to be, and while you and I may have different preferences, we both know this fight must become more focused.  We all know what is likely to happen if we fail. It’s not a future we can accept.  Like most of you, I have substantial doubts about most of these GOP Presidential candidates, and like so many of you, I wish we could broom the lot and start from scratch, but we’re not going to be able to do so.  We are the people who know how to turn a few lemons into lemonade, and in the coming election, that is what we will be compelled to do if we want any hope of victory.

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15 Responses to How the Republicans Can Win

  1. Shawn says:

    It would be a dream if they did as you mentioned.
    Thats to easy a solution for them to figure out.
    I have beating this Drum for a very long time. The Republicans do not know how to fight and win. They alwasys bow down ansd look like fools. There isn't any leadership and there lies the problem.

  2. Rogue Rose says:

    It's time to take the role of leadership back from our inept leaders. We the People must take a very public stand. United We Stand!! Thank you for your words and insight Mark.

  3. Outstanding! I really don't know why there is not grand attention to what the house has already passed. It should be on all the networks, speeches, accusations of deliberate and real "hostage" and "terrorism" from the establishment. All the "new" repubs and those who really know why they were elected to represent "we the people" must be heard. There are so few, their numbers need to be multiplied and can not stop talking of what is going on. West, Ryan all vocal should enlist help.

  4. Gail says:

    Nan Hayworth is my distract Representative and I will support her in every way possible.. Nan is a Tea Party member.

  5. Back to the founding father's vision of America…

  6. I agree with every word written in the body of the post.

    But how can we force these Congress critters to take control of this propaganda war?

    My Representative in the House is Jim Moran (Lost cause in many ways!), and my Senators are Jim Webb, who is not running for re-election, and Mark Warner (Another lost cause and a Dem who regularly shills for Obama!).

    I've been after Moran so often that he no longer sends even a form response to my emails. And Warner sends back a scolding — nicely worded but still a scolding.

    Look, I don't mean to be so negative.

    If the Republicans don't get this show on the road ASAP, Obama is going to win. He has the bully pulpit and the complicit media on board.

  7. One of Many Patriots says:

    I think you should share this link with Rush. He'd probably read it on-air.


  9. oldtexasgal says:

    Mark – I am certain you are familiar with Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. Jenny Beth and Mark Meckler's book, "The Second American Revolution, Tea Party Patriots" was released recently. Jenny Beth was named among the top 100 most influential people in the world by Times 2010 list. I am a Tea Party Coordinator and Jenny Beth is on my email list of my most frequently emailed persons (and she does respond to emails). I can furnish you with her email address as I am certain she would respond to you and I will also forward your article to her. Again, you may perhaps already be in touch with her – she is definitely someone who is responsive to suggestions and a marvelous leader. I am certain you can respond to me as my email address is connected with my user name and I will be happy to provide you with her email address. Her website link is: and she is on Facebook. Let me know if I can help with this as your ideas are far and above any others I have seen put forth by anyone!!!!

  10. CPB says:

    Excellent post Mark! Sure wish there was a way to get this word out to the masses. Especially to the Tea Party members in the House. I do think this course of action may be our only hope. I will send a link to this article to Rush but I don't know if it'll do any good

  11. jan says:

    So is any one conveying this information to people in the House. It is one thing to talk about this strategy here, but we have to have the House on Board. The Senate is out to lunch not only due to the Democrats but also to the Rhino Republicans that we have in there. Look at the S.D. Senator Thune following Romney around as legal advisor. What does this tell you about Thune, who name has come up as a Presidential contender.