About Obama’s Travel Costs…

Travel In Style!

There are those who insist that we need the dollars and cents to fully grasp what this President’s jet-setting ways are costing us, and how much he’s putting on our national tab as he flies here and there.  We won’t know the full extent of the costs, but we can begin to get an idea when we consider only the hourly operational costs of Air Force One, the President’s own plane.  The cost per hour to operate the VC-25(a modified Boeing 747 airframe) is $179,750.00 according to ABC News, and while they admit that this doesn’t include the crew, since they’re military and would be paid in any case, it doesn’t even speak to the advance teams of Secret Service, the cargo planes that haul the presidential limousines, or any of the other costs.  In a short trip to Florida, the cost exceeded $674,000 just for Air Force One.

In this time of crushing deficits, and economic hardships, it’s hard to understand how he justifies this as he’s using the plane as his primary transportation for campaign fund-raising.  Has this guy ever heard of a teleconference?  We can do those things now, you know.

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3 Responses to About Obama’s Travel Costs…

  1. joe says:

    Good start, Mark. Must be someone out there with the time and calculator to tab the total costs of this Welfare Family President. It is a great newsworthy info as the election draws closer.

    Every time we little people have to pay for Personal Transportation costs, Personal food costs….those two daily costs that have at least doubled in the last 3 years…. it is a Reminder that we struggle to live within our Personal budget.

    This daily Personal financial accounting is probably the best 'wake up call' to those folks who still don't get it.

    We actually have at least 3 enemy groups to OUTVOTE…
    1. Those 47% (or so) who don't pay taxes and want to maintain that status.
    2. Those 45% (or so) who exist primarily on entitlement programs.
    3. Those ? % who will loyally vote for OB regardless.

    Even if you must 'hold your nose' (some folks actually say that)… it is still a better choice than staying home and not voting.

  2. Shawn S says:

    FREELOADER IN CHIEF!! This man has not spent any time in the Whitehouse trying to save this country or doing his Job he was hired for. He didn't put any bills of his own forward to submit to the house for passage. He left it up to Nancy the Scarecrow to put together.

    He has been campaigning since 2009 and has taken so many vacations you can't keep track. His wife is also a freeloader. 60 friends to Spain at the tax payers expense. Her Mother living in the Whitehouse free of charge. All the food you can eat and wine you can drink. Parties with campaign donors and he thinks he is a movie star one day and a rock star the next. Oh and now a singer.

    This man and his Family are Freeloaders. I for one can't wait any longer for him to be thrown out on his ass.

    $4 Million for vacation in Hawaii. Wife travels 2 to 4 hours before him with seperate Airforce 2 plane to same destination he is going to. No one says a word. Not the Lame Stream Meida. Oh No.

    I wish this election was today. The sooner we get this Low Life out of office the better.


    This country can be saved today by someone with experience, Someone who has done it before. Someone who believes in the American Dream. Who believes in Americans. That person is Newt Gingrich.

    What do you Think?

    Fighting the Fight!!

    Shawn S

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Pic in article…looks like if O turned around…might see undies. Get to see such all the time on streets around here. Actually several criminals caught by law enforcement because they could'n't run too fast that way.
    Hope it's briefs (one term), not boxers (rematch and 10 round bout).
    Maybe it's our money in his wallet for trips that makes his pants look like they are sagging. See "sagging" on google if you've not seen such.