Attention Subscribers and Followers!

Almost Finished

As the site migration completes, one of the things that doesn’t easily migrate are the subscribers via email, and all the followers via Twitter, Facebook, and Some have asked why this was necessary, and the answer is simple: The blog has outgrown its WordPress.Com home, and while the site will still use the same basic WordPress engine, it won’t suffer from some of the limitations we’ve experienced. I had intended to bring you a live stream of GrizzlyFest, along with a chat engine, but due to the limitations of, I was unable to do so. The same has been true of other live, streaming events I might have presented. In short, the new site will offer flexibility not present in the old one.

I’ve successfully migrated all of the comments, and I’ve actually converted them over to a comment system with that looks like it will do a better job, so by all means, go by there if you like and register for that comment service. It’s pretty nifty, and one of the things I will be able to do is reach out to some users of long-standing to help me moderate comments if they’re interested. (I can’t be everywhere 24×7 and still get sleep, and after the last few days, I need some.)

I invite you to come by the new site, and if you’re an email subscriber, please use the sidebar subscription field to join the new site. I apologize for the bother. If you’re a blog follower, you can also register for the new site, and in fact, this option is open to anybody:

Register for the new site Here! One of the benefits of registration is that I may be making certain “Extras” available to registered users that will not be available to the public.

Thank you all for being so patient. There are still a few small bugs being worked out, but I think I’ll have those fixed in short order.


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7 Responses to Attention Subscribers and Followers!

  1. Sue says:

    Mark … As I thought, it says I'm already registered, and I am, but you're still seeing me as not. What am I doing wrong …

  2. Kara says:

    Hi Mark – HillBuzz just did a post about their issues with intense debate. I thought you might be interested in reading about it and maybe looking into what the issues are. Hope this heads up helps. Good luck with the new site!

    • markamerica says:

      Kara, This was the most important comment of the day. I had been looking at some disparities between what was showing up, and what was not, and for now, I have reverted back to the original comments system. Hopefully, we didn’t lose too many in the process, and I don’t think so, because I wound up finding a few more to approve.

  3. Gail says:

    Checking Checking

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