Obama Makes Appeal on the Basis of Race

Cynical Appeal

This should be a Saturday Night Live skit.  Here we have the President of the United States making a purely race-based appeal to African-Americans in support of his campaign.  The whole notion of identity politics is bad enough, but to see that he’s actually launched this in order to support his campaign speaks to a sort of twisted sickness that is the root of our national problem:  This video is divisive by virtue of its very existence.  The sad part is that with a liberal media backing him, nobody will question this.  I can’t believe the United States has fallen to the point where somebody like Barack Obama can make this sort of appeal and nobody will even remark on the underlying sick nature of his proposition.  African-Americans should vote for him because he’s African-American.  That’s the message. Watch:

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15 Responses to Obama Makes Appeal on the Basis of Race

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    Please help me start "Whites Against Romney"… (joking)

    The irony is that 96% of all registered blacks voted for him in '08. I don't think he needs to start a club for them.

  2. traci mccormick says:

    His campaign lies keep piling up as he said he would be the great uniter!! Lets hope in the general the airwaves are flooded with his old promises and lies and his own words bring him down

  3. Gail says:

    That Marxist makes me sick…Lies lies lies

  4. dnr says:

    African, yes. American, no.

  5. Laurie says:

    He is the racist,,,he makes me sick. And any black that votes for him because of the color of his skin is racist too. What has he done for blacks??

  6. CPB says:

    Go watch this video on YouTube and read the comments following it. VERY scary what BHO supporters are saying. The only Republican singled out (negatively) is Romney. Either that's the only one they are hearing about (I don't care about the poor, etc.) or the've been told that he is the "inevitable" nominee (or both). We are in for a really nasty contest in the fall – no matter who is up against Obama.

  7. This is so disgusting! He is so divisive and has nothing to run on except the color of his skin – no character! And all that fair share, fair shake, well 50% of Americans, black, white, what have you, don't pay any taxes – THAT IS NOT FAIR!

  8. MaryL says:

    I think the picture on the page caused my computer to have a virus, or me a sick stomach! Can't stand to see or hear the b**#$%%d!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mrfixit says:

    So, if we had a video of Euro Americans for Romney, or Italian Americans for Santorum or any other race based support group for ANY white guy it would be…. Racist – because it is racist. So what we have here is undeniable proof that Obama is in fact a racist. He started a racist organization.
    Any as Mark says the media won’t point this out, because, they too are racists! They hired Al Sharpton, a racist. So there we have it. Our nation and media are a bunch of racists, led by people that spent their lives crying about us being a racist country, and now they are in charge, and it seems that is very clearly true at this point, but they are racist against the majority, and the very people that fought racism against them… How very ironic.

    • sogmeister says:

      I think your last line …"the very people that fought racism against them…" is a key fact that should be brought up in arguments this fall.

  10. mrfixit says:

    Reblogged this on Minority Rights Advocate and commented:
    If you start a racist organization, would that make you a racist? Well, Obama did just that! Media is silent, even Fox…. Why?

  11. Who is doing the video focused on the white women in this country? I'm feeling kinda left out!! :-(

    And get out of my boudior – it's creepy!!

  12. Questionman says:

    Thanks for proving my point, Clots like these retards appear to demonize efforts to make Obama look like a traitor. Do they pause to consider this, or simply rush in blind for the opportunity to throw this president under a train?
    What kind of a man uses this term?

    I think people that end up using racist terms are, for the most part, uneducated and ignorant…aside from the obvious, racists.
    They are usually close-minded.
    They inherited this mindset from their uneducated, unenlightened parents.
    Kind of hypocritical that that Obama’s leadership is demonize, Ok…but should people who voted for Bush twice *really* consider themselves credible judges of effective leadership?
    Obvious, they just want a racist, bigoted white president who is a hard-core Christian who spews hate about religions NOT dominated by bigots like him and start wars like a crazy….Wait, even though he wasn’t a racist, bigot; we already had a president like that
    They do not have the ability to feel empathy or sympathy…essentially sociopaths.

    Even though you appear to be an old man in failing health, it is never too late to open your mind and your heart, and change the way you live and see the world and interact with others.

    And show some respect to President Barack Hussein Obama…he is the PRESIDENT OF THE U. S. and A.
    OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS CAUGHT ON OBAMA'S watch, not on the watch of George Walter Bush, the WORST President in U.S. history…please doesn’t give me that crap about “earning respect”. Bush didn’t earn my respect, but he was my President and I respected him none the less.
    What Marxist policies are now in place and what means of production are owned wholly by the government?
    As usual, anyone who calls Obama a Marxist is an uneducated, lying racist. I guess that means you!
    Obama is NOT a Muslim; he is an OPPORTUNIST, period. He's proven this fact quite well over the past several years.
    how many times have you been told that you are the personification of racism and bigotry and when will it sink in?
    Yes, you should be, you traitor. Show some respect, you racist, bigot scum!

  13. eyetooth tom says:

    If he races like he plays basketball…lose. Ran track myself in junior high…lost every time. So appeal to me on basis of my race…lost.