Ron Paul Won’t Touch Romney in Debate – Now We Know Why

Like Father Like Son?

It’s all coming down to this:  Ron Paul is staying in this race in order to assist Romney, because he wants his son to be on the Presidential ticket with Mitt Romney.  As he travels around stumping on the basis of his limited government position, all he’s really angling for his to get his son on the ticket with the most liberal candidate in this race.   I wonder if the people who are supporting Ron Paul know this, because if not, they’re in for a big surprise.  I’ve never seen such a thing.  Talk about opposites:  Ron Paul wants Mitt Romney because he’s considering his son for the VP slot, but the problem is that the only way he can do that is to defeat Rick Santorum, and in tonight’s debate on CNN, the elder Paul had every chance to criticize Romney, but he didn’t, and instead spent his time hammering Santorum.  This is not a coincidence, as the article linked about makes plain.

I like many of the things Ron Paul stands for in the domestic arena, but the problem is that I now know he’s a shill candidate, and it’s been increasingly clear for some time.  This is a sell-out of the first order because irrespective of whether the younger Paul is on the ticket, the problem remains:  Romney can’t win, but even if he did, Rand Paul will be nearly powerless to effect policy changes, and virtually none of Ron Paul’s positions will be adopted.  If Ron Paul’s supporters are willing to stand for that, frankly, I don’t know what to make of them any longer.  Romney’s presidency would be the antithesis of everything Ron Paul has advocated.

At the conclusion of the debate on CNN, Anderson Cooper came on as the stage emptied of the candidates, and I watched with interest as Mitt Romney got up and directly went to shake Ron Paul’s hand and exchange a few words with him.  He should have kissed his backside instead, as Paul never failed to attack Rick Santorum throughout.

Now that I better understand Ron Paul’s actual agenda, it’s easier to walk away from him. He may be willing to settle for a campaign that ends with getting his Senator son on the Mitt Romney ticket, but I certainly am not.  This is why people become so frustrated with politics:  Politicians sell them out while soliciting their donations, and broker behind-the-scenes deals for the sake of personal expedience.  Unreal.

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  1. Ben says:

    Are you crazy? Ron Paul may be a terrible campaigner, but he is nothing if not honest, and he is honestly seeking the presidency. If you agree with his message of liberty, small government, and peace, then vote for him. If you want a big-government Obama-clone, vote for any of the other candidates.

    • Dave says:

      Asolutely correct!

    • idahogal says:

      You got it Ben. The author of the article is the shill for Santorum. The fact is, Paul recognizes that if he's not going to be the nominee, his best way to impact policy in America is to work with Romney. I doubt Rand will be the v.p. choice, but Ron Paul could land in a Romney administration which would be amazing. I admire Santorum for many of his personal convictions, but for those of us who are socially libertarian he is not an appealing candidate and there is no doubt that he has stood on the side of big government time and again. Romney, in my opinion, will be more likely to stick to constitutional principles than Santorum will.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        AHAHAHAHAHAA… Idaho, I take it this it your first trip here? Santorum is not my preferred candidate of those remaining. Shill for Santorum? Hardly. I just know a smear-job when I see one. Every regular reader of this blog knows by now that my first choice of those remaining is Newt Gingrich. I've said so openly, although long-time readers also know my preferred candidate never entered this race. I defended Herman Cain too. I defended Rick Perry a time or two. The point is that your willingness to support the author of Romneycare is directly contrary to your notion about that same candidate's willingness to abide by the constitution.

      • Carol M says:

        Why do these Santorum folks expect Ron Paul to pay for all the anti-Romney ads , the leeches….? Because they would look like total hypocrites going after Romney for doing the same thing Santorum does — that's why. Only Paul has the credibility to make the attacks with any integrity, and they know it. Well, Ron Paul isn't in this race to win it for Santorum, so Santorum will have to make his own ads and pay for them himself. Paul will take care of Romney when the time is right for his own campaign.

      • Carol M says:

        Perhaps what I should have said below was, " Why do these Santorum AND Gingrich folks expect Ron Paul to pay for all the anti-Romney ads, the leeches….? Because they would look like total hypocrites going after Romney for doing the same things they have done — that’s why. What it comes down to is that they need Paul to tear down Romney from the angles of integrity that they don't have — so they can then rush in to claim an undeserved benefit. Sorry, but no dice. If Santorum and Gingrich can't best Romney on their own merits, why on earth should Paul help them…? He'll take on Romney when it works best for his own campaign, not Santorum's or Gingrich's campaigns….

    • Poor, poor Ben…can't see the forest for the trees…I too wondered about Ron Paul and his silence regarding Romney…Mind you, I have no dog in the race ( I plan to vote for the last guy standing)…so my mind is not cluttered with expectations on any one candidate. So, it is in this frame of mind that I contemplate Ron Paul's behavior and indeed, it appears that he is shilling for Mittens. What a shame….oh well, ABO 2012.

  2. C.A. Bamford says:

    I don't know, Mark. I don't think anyone is going to run two white guys on their ticket. I think the hot veep candidates will be people like Susanah Martinez, Rubio, or West (my fav) to appeal to a wider demographics.

    I think Newt did very well in the debate tonight, and Romney was fairly strong, but Santorum faltered a bit.

  3. Lew says:

    Don't go sinking your ship so soon.
    The political strategy is to take out the opponent above you until its one on one. once its one on one the real issues come up and its clear who the real choice should be.

  4. Xander says:

    Interesting development. I recall reading an article not too long ago about how Ron Paul and Mitt Romney seemed to be acting rather friendly towards each other, but I didn't think it amounted to anything at the time.

    I'll have to catch up on the debate since I missed it, but if it played out the way you described then I'm certainly very disappointed in Ron Paul. I've never been a supporter of his but I at least recognized his integrity and consistency, both of which now seem to be lessened in his dealings with a man who lacks either quality nearly altogether. Business as usual, I suppose.

    At the very least we're getting to see his true colors in a manner vibrant enough that his followers will have difficulty muddling the canvas.

    • anth says:

      Dont buy this… its a lod of garbage. I would post up a better reason for the attacks on Santorum but they will just take them down because its a complete discredit to this authors theories and he already took down my last comment because it puts into perspective this article is a conspiracy theory.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        "they will just take them down"??? Who do you suppose is "they?" There is no "they". There is only "me," and I get around to approving comments as time permits. Really, grow up, eh? It's because of people like you that I first implemented approval to begin with. And by "people like you," I mean Ron Paul supporters who could not refrain from senseless attacks on me or more frequently, the others commenting here who happened to disagree. I don't delete comments unless they are profanity-laced and/or attack others. I even try to clean up SOME profanity if I think the comment salvageable. Of course, some people can't be persuaded to civility. This blog is up 24 hours. I sleep roughly 4 or 5 per night. I eat. I work. I tend to my farm. Yeah, you may have to wait a minute or ten. Sorry.

  5. I think this is a stretch, but interesting theory. I will say that the first person Ron Paul interacted with on stage after the debate was actually Santorum himself – not Mitt Romney.

    I highly doubt Rand Paul will be on the VP ticket with Romney – although that would be very interesting. We'll see how it unfolds and I'll be sure to give you kudos if that happens.

  6. Dave says:

    I can see how you might believe the article you read. I know it's hard to trust anyone when all of the others have been proven to be liars or have flip-flopped on their positions so many times, but Ron Paul has been consistent and principled for the past 30+ years. As far as I can tell he has never been caught in a lie, and I was as jaded as you. I believe Paul is not attacking Romney like the others because it is not a good strategy to win. Let the others tear at Romney and each other while Paul stays on message and quietly collects more and more delagates. Everyone says there is no chance he'll win the nomination, and with the corruption running rampant in the GOP, that might be true. But if they play by their own rules, Ron Paul has a decent chance at winning the most delegates. If there is a brokered convention, all bets are off. There are Paulites becoming delegates all over the place just in case that happens. The paulites are very smart and very motivated. It would be unwise to underestimate them.

  7. anth says:

    Oh yeah… because when looking at ron paul's record this is the way he does business. Unfortunately history is against your conspiracy theories. Right at the conclusion there was also a vigorous handshake to Santorum. Throughout the race there has always been talk and respectful exchange between candidates afterward. They differ on opinions, but they are still people. However this is the first time Santorum has made it in the hot seat both Paul and Romney strategically need Santorum gone. Paul attacks all 3 other members but goes for Frothy mixture because 1. Santorum is grabbing Paul's planned caucus state's straw polls and 2. because Romney is getting the moderates… Santorum is where to steal votes. and Romney simply is threatened by Santorum… Both Romney and Paul know when it comes to the actual nomination the delegate race is between the both of them and Santorum is a pawn they both want out for there own reasons. Not some Rand Paul conspiracy. Did this even occur too you in your secret spy co-op mission mind. Paul is against the FED and big banks… Romney is for em'… Nuff said.

    • dnr says:

      "frothy mixture"? Mark, this comment begs to be deleted. Please google "Santorum" if you need to follow up on this disgusting reference.

  8. anth says:

    What did you do with my comment????

  9. anth says:

    I cant believe you deleted my comment. there was nothing wrong with it? or did it make this article seem to ludicrous??

  10. anth says:

    no curses, no attacks. just my version of campaign strategies that made a lot more sense… cool.

  11. anth says:

    Thank you for putting it back up. I just wanted to make sure the comment section was left fair. I retract all other comments about you being unfair.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Anth, Here's your problem: You apparently don't understand the way this works. You post a comment, and when I get around to approving them, they get approved. I am not responsible for what your browser caches, or how frequently it refreshes/reloads. Nobody deleted anything. Perhaps you can start over. Maybe: "Hi!, my name is Anth, and I'm a recovering conspiracy theorist…" Or whatever. Now as to your original criticism of this article, yes, we all know Ron Paul is in this to get delegates as a bargaining tool. For what will he bargain? He won't win the nomination. What else is there to get? A candidate seeks delegates despite a campaign that is not succeeding in order to have the bargaining chip, so what is it that's he's bargaining for? Well?

  12. mytorpor says:

    There has clearly never been a path to the nomination for Ron Paul. It has become crystal clear that he is simply collecting as many delegates as he can, hoping for a brokered convention. He will then use those delegates to buy whatever it is he can…a big speech? VP for his son? I don't know, but it has also become clear to me that he believes Romney will be the nominee, but he won't totally alienate Santorum or Gingrich just in case he needs to negotiate with them. Ron Paul has been a very ineffective politician for decades and he understand this is his last hope for leaving behind some kind of memorable mark on history. Should any one candidate win enough delegates for the nomination, RP and his delegates become irrelevant.

  13. Greg says:

    I really do not think this theory is such a stretch as many here have suggested. As for what Romney has to offer, it could be a VP slot for his son or it could also be a cabinet position such as Treasury. I for one do not trust Ron Paul as I have observed through many of the debates his blatant and obvious avoidance of doing any damage to or making any criticisms of Romney. The tag team performance tonight was very telling and this was not the first time it has happened in the debates.

  14. Don Dillon says:

    ron paul is a loon, plain and simple. He will NEVER get the nomination, and he MUST know that, so why is he staying in? Mark put forth a THEORY here, which means it has not been proven one way or the other, and his theory is just as good as any other theory, so get off his back!

    There is some circumstantial evidence for this theory, however. I must admit that I have been wondering myself why paul goes after santorum so much, but leaves mittens alone! Even when mittens was the front runner, he left him alone. Ditto when Newt was the front runner. He consistently went after santorum! WHY?

    This theory may or may not explain the reason(s) why, and we may never know the real reason(s) why, but you have to admit, it is a very strange way to try and win a primary! I would think if I wanted to win, I wouldn't worry about the other "also rans," but I'd go after the front runner! That leaves the question: why did paul go after santorum , even long before his recent surge?? Explain that one, and maybe Mark will revise his theory!

  15. Thomas Dixon says:

    Great analysis, Mark ~ as usual. One thing gets me, though. I understand Ron Paul supporters about as well as I comprehend Progressives' line of logic. They speak well and most times they respond with civility. But, hit their hot button and all H*ll breaks loose. Then, they start hammering away on the electronics as if text messaging ~ zip, zap – zip, zap.

    It's as if they're just waiting for someone to demean their candidate, and they simply won't have it! Whatever happened to open-minded conversation? I mean, like possibly accepting the fact that one might learn something from the viewpoint of another.

    I'm an old guy. I learn something new every day. I actually look forward to it 'cause I reason that it makes me smarter. And I truly tire of arguing with folks who won't even entertain possibility that another point of view might be equally valid as theirs.

    That's how I find dyed-in-the-wool Ron Paul supporters. They'll exchange complex ideas with you; they might even politely offer a concession or two. But, imply that their seven-term Representative might succumb to political maneuvers or less-than-admirable tactics and ~ WHAM ~ one gets the full force and pillory of a frontal attack with 'Malaguena' blaring from trumpets.

    Just an observation from an American patriot.

    • Sue Green says:

      I could not have said it better, you hit the nail on the head. I am also one of those "older" people who feel blessed to learn something NEW EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!

  16. Laurie says:

    I have never figured out why he stays, so I am willing to entertain any idea. The only thing is that Romney's foreign policy is soo far from Pauls, would Paul really want to have Romney in there just to get his kid in?? We shall see.
    To you Paul supporters,,,what has he done while in congress. To me,, he is a complainer not a doer. He is always bashing America, others, but what serious, detailed ideas does he have. I have yet to hear any. Which goes along with his do nothing congressional record.
    Of the 620 bills that Paul had sponsored through December 2011, over a period of more than 22 years in Congress, only one had been signed into law — a lifetime success rate of less than 0.3%. The sole measure authored by Paul that was ultimately enacted allowed for a federal customhouse to be sold to a local historic preservation society (H.R. 2121 in 2009).

    • juneau says:

      I would like to see the % successes of other Congressional members before passing judgment on RP's success. Could be that other members of Congress have sponsored ONLY legislation they are assured with be passed; rather than focusing on sponsoring PRINCIPLED legislation. And perhaps, the legislation he sponsors is so constitutionally "radical" that our "elected representatives" can't support it — it would undermine the growth of the federal government and return it to its constitutional foundation. And that wouldn't be very good for the majority of them. No, I think it's exceptional that RP sponsored 600+ pieces of legislation (RP at work) and revealing that nearly all of them failed (the rest of Congress at work). After all, RP keeps getting elected by the people, doesn't he?

  17. Linked at my rag:

    Lack of Skill and Composure Lead to Unsurprising Santorum Face-Plant in Crucial Phoenix Debate

  18. Evin A says:

    I think all of you conspiracy seekers are confusing mutual respect with political aid. Ron & Mitt have known each other longer than the other GOP's as well as their wives have been good friends for a while now. I have heard both men point out negatives about the other in debates and interviews. You will always find what your looking for so if its a conspiracy theory about Rand you want, you will find it. Even IF and thats a BIG IF Rand were to VP for Romney, why is this Ron Pauls problem. I think we all know Rand is no Ron and passing the buck isn't going to help. Ron Paul has been nothing but honest and consistent since before I was even born so to say he is changing his strategy this late in the game and this late in his life is complete BS. I have heard way too much media and pundits saying the same thing you are, but when was the last time the media and pundits did not have a political agenda and were actually honest?

  19. digitalPimple says:

    right on. I though the same thing watching the debate. Paul is making back room deals with Mitt for his son. There is no reason he should not be going after Mitt the front runner when Mitt is the polar oppisite of him.

    Paul lost any support I had for him at all. And his son. Done with them for sure.

  20. Ready Depot says:

    This is drawing conclusions from MSM. That, in itself, makes one question its credibility. Has anyone asked, "Why would Ron Paul, after many nomination runs, now cozy up to Mitt Romney?" To help his son? I would think that Ron Paul, of all people, understands personal responsibility and that his son must also make his own way. You can call Ron Paul a shill all you want, but you are drawing your conclusions from questionable, agenda-driven sources. I have said before regarding this subject, Ron Paul is attacking those who have the closest constituency to his own and removing the threat. People supporting Santorum and Newt will most likely run to Paul, not to Romney. This is a SMART strategy to WIN; not a sly strategy for a few crumbs in the end. I still don't buy it, Mark, and until I see it with my OWN eyes, not through the filter of the MSM, I won't be convinced.

  21. Jack Spring says:

    I worked for Mitt's campaign in 2008 and know him and his staff, and I can tell you Gov Romney is adverse to deal-making and believes strongly that the process must play out to ensure the will of the electorate emerges. Even if Romney picked Rand Paul in an honest choice after considering his options, how is that bad for America? I supposed Rand Paul would energize the Tea Party and capture his father's votes, and shore up any questions about Romney's pro-life or conservative stance on various issues. Is that choice a home run? Probably not. Obviously Rubio helps much more to bring in Tea Party, Florida, the South, and Hispanics, to say nothing of the fact that he's Catholic, and surely could satisfy the rigors of the office of the Presidency if called to do so. You should at least try to verify the truth of this story with several sources, if this is meant to be a serious piece of jounralism. Did you ask Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, or Ron Paul if they will deny it?
    If it's fiction you're interested in, feel free to pick up a copy of my new novel, "The Rapture of Darkness," which suggests who could become President and Vice-President … it's frankly more plausible than your imaginative work!

  22. eric says:

    This author has as much credibility as some drunk on the corner.

  23. s ramsey says:

    Most likely has first hand knowledge of the way Santorum operates and wants to make sure he (Santorum) is NOT the nominee! You could tell last night that he totally disapproves of the way Congress operates, Santorum and Gingrich are part of it (well "were" before they either Quit or got voted out) Everyone surely agrees Ron Paul is a patriot…and wants what is best for the people….and if he doesn't win, then he wants Romney as the nominee…smart guy!

  24. tnwahm says:

    The only problem with this theory ~and I agree with it~ is that most Paul supporters that I've encountered are rabid in their support for Paul. They declare that they will ONLY vote for Paul in November whether he's the Repub nominee or not. I asked a friend of mine this morning about it and he said that Romney and Paul were so far apart politically that he couldn't see it happening and that he would ONLY vote for Paul in November.

  25. Sue Green says:

    If this is true, then he should be under investigation already. Put SOME HEAT on the PRESS ansd get him booted out of congress. We do not need or deserve that kind of action from our elected leaders. PLEASE START THIS YEAR AND DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF ANY OF THE DO NOTHING INCUMBENTS ON 2012's sitting congress!!!

  26. Steve Mims says:

    I agree that this supposition is completely delusional. Ron Paul has been consistently pro-freedom and libertarian for decades. He's not about to ditch everything he believes in and has believed in for his entire life just to give his son a leg up in office. It's just ridiculous.

    If he's going after Santorum more, it is because Rick is picking up Tea Party votes that should be going for Ron Paul. Obviously big-government supporters are never going to be converted to Ron Paul's side, so he has to go after the other non-Romney's and try to differentiate them from himself.

  27. Deb in Texas says:

    It just shows that Paul can be bought and sold like anybody else. So much for being Mr. Constitution. Tho all fair in love and war he seems to skirt around the Constitution when it comes to favor himself personally or otherwise. He can't seem to play games fairly which this will be the SECOND bully tactic he is using to gain political favor. The first one was having his supporters steal the delegates for him. Shameful man! But of course his supporters will never see it!