Occupy Wall Street’s Newest Member: Mitt Romney (Video)

Mitt Occupies Arizona

This is absurd and ridiculous.  Here we have candidate Mitt Romney doing his best Barack Obama imitation, but Ron Paul won’t take the slightest swipe at him in a debate?  I’m sorry, but this sort of class-warfare rhetoric has no business in a Republican nomination fight, and to hear this from the mouth of Romney tells me all I really need to know.  He doesn’t want the 1% to get the same charitable deductions and home mortgage deductions as “middle-class” Americans?  I have a question for Governor Romney, who is unwilling to make the logical or moral argument for keeping one’s wealth:

Why not, Mitt?  Why are you ashamed of your wealth?  Why are you afraid to claim a right to your property and wealth?  Why does greater wealth imply a lesser claim to it?  This is bizarre and absurd, and it’s another reason the Republican party should never nominate this self-defeating fool. He’s already ceding the argument to Barack Obama. If he’s willing to go this far now, what will he do if he gets the nomination?  Grovel?  Will he openly apologize for his personal fortune?  Will he apologize for the fortunes of others?  This man doesn’t deserve to keep his own wealth, because he doesn’t know how to logically defend it against jackals.

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This is despicable.  Mitt Romney should be ashamed.


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5 Responses to Occupy Wall Street’s Newest Member: Mitt Romney (Video)

  1. Dave says:


    Just another of literally thousands of examples why this guy should not be the nominee. What a Casper Milk Toast. He is an example of the "wussification" of America. A real man would not appologize for his success.

  2. dnr says:

    Maybe he is ashamed because his wealth was not legitimately earned. Not ashamed enough to give back the $$, though, I notice.

  3. Mr. Romney is the obvious choice of the Cronies for the Republican nomination and the personification of their strategy to win the 2012 election before the Spring Equinox. The strategy is to pick both the Republican & Democratic nominees. If Mr. Romney wins the Republican nomination the cronies won the 2012 election regardless of the election results.

    Of course, if Mr. Romney clinches the Republican nomination the puppet press will attack him; just as they did McCain in 2008, even though the winner of such a contest is irrelevant the illusion of a contest must be maintained.

    If Mr. Romney were to suddenly embrace capitalism and repudiate a lifelong policy of supporting cronyism, would you believe him? http://commonsense21c.com/EPILOGUE.html

  4. Eric says:

    Mitts almost as big a spoof on the American citizen as Obama has been.

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