The Obama Vaca-o-thon

How the 0.000001% Lives

Forgive me if I seem upset.  I know the job of President can be stressful and taxing(and with this clown, taxing in more ways than one,) but I must ask about the tally of the Obama family vacations.  I will grant you that in the entirety of my adult life(I’m now 46,) if I include even the three-day honeymoon I took with my wife, I can come up with exactly six vacations, totaling 46 days, thus making me atypical, but sixteen in three years?  That’s living pretty well on our dime, if you ask me.  What is particularly irksome to me is that in many of these cases, the President isn’t present, so we’re paying for security for three-fourths of the first family, plus friends, relatives, and all the rest with a frequency that has become obnoxious.  Michelle Antoinette ought to give it a rest, because while I don’t begrudge her a vacation, and in fact hope she gets a life-long vacation next January, I think it’s well past time that somebody speak up about this.

I’ve done a little calculation based on the numbers made public after these trips, and I have concluded that Michelle Obama is spending more on security alone per hour than I have spent on the total of those six vacations I’ve taken over the last twenty-eight years.  That’s obscene, and any self-respecting person in that position would know it, and particularly in this crushingly bad economic condition, when we measure every gallon of fuel we’re expending, I’m betting that her travels required more in a single trip in dollars worth of fuel than most families will make in 2012.

Even when they vacation together, there’s the spectacle of taking separate planes.  Why?  Why can’t they travel together?  Why can’t they share a ride, as they extol us with the virtues of energy efficiency?  I’ll tell you what I believe: If you ever saw the cast of characters traveling in Michelle Obama’s proximity, you’d probably understand. On Air Force One?  With the press in tow?  Not a chance. Her trip to Spain alone included dozens of friends and family. Why in Hell are w paying for all of this?

As I said, I don’t mind in general, but this has gotten out of hand.  Michelle Obama’s penchant for expensive getaways is looking more like welfare by the day.  You get your foodstamps, while she jets off to exotic lands in a state of comfort and security that 99.9999999% of us will never know.  She’s not the 1%.  She’s the 0.00000001%, and not because of anything she’s done.  Her name was on no ballot.  Sure, she probably helped get a few votes here or there, but nobody was voting to make Michelle Obama the Queen, at least as far as I know.

It would be better if she focused on her vegetable garden, or something that requires no more travel than her own two feet can do, apart from her travels with the President.  This is an obscene waste of tax-payer dollars, and if she wasn’t another lefty elitist, she’d have some idea of how offensive this really is to tax-payers like me.

In November, we’re going to have to clip her wings a bit, or at least issue her tickets with expiration dates.  This has gone from tasteless to absurd.



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10 Responses to The Obama Vaca-o-thon

  1. Marlin Rice says:

    Let's send them on a permanent vacation. :D

  2. The Obamas are the personification of "It's our turn now, and to hell with you peons."

  3. traci mccormick says:

    She has no idea she has no class ….but yes the rest of us are offended by her and her extravagances! When she is in town her regular perties and entertaining is not cheap either. But can count on one hand how many times in 3 years she took her kids to church & she was so concerned about them living a normal life?

  4. joe says:

    So much blather. Just start posting actual MONEY SPENT. That will more than provide people to take action.

    Talk is cheap…. goes nowhere….just gripe. If you want action, post some actual MONEY SPENT….

    Do even more…you talk about family vacations… then compare the cost of several "typical" family vacation costs with the First Family vacation costs.

    Money talks… bull**** walks

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Well Joe, keep on walking.

      • joe says:

        Hmmm… sounds like I just called your bluff. Show me the money…. where are the facts regarding how much money they spent? I'm not asking for YOUR vacation money spent. I'm with you.. us 'little people' know how little money we have to spend on vacations.

        Any travel company has figures on how much a 'typical family' will spend on vacations…. including if the travel is by car, rail, plane. Shouldn't be hard to do the research and quote their statistics

  5. mrfixit says:

    Reblogged this on Minority Rights Advocate and commented:
    Do as they say, not as they do. The arrogance is over the top!