Pam Bondi Admits It: Romney Will Push Romneycare

A Job in Mind

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said a mouth-full in an interview with Greta Van Susteren On the Record. She effectively admitted that Mitt Romney will only seek to repeal such parts of Obamacare as are in conflict with his own ideas, so that we’ll see a push for Romneycare nationwide. She makes several dishonest arguments, but one thing that is certain is that she already believes she has a job lined up in a Romney Administration. After all, she helped deliver the critical Florida primary. After all, where would Romney be now if he had lost in Florida?  Voters in Michigan and Arizona beware!  Romney is who so many have suspected all along: A big-government liberal from Massachusetts.  Watch the video here:


It’s bad enough to be ruled by Barack Obama and his friends in the Democrat party and throughout the far-left establishment, but to find that Republicans have the same notions is simply despicable, and here, Bondi confirms it.  While she pretends this is a states’ rights issue, it’s nothing of the sort.  This isn’t about federalism, but about the nature of one’s right to one’s life and liberty.  To attempt to push this line explains why Romney wouldn’t back away from Romneycare, and used the same poorly-formed argument to excuse it:  He intends this for all of us.

Rather than talking for two weeks about contraception, perhaps we should have been spending a little more time vetting Romneycare and Mitt’s intentions, but then again, maybe mis-direction has been the point.

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5 Responses to Pam Bondi Admits It: Romney Will Push Romneycare

  1. donpurser says:

    This is a test comment.

  2. It sure didn’t take this woman telling me what I and millions of others already knew, and that’s the problem with politicians, they take us for damn fools and play school children. Newt will win this election and that’s a fact. And I hope Allen West accepts his offer to be his running mate, oh, knowing Newt, he has already talked to Allen, and knowing Allen, he won’t say one way or the other till the timing is right? Well, it is a something I wished for?

  3. Hay Mark, wonderful job your doing Brother. Keep well and slam em in here, big boys don’t cry! :)

  4. Soggy says:

    I’m sure you guys/gals are more politically astute than I, but I didn’t hear Pam saying She and Mitt will be instituting Romneycare, per se, but that they will be making health care changes, and I think that will be done by whichever ‘new’ president we have. Isn’t that the idea, to reform the current (pre-Obamacare) system to be more efficient, allowing more insurance competition, etc, etc? I don’t particularly care where they find the ‘pieces’ (Obama, Romney, any other ‘care’ plan), as long as it isn’t single payer, with hidden fees/taxes, and over 2000 pages long!! But it should be just Federal recommendations, passed to the states to manage on their own. Any agreement here?

  5. Soggy says:

    Oh….btw…..I’m a Newt supporter………