Palin Derangement Syndrome Part II: The Mania Continues

"She must be up to Something!"

I must admit that when I read the theories put forward by the PDS crowd, I always get a chuckle, because they’re like one of those bad parody movies. On the one hand, their hatred of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is maniacal, but on the other, it is just another expression of their sadly disjointed thinking.  The latest furor arises from her remarks over the last week about the possibility of a brokered convention, and all their attempts to explain it.  Of course, to a certain degree, Palin supporters  wonder about the same things, but theirs is a view with a hopeful leaning.  That’s not true of everybody who is considering the meaning of her remarks on the subject, and watching them flail is actually a bit entertaining until you remember the hatred that drives it. There’s something disturbing about the conflicted, self-contradictory theories they offer to their unsuspecting audiences, but that doesn’t deter them so much as to whip them into a frenzy. I’ll leave it to my readers to judge which is the most frighteningly insane, but the take-away is this: In leftist lunatic land, “she must be up to something.”

The first theory from the blogging space-balls is that Governor Palin is a modern day Sun Tzu, applying his maxim that “All War is deception.” In this theory the woman who they have recently demeaned as “Caribou Barbie” and other smears aimed at describing her as an airhead is instead an evil genius who has conducted a stealth campaign by which she will swoop in at the supposed brokered convention just in time to steal away with the nomination and make  her way to election day without so much as a whimper from any other would-be candidate within the Republican party.  Of course, I know many Palinistas who wish fervently that this would come to pass, but that the same liberal minds with a four-year history of portraying Palin as less than brilliant now find it suits their purposes to propose that she is instead cunning, and has been sand-bagging all along is a remarkable study in self-contradiction.  Of course, these are the same half-wits who still insist on bizarre conspiracy theories that Trig isn’t really Palin’s biological son, so logical consistency isn’t exactly their strong suit.

Yet another theory proposes that this is Governor Palin’s way of becoming relevant again, because if there was a brokered convention, she’d become a power broker in its outcome even if she wasn’t the ultimate nominee.  Of course, this manically blinded theory presupposes something that is undeniably false:  Sarah Palin is now irrelevant in this theory.  The problem with that goofy idea is that she’s not irrelevant, not now, and not recently, as her speech at CPAC demonstrated, plus her clear impact on the South Carolina primary.  We know this much:  She’s more relevant than either Nikki Haley, or Chris Christie, at least to the voters of South Carolina.  Of course, this may explain the leftists’ view of her as irrelevant, because after all, they think the voters of South Carolina are irrelevant too.  The fact that there is a legion of media that still follows in her footsteps wherever she goes offers substantial repudiation of their thesis, but that’s never enough when it comes to Sarah Palin.  No, somehow she is irrelevant against all evidence to the contrary, and she is in a constant struggle to regain it. Again, their inability to see the plain truth is more evidence of their own dubious relevance rather than telling us anything of merit about Governor Palin’s.

The last is, of course, the pièce de résistance in what can best be described as a litany of kookiness.  In this theory, Governor Palin is a stealth establishment power-broker, working to put Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels or even Paul Ryan on the throne, and she’s in league with them, and maybe even Karl Rove, and this whole push for a brokered convention is simply her way of serving her masters.  Yes, that’s it.  By this theory, not only is Palin seeking to restore her relevancy, but also a closet sell-out and puppet.  In this theory, there’s no need for her to be an evil genius directing the assault from far-away Wasilla, but instead a servant actor who will play her role as directed.  Frankly, I’m just waiting for them to throw in the Koch brothers to complete the narrative.  Taking it further, the Daily Kos actually compares  Palin and Bush to Mafia types, and in typical shrill indifference to fact, goes on a complete [il]literary bender over it.  This is what the depth of the Palin-Derangement Syndrome on the left has wrought, and it’s a frightening cacophony of the most ludicrous theories and the most convoluted psychic contortions one might ever imagine, and if we weren’t talking about the craziest of the crazies, one might expect that that with a little constructive chemistry, they might find relief, if not a cure from the madness that drives them.

This is the state of Palin Derangement Syndrome today.  It’s no less deranged, and in fact may be seeking new heights, but I’ll be damned if I can guess what their small minds will concoct next as they imagine possible motives for everything Palin has done, will do, never did, and would never do.  The truth is that this bunch doesn’t need an excuse to see Sarah Palin as the devil, the dumb-bell, the diva, and the drag-queen.  They believe she is all of these and more.  Given a little time, they will concoct some evidence to support it, too, as they look for new ways to remain relevant themselves.  One would have thought that after her October 5th announcement, they’d have concluded “our work here is done,” but apparently, they will leave no stone unturned in search of evermore deranged reasons to manufacture new anti-Palin smears. PDS is alive and well in lunatic-lefty-land, and they’re not even slightly embarrassed.

Not once, in all of their bizarre speculating do they ever consider that Governor Palin has simply said what she believes.  Instead, their malevolent small minds must imbue her with some ulterior motive, and it must be altogether crazy, evil, and/or stupid.  For me, that speaks to the questionable state of their sanity, but it also offers a clue as to their own character.

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16 Responses to Palin Derangement Syndrome Part II: The Mania Continues

  1. Much f the right too can be blamed , if we stood in force, at once, and spoke in onne voice , they would be slithering under their ricks right now.

    The right have been far, far, too tollerant of left's putrid behavior !

    • Thomas Dixon says:

      Tamara, you have a valid point in our sharing responsibility for our predicament. But, I must add that THAT'S who we are ~ trusting, loyal, 'God fearing', good people. Like our forebears, when we fight to the death, we expect a fair fight ~ a duel.

      I'm afraid the folks we're up against are none of those things. I am not just afraid, I KNOW that's who they are. And, no amount of simply standing together with one voice is going to deter them. While we believe in George Washington, their hero and mentor is Saul Alinsky.

      Mark's earlier posting (How to Stop Barack Obama) is a key to disrupting their plans. Because, as you imply, they are reptiles that cannot handle the light of day, our most dangerous enemies cannot outwardly suppress ordinary Americans acting in unordinary ways. As a result, they will become frustrated and either get heavy-handed or scramble to rearrange their planning and action.

      Our adversaries are not stupid people. Remember, George Soros and his minions have been planning this transformation since at least 1992. They will not give up nor accept defeat honorably. This is their moment and the struggle will be no-holds-barred.

      236 years ago, Thomas Paine wrote almost prophetically, "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

      Make no mistake, these people are tyrannous!

  2. Mark you just get up every morning and turn the computer on…to see what is next….there is no understanding of PDS people…

  3. Rogue Rose says:

    How can someone be both irrelevant and a power broker at the same time? PDS.

  4. carlirwin12 says:

    Sarah Palin is a politician they have never seen before, she speaks in very simple terms about truths that are hard to ignore. They are not use to that kind of politician, instead they are use to the type that talks for an hour and says nothing. Palin on the other hand gets right to the heart of a problem and she does it in a why that even a 6th grader could understand, so to them she comes off either looking like a simple idiot or a cunning politician, when the more basic truth is she is just someone who cares and has a abundance of common sense.

  5. carm says:

    Mark your article was excellent as usual. They will be at it more now with this HBO movie. They will say everything in this fiction movie is true. Thank you again for writing this.

  6. haha, you noticed that, too.. I laugh at the conspiracy theories. I wonder if they stay up nights thinking up these rediculous concoctions.. I will still say she will have immense influence on who will be elected.. even the presidency.

  7. stevethird says:

    These people will never be OK. Not through education, not through love or understanding..I'm sorry..they are just gone. Problem is they are here and they are all around us, and they have an effect on the way many think. The lunatic homosexual who verbally assaulted Bristol Palin in L.A. is exhibit A.. At present, I don't see a path toward peaceful resolution of the problems that these cultural divisions pose. It seems we can either capitulate to these grotesques or subdue them somehow. It sounds awful but sooner or later we will have to confront them, or submit to them.

  8. You would be appalled as to how many in the PDS universe still push Trig Truth. It's a cottage industry over there.

  9. bigmike says:

    They appear to be living by the laws of a different universe. A PDS diagnosis at this point is somewhat premature, in my opinion, a more accurate description might be , full blown psychosis.

  10. traci mccormick says:

    I have thought all along they trsh her because they fear her so!

  11. Steve Mims says:

    I'm waiting patiently for the day when one of the media narratives goes splat against the wall of reality. It sure would wake up a segment of the MSM-hypnotized American citizenry. I guess Global Warming is kind of getting there, but the turn didn't take place fast enough.

    Having Sarah Palin suddenly pop up as the GOP nominee, and seeing Obama go down in defeat to her would shock to their core most of the progressives in this country. The MSM would take months to recover.

    Similarly, what if some juicy info on Obama's Marxist past comes out just before the Nov election (hint hint, Breitbart)? BTW, I wonder how many Lefty computer geeks have tried opening the White House pdf of Obama's birth certificate in Adobe Illustrator?

  12. flaggman says:

    Great post, Mark. It always amazes me when leftists can't even see the contradictionsi in their own words, often in the same paragraph! For what it's worth, here's what I wrote on Jan. 4, in the comments of my post on I believe it is proving more-or-less correct:

    "If I could read those political cards she’s holding close to her chest, this is what I guess they would say: 1) she was set to run, but found the GOP establishment was rigging the game against her on many fronts; 2) she stepped out because the conventional road was all but blocked to her, but hoped to see one of the candidates in the race overcome the establishment, rally around Tea Party people and principles, and take over the race from Romney; 3) she has a Plan B on the backburner, that if no one can overcome the establishment and take over the race under Tea Party principles, she will damn the crooked primary system, jump in “sudden-and-relentless” style, and bully her way to the convention hall with the Tea Party behind her; and 4) if that fails, she’ll consider leading a “Canadian plan” after November, involving the gutting and replacing of the GOP. I think her Trump/Paul warnings to the GOP jive with this theory. Of course, this is all just fantastic speculation from the mind of an amateur Canadian observer…(but we are pretty close to Alaska up here…)"

  13. I like how she leaves them guessing and concocting the most paranoid explanations for what she does. Silly Liberals.

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