A Little Tutorial on Obamacare – Video

Mandates Galore

We’ve heard a good bit about what the 2,700 pages of Obamacare holds in store for the American people, but I’m not sure you will have known all of these details.  This video is astonishingly detailed, and if you haven’t seen it before, taking the ten minutes necessary to view it will certainly be an eye-opening affair for those of you who’ve not seen this.  Suffice it to say that if this isn’t repealed, we’re going to lose all of our liberties, and with it, the entire country.   Take the time to watch this.  If you weren’t worried about healthcare before, you will be afterwards:


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4 Responses to A Little Tutorial on Obamacare – Video

  1. framistat says:

    Way worse than I thought…The question now is will the sheeple continue to ignore this?

  2. TheresaAK says:

    Mark …you are a Great Patriot…

  3. Are pasting it to my other visits, which are many…Way to go Mark and Thank You, your hard work and sacrifices are truly noted :) When Nancy Pelosi said arrogantly, that we had to pass this bill to see what was within it, I truthfully, felt her cold dead hands on a sacred part of my person. Watching this, and learning that I didn’t even know the 1/10TH of it, I relived that sinking feeling all over again. This administration is sick to it’s core, we are in a coma, and it’s time we best wake up, it’s time we take them, off life support, and abort them!

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