Migration Complete…Tinkering: Not So Much

Good evening to all!

I’ve successfully migrated the data from the WordPress.com site, and I am now going to begin to work out the bugs and so on. I thank you for your patience, and I hope you will join in again as I get back to posting content soon.

There will be other modifications coming, but this was an important first step I had to take in order to get the functions everybody wants.

Let’s see if this new home was worth the trouble…

Thanks to all!


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5 Responses to Migration Complete…Tinkering: Not So Much

  1. mark4america says:


  2. lemonv says:

    testing if you want a test, Mark.

  3. Rogue Rose says:

    OOoooo… I like it here. Very nice.

  4. TexasVet says:

    Looks good Mark but different. Looked good before Mark. You may have to explain what the important changes are to the un-techies.
    def. un-techie, was technically inclined, not so much anymore. technology advances faster than learning.

    • mark4america says:

      TexasVet, the real differences are mostly behind the scenes at the moment. The comment system is changing, and a few other things. See my latest post(Attention Subscribers and Followers) for more details.