Romney: “I Want to Maintain the Progressivity”

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Mitt Romney doesn’t seem able to help himself.  Every time he’s given an opportunity to distance himself from his progressive politics, he sidesteps it and goes on to reinforce the view of him as a liberal Republican.  Let’s stop kidding ourselves about all of these claims that he’s really a conservative.  He’s not.  He wasn’t a conservative when he ran to the left of Teddy Kennedy in his attempt to capture the US Senate seat in 1994, and he wasn’t a conservative when he ran center-left in his gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts in 2002, and he wasn’t a conservative in his governance there.  There is no evidence by which to conclude this cat has changed his stripes, and I have lost patience with all of the excuse-makers who pretend that Mitt Romney is a conservative.

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Whether it’s Romneycare, or his willingness to pander to leftists on the question of the “progressivity” of the income tax, Mitt Romney is no conservative, and he isn’t fit to serve as a Republican president.  Perhaps he should reconsider and run on the Democrat side, and challenge Obama for that party’s nomination, because he certainly seems better suited to it.  I don’t think we should send another big-government liberal to replace the one we have.  Rather than just changing teams, it’s as though it’s the same old team:  The party of Big Government.

It’s true that he wants to cut taxes, but his plan entails all the usual gimmicks that phase in entitlement reforms long after it will matter.  Talk about cutting the rate of growth in benefits, or delaying benefit eligibility by raising the Social Security retirement age is simply more pie-in-the-sky nonsense to which we will never be witness, because by the time it will go into effect, even if Romney won and served eight years, few of those changes will have been implemented, and in the mean time, we will see our country continue to slide into the pit of indebtedness.

We can’t afford any more big-government liberals, whether they have a “D” or an “R” next to their names, and what Romney is offering here is more tinkering around the edges that will do just a little to stimulate economic growth, but will continue to borrow at an unabridged rate, and what we will get as a result is another lost decade, and perhaps the death of the Republic.  At best, Romney promises to undertake actions and implement policies that will act to slow our decline, but that’s all he’s really offering.  I remain unimpressed, and the fact that he’s neck-and-neck with Santorum in his home state of Michigan demonstrates that many conservatives agree.  Mitt Romney is no conservative, and his unwillingness to make even the moral argument for eliminating progressivity in the income tax system says all  I need to know about what sort of president he will be.

Romney’s good for only one thing, and that’s “minding the store,” but what he won’t do is to improve its efficiency, or do anything to stave off bankruptcy.  He’ll keep things going because that’s all he knows how to do, but he lacks the passion and vision, and frankly, the philosophical clarity to lead the country away from the brink of disaster.

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6 Responses to Romney: “I Want to Maintain the Progressivity”

  1. Dnr_ls says:

    Good idea for him to challenge Obama as a (D).  But he won’t.  He’d rather be called a progressive liberal than a rrrraaacist.

  2. FishyGov says:

    I like Romney because he makes me laugh almost as much as Biden does with his fake Indian — from India — accent. Just as McCain claimed to be a Progressive and a Conservative Romney is jumping into the mold of the modern Progressive Conservative. Something I like to call the Oxymoron Political Party. 

    Although Romney claims to be a severely conservative, McCain is a demonstrable squishy secure southern border conservative who extends the carrot of his path-to-citizenship approach to keep it secure. Let’s hope those who cross the border illegally, work using fake ids and use other peoples Social Security numbers don’t run for national office and then pass laws of the land. That consequence of McCain’s “Comprehensive Immigration Law” probably went unseen by him. In the Presidential Primary debate — held in Mesa AZ — Romney criticized Santorum’s history of voting for bills that contained earmarks but Santorum’s vote for the bill that included Romney’s requested earmark for the Salt Lake City Olympics was okay.Not much was said about inconsistency for or against earmarks after that debate. I found it politically ironic that he condemned the practice while praising it in the same sentence.If elected Romney will follow in the tradition of the word parsing former President Bill Clinton, word assassinating and creating George W. Bush and the current “just words” Barrack H. Obama.  

  3. I’m going to be honest, his policies though erroneously insane, as a christian, I just can’t vote for him, his personal faith is a right he has to believe and I won’t stifle that, it’s his right given by our Constitution, and so do I, of mine. They claim Yeshua came down in 1830 to restore the Church, adding on to YHWHs holy scripture, when Yeshua was sacrifice to restore mans relationship with his Father YHWH, which being born again gifts us with salvation. The restoration of the church, is the Church Yeshua sets up within those who believe and accept him, not the Mormon church. How then is it, that it’s my ignorance or is wrongful of me, to state his faith as reason to why I won’t vote for him? Don’t I have that right as well?  Rohm is dangerous, his policies Liberal, his faith crowding and controlling, and his heart filled with lies. And I beg Christians to see the same, it’s all there in the open to those who seek the truth, as well as those who are blind to it…

  4. gwspfan says:

    He can not even keep his lies straight anymore.

  5. Mimspam says:

    The man is a dipstick, and he’s winning the nomination.  So sad.

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