New SarahPac Video “Chords of Memory”

This new SarahPAC Video is excellent.  It’s no wonder that so many Americans wish Sarah Palin would have sought the presidency. In this video, her voice is overlaid with images of our great presidents, particularly Lincoln, and she expresses our indebtedness to them.  She also reminds us that we can restore our country, and this hopeful message is one for which Americans have been hungering.  She may not be a candidate, but her message resonates with most Americans, and it’s a message we should take to heart.

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11 Responses to New SarahPac Video “Chords of Memory”

  1. Amen, Amen, Amen. Love this woman.

  2. Stand Taker says:

    It's a bit agonizing to watch.

    I love the video and message but to be this close to the right president and yet so far away is really tough.

  3. Robert Dresden says:

    That was one of the worst edited videos I've ever seen. Hire professionals next time….

  4. j.a.agibinik says:

    Went to the blaze…..guess who wrote a piece about Sarah's new vid…..that's right, eddie scarry. Why does glenn beck have him writing for the blaze? Also, went to vote on that brokered poll at foxnews and it's gone…..can't find it or the results. The blaze, foxnews, dailycaller…..are they all taken over by RINO's? Now you have drudge throwing sludge….. Does anybody trust any of the media anymore? I was just wondering how bad Sarah beat crispy, denials, ryan, bush and who else…..the winner Sarah Palin! but, by how much……

    • Carol Cumbie says:

      Glen Beck Hired people to run the Blaze that he trust. They are the ones who Hired the others. Glen only wants the truth told. Glens new saying is the truth has no agenda. I have seen some good honest reporting on there.. Not like the left ones that is so slanted I only want the truth I can think for myself. I read the Blaze more than the other news places on line.

      • j.a.agibinik says:

        Don't get me wrong, I like Glenn Beck. I just do not understand eddie scarry. Have you read eddie scarry? I feel, though, if I have to choose between Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, it is no contest……Sarah all the way. I listen to Glenn Beck almost every day. I don't watch GBTV, but I used to watch him on Fox. I have five or six of his books, but if he is going to keep on slamming Sarah, him or his empoyees……fine. He will loose me as a listener. It's all good, loosing me won't hurt Glenn, I have enough other sites I can go to. It makes me sad though, just like how sad it is with Ann Coulter.

  5. AsilisArt says:

    No one running on the ticket is as presidential as is Sarah Palin.

  6. AsilisArt says:

    Sarah Palin indicated to Eric Boling that she will run if the race ends in a brokered convention.

  7. Pam Anderson says:

    I'd love to see a Palin/Paul ticket!

  8. Ray Rodriguez says:

    Thank her me for being True to the Constitution.