Barack Obama IS NOT Incompetent

It’s No Accident

I have listened to Republicans discussing Barack Obama’s various policy failures, and I have noticed a trend.  Among Republican moderates, there is a tendency to say that Barack Obama is clueless, and that “he just doesn’t get it.”  This willingness to permit him to claim “good intentions” is a farce.  Genuine conservatives examine the policies of Barack Obama, and will subsequently conclude the ugly truth, and it isn’t that Obama is incompetent. Instead, they see in his action a clear and unambiguous malevolence that should not be hidden behind a facade of mere incapacity for the job.  Barack Obama’s policies are designed to damage and diminish the United States, and pretending he’s merely a bumbling dolt doesn’t address the gravity of our national situation.  I understand well why the RINO set does this, but it’s time for somebody to speak up in candid opposition.  Among the remaining candidates, only two show any willingness to do so, and from my point of view, this disqualifies any who won’t.

Mitt Romney says “Obama is in over his head.”  That’s pure nonsense.  Barack Obama hasn’t issued executive orders and regulations of the sort we have seen from his administration because he’s “in over his head.”  The ban on drilling had nothing to do with his intelligence or capacity to govern, just as the Keystone XL pipeline decision was not born of simple incompetence.  These were carefully calculated decisions that are intended to reduce the amount of oil available to the market, with at least two goals, both designed to weaken our country and burden its people, thus wrecking their lives.

Barack Obama wasn’t acting out of incompetence when he imposed a healthcare system and attending regulations that will force Catholics to buy insurance that will include contraception coverage to which  they are opposed as a matter of conscience.  He wasn’t acting out of a lack of knowledge when he was handing out cash from the public trough to purveyors of the “Green jobs” scam typified by Solyndra.  These were things undertaken not as a matter of his inability to “get it,” or because he was “in over his head,” but because he intended to punish people of faith and reward his slimy friends, respectively.

The President didn’t mistakenly negotiate a deal that provided for dramatic cuts of our national defense.  He knew this would be the ultimate outcome, and he tasked his party in both Houses of Congress to help him make sure this would indeed happen.  He wasn’t acting out of a naive indifference to our strategic defense capabilities when he agreed to provide the Russians with our missile defense secrets, and he wasn’t incapable of seeing the danger involved in fomenting the so-called “Arab Spring” that now stands on the verge of becoming and Islamic winter.  He wasn’t unaware of the Green Revolution in Iran that stood in opposition to Ahmedinejad, but he did nothing to even offer those people a bit of hope until almost three years after it was all over.  He wasn’t acting from a state of professional ignorance when he pulled our troops out of Iraq, because he had been told what would eventuate as a result.  None of these things were done because Obama had been incompetent, but because he is too competent in damaging our country.

His willingness to give away a number of oil-rich Alaskan islands to the Russians isn’t a matter of incompetence either, and as former Senate candidate Joe Miller made clear, there’s nothing we’re getting out of this deal except a kick in the behind.  It wasn’t mere lack of experience that leads him to disarm the United States of its strategic nuclear weapons.  It’s not a matter of being in over his head that makes him respond to the demands of Soros while ignoring the will of the American people in his legislative agenda.  It’s not his “good intentions” that are at work in any of this, because in point of fact, it cannot be demonstrated that he has any intentions but the malevolent.

Gingrich and Santorum both managed to point this out in varying ways in the debate on CNN on Wednesday night, but the problem is that Romney is still playing patty-cakes with Obama, and offers Obama the cover of “good intentions,” and “incompetence.”  Barack Obama is not incompetent.  The policies he’s pursued have but one over-arching goal, and it’s perfectly honest to anybody who rejects blinders in the matter: He is damaging and diminishing the United States by every method available, from defense to debt; from energy to liberty; in law and regulation.  This man who occupies the office of the President is methodically deconstructing the United States, its historical prosperity and vitality, and leaving in its place shrinking, dying industries and rotting cities, along with a people nearly unable to fend for themselves.

This isn’t accidental.  This isn’t because he’s hapless.  Republicans should stop pretending that Obama is anything but a malevolent creature if they want my support.  I cannot accept the useless oratory of Mitt Romney who will not speak of that which is obvious in the nation all around us.  That sort of timid, tepid, morally rudderless and non-judgmental rhetoric does nothing to fix the problem because it hides from the eyes of the American people how awful Barack Obama’s willfully, purposefully chosen courses of action have been.   I have no more patience for candidates who will not state the obvious:  Barack Obama is openly harming the country, and he’s not incompetent at all.  Instead, he’s damnably good at it, and any candidate who cannot say this will not get my support.  It’s time for them to find the courage to speak the truth about our President, and all the awful implications of his actions.

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26 Responses to Barack Obama IS NOT Incompetent

  1. carlirwin12 says:

    Mark this is why I have said over and over that the people we have running now cannot beat this guy, they do not understand the nature of the animal they are hunting.

  2. Brenda Ward says:

    Excellent article, thanks for writing it.

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Nice long commentary of situation. To get to point. about present administration and POTUS,,.Joe Wilson, South Carolina,…"you lie"!

  4. Dave says:

    Are you just now figuring this out? This is old news. Beck and Rush have been saying this for a couple of years now. It is patently obvious to the most casual observer. Our candidates and a good many of the pundits continue to pussy-foot around because they don't want to "offend" those who supported Obummer and are now regretting their decision. There is the perception that we Americans just cant handle the ugly truth. Don't tell the patient he has cancer, and unless he does something drastic he will die. No, tell him that everything is just peachy and we just need to make a few minor adjustments. The truth is that Americans are sick of being lied to. They are hungering for the truth and anyone who has the courage to say it. And, it takes considerable courage, because the media and the government will beat you down if you say anything. What they are not taking into consideration is that we don't care what the media says anymore. Being attacked by them is becoming a badge of honor.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      No Dave, I've said it many times in many ways. The problem is the crowd of bootlickers who will not

      • Dave says:


        Sorry, I know you have. I was making a point. This is not new, and anyone who has listened with any objectivity knows it is true. When Joe Wilson said "you lie" during the SOTU, he got bashed by his own party and was forced to appologize. No appology was necessary. He was just stating an obvious fact! I find it hard to even listen to anything Obummer says because I know everything he says is a lie or a deception. His contempt for this country and its people are obvious and that is what makes patriots angry.

  5. Tracy says:

    Courage.? I laugh. They have too much to lose if they show courage and tell the truth. It's beyond disgusting that they would sell out their country for what little bit of power that they have. I just cannot bring myself to watch the debates knowing that they refuse to talk about what's really going on. Even reading your article just fills me with frustration and rage. Why, why , why can't people open their eyes and see what's right in front of them. It hurts to see the truth but I would rather live in pain in the light than to live in denial in the dark.

    Thank you, Mark. Excellent writing.

  6. dnr says:

    Again, spot on. Obama may be a narcissistic pantywaist, but he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. The "incompetent" meme is the ruse his people employ to push through his destructive agenda. I believe it is a deliberate facade, and it is working for him (them).

  7. HiramHawk says:

    Thank you Mark…
    Malevolent is the most precise and accurate description of the Obama Administration that I have heard to date.

  8. joe says:

    That's more like it, Mark….. There are more than a bunch of us who have been saying this for more than a year….

  9. whammy says:

    would someone explain to me WHY our military is letting omslim commit treason against this country, didn't they take an oath to uphold the constituation he is committing treason and no one cares are all republicans and our military brain dead or are they all in in taking our country down

    • Dave says:

      Sadly, there are plenty in the ranks of our military who are more worried about their prospects for promotion than upholding their oath of office. In order to move up the ranks, it is common policy not to rock the boat.

  10. KC says:

    He IS a clueless ideologue. Anyone that still believes in Marxism as much as he does is.

    But yes, he DOES know what he is doing. He is implementing that failed ideology as fast as he can. Prepared to be very scared at how fast he tries to do this between now and Jan 2013.

    • Dave says:

      I don't think he is a clueless ideologue. I think he truly hates this country and the people in it. That is why he is so intent on distrying it. If he was clueless, even a moron would know, by now, that his policies have failed and that it is time to try something else. Yet he continues down the same destructive course at breakneck speed. It's almost as if he's in a race to destroy America before he is voted out of office (sarcasm intended).

  11. CPB says:

    And the sheeple continue to vote for him because he continues to feed them mailbox checks. Isn't this how Communists gain power and control of a country? Yep – that's the hope and change they all voted for.

  12. traci mccormick says:

    wELL finally…i think this is the 1st time i have seen this spelled out as it really is people have a hard time wrapping their head around it but this is axactly what is happening right before our eyes and nobody is stopping him!! The rich think they won't be hurt by this …the young are too involved with nonsense and the few like Beck that try to warn are called names and laughed at by the MSM who is covering for this total destruction of our country………….it's insane

  13. audri says:

    Totally agree. I've heard a few courageous statements ,,, now and then,,, here and there,,, You think they'd keep them alive… continue saying them again and again…( like they do their talking points.)

  14. There have been many of us, including Mark who have said this many times. O is a very intelligent person with soo much money behind him. It is finally they believe they do not have to hide any longer. Money backers and his fellowship see this, believe those who would fight against this agenda to socialize the US and ignore the Constitution are not strong enough or vocal enough to make much of a difference in their agenda. It almost seems this way too.

    How many people do you discuss points like this and just see eyes glaze over or look like a deer in the headlights. This election in November is truely the most important in our lifetimes. If he gets another 4 years, It will take decades to change the direction we are going. I tell everyone that will listen to me. I believe there has been maybe 4 who truely understand in the last few years. Most I know are so involved in their lives, work, family and just choose to ignore or not be involved. This O and his backers count on.

    Those here and even the organizations.. 9-12, Teaparty, Agenders against Agenda 21… they know, but swelling the ranks is difficult. I try, and will continue each day. I print, show videos, talk and discuss with anyone I can sit still and listen.

    This is what we must do… get to the elections.. This I wonder sometimes if we will. Any crisis, any attack on US soil… How does national emergency sound? This will be the final straw to close down what little transparency there is in our govt.. and, total govt control. I hate to think of the future executive orders…with our "patriotic attorney general" having total control of the internet, communications, transportations.. gives me chills.

  15. cathy says:

    I have listened to Newt Gingrich express these same opinions about "O" for months in speeches and debates. "Saul Alinsky radical", "anti American", "destroying our country", "most dangerous president in American history". He is the only one who says that this administration refuses to say "radical Islam" and they refuse to tell the American people the truth. He has been the only one I've heard say anything like that about "O" and his posse. He's taken alot of heat for it too but continues to tell the truth and that is why he has my support.

  16. Xander says:

    Great post, Mark.

    I've spent three years watching people express blind optimism or polite disagreement regarding this man's intentions, and it is simultaneously frustrating and frightening that some would be willing to downplay his actions on the grounds that they allegedly stem from incompetence rather than the desire to intentionally undermine the strength of our nation.

    Even if it were the case that President Obama is simply a bumbling idiot with no sense of consequence, his policies have still proven destructive and he should be rebelled against with as much fervor as one would have mustered had he announced his intentions outright (because, apparently, stating his desire to "fundamentally change this country" wasn't clear enough for some).

    • MarkAmerica says:


      Glad to see you're still here. I won't bother you with the reply to one of your comments that I had deleted yesterday. Some people are out of their minds. You're quite right: His intentions have been clear all along. Treating him with kid gloves simply won't pass muster with me.

  17. Mark,
    From what I have seen, I fear we may be in some trouble. YOU obviously get it. I saw that right away which is why I have removed myself from half a dozen email lists and I am now using you as an information filter (that's not Mark Abuse, is it?) – you sure do seem to have your finger on the pulse of America- the Real America.

    I believe that on the other end of Obumo's Blackberry we would find a gaggle of Marxists, including but not limited to, The Center for American NO-Progress, The "Drowning American in the Commie" Tides Foundation, The Apollo (Fabian Socialist) Alliance, and George "I just wanna be a Happy NAZI kid again" Soros.

    No, Obimbo is NOT stupid, but he IS warped – VERY badly warped. His parents (if you can call them that) destroyed any chance he had of normalcy and a real education ("the Little Red Schoolhouse" indeed). He never knew as a child what our nation was really about, and in the direction he is going, he may very well find out that the bulk of his Marxist buddies still want Marget Sanger's dreams to come true, and he will find himself eliminated as one of the "inferior" humans who are "dragging the species down," as Margie "Death-Angel" Sanger and the Crash Test Dummies put it (the former meant it, while the latter used the phrase mockingly, of course).
    I have tried SO hard to educate people (one of them, my own brother), but the progressives have been so efficient at re-writing history and making up a "NEW" basic storyline, that it is a difficult job, at best. The union socialists have dumbed-down our children so badly… that sometimes I just put my head in my hands in a gesture of utter depression.

    If you run across a Sanger book – GET IT – SAVE IT – HIDE IT, because the left has been destroying them as fast as they find them for years (especially a 1st printing! Frankly, I read that she sold so few that most actually are 1st run – none wanted them then, and only preservers of the truth, or the LIARS of the Left want them now). God forbid anyone find out what Planned "Kill-an-inferior-baby" Parenthood was (and still seems may be) about.

    The software is making progress, but software has a mind of its own (a lot of work). It will be there soon. Keep up the "good fight," Mark. And to think that after reading 1984 in jr. high, I laughed and said to myself, "that could never happen to us – not in the U.S.A." …
    Oh, I guess I should just shut up and go take take my SOMA… eh?

  18. Becky Raby says:

    From a common person like me, I can't stand to even look at his face on TV, I turn the station when I he comes on. Thats sad, because you should want to see him, and look for his guidence, and know he's doing all he can do to help ' US ' , the American people, his people, to help keep us safe and help better our lives. He is NOT for our country and helping our people. He is for distroying our country. I can't, to save me, understand why anyone would have helped put him into the highest office. As far as I am concerned, he can't out fast enough! Think of the damage he can do in ten more months, it's scary! I worry for my children and my grand children, what kind of life he is making for them and their future. He has nothing to worry about—a place to live, lack of money to pay his bills, food in his stomach, doctor's for his children—nothing! Why is he in the highest office in our country? We need to get him out before he totally ruins our country. He should be leading Iran or one of those country's, he's doing it from over here in America anyway. He's trying to feed us to the dog's, and doing a darn good job of it. We may have to take it now, but come 2013, my husband and i will be the first to the polls to vote him out!!! Just hope he hasn't done us in by then. He recently apologized to Iran, while costing the lives of two of our soldiers. Would you apologize to someone, if they slapped your Mother? Was the Koran worth the lives of our two boy's. We need a President who is 'FOR' us, not 'AGAINST' us. Anyone who is on social security would have to be plum goofy to vote for him again after him taking our two years of cost of living raises away from us. He sent us "old people" a letter saying, sorry nothing went up this year, so NO increase on your checks. Thank's to him, EVERY THING WENT UP! Look at our gas prices, and they will be over 5.00 a gallon, by the time he is out—please help vote him out, for America's sake!!!

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