Mitt Wins Home State

He's Smiling - Are You?

Mitt Romney won handily in Arizona on Tuesday, and managed to pull off a narrow victory in Michigan.  While some are again saying “it’s all over,” I disagree with that view.  Romney would have done more for himself had he won Michigan as handily as Arizona, and this makes it anything but a deal-closer, with Super Tuesday only a week away, and Ohio being the biggest prize on the day.  He is trailing in Ohio, with Santorum in front, and there’s still a good chance that this goes all the way to the convention.  Romney doesn’t need to win, but win big, and he’s simply not getting the level of support from conservatives.

Conservatives remain unimpressed with Romney, and every time he gets the chance to stick his foot in his mouth where conservatives are concerned, he seems to bite down with zest.  This leaves us with a problem, however, and there’s really no way around it: The broad conservative base doesn’t trust Romney, and even if he is the eventual nominee, or somehow manages to win the presidency, it’s going to be with a minimum of conservative support.  While many conservatives are saying they will support him if he is the nominee, it’s said in the form of a shrug.  That will make for an uphill fight in the general election, and it’s not a position in which conservatives had hoped to find themselves only a year ago.

Romney’s record is spotty at best, and conservatives know it.  The conservative base has flirted with supporting a string of candidates as an alternative to Romney, but the truth is that they haven’t settled on one who they can support with the fervor they need to win at the polls. If this continues, Romney will wind up as the nominee, and if so, it will be a difficult campaign that will take on the appearance of going through the motions among conservatives.  As many have noted, there’s simply no reason to be excited about Romney, and if he’s what we’re stuck with in November, we may well lose.

I realize many are unhappy with the situation, but the truth is the truth.  If Super Tuesday comes and goes, and Romney is able to win the lion’s share of primaries, it may well be close to over.  The problem is, most conservatives aren’t thrilled at the prospect, but they’re not doing anything to demonstrate the ability to defeat him consistently.  They have jumped from one to the other to the next in perfect unison with the media talking points, and the only conservative who bucked the attempt to destroy him at all was Newt Gingrich, but only because it took more than one attempt.  If Gingrich doesn’t perform well on Super Tuesday, it’s hard to see how he goes on. While it’s still an open question as to who will be the nominee, the window of opportunity is closing.  We’re running out of time to mount a serious challenge to Romney, and Santorum is the top dog at the moment in that pursuit, but I’m not sure he’s the right one.  We have little time to rethink this, or face the prospects of a Romney candidacy, and a like second term for Obama.

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3 Responses to Mitt Wins Home State

  1. Don Dillon says:

    I hate, I mean REALLY HATE, that we are in this position.  

    What is wrong with people who can’t see right through mittens?  Are they blind?  Deaf?  Or just plain DUMB?  

    There is only ONE man who can take on ovomit and wipe the floor with him at the debates, and unless we ALL get behind him, and NOW, rather than later, we will be dooming ourselves and our nation to four more years of ovomit’s master plan to destroy America.  

    If you don’t care about yourself or your future, think of your children or your grandchildren!  Do you REALLY want them asking you someday WHY you just stood by and watched America DIE, or worse, WHY did you contribute to her death by NOT voting for the only man who could have saved her?  

    This is REAL people!  It’s NOT a game.  If we don’t defeat ovomit with someone who will actually CHANGE things, rather than putting in someone who is really just ovomit light, or worse, letting ovomit have another four years, we are DONE!

    PLEASE give NEWT your vote before it’s too late!

  2. FishyGov says:

    I’m a registered voter in Arizona but I was not allowed to vote in last nights closed Republican primary. You may or may not being asking yourself, “Why the Hell not?”

    Although I’m a registered voter, I’m registered but I do not belong to any political party. Therefore my opinion is not sot after by either the Republican or Democratic Party’s and my vote will not be counted in any general election cycle primary. 

    In the voter registration form I check the “Other” box and my County Recorders office informed me of my Not-Affiliated designation. I think of myself as an “Independent” voter so it was a bit upsetting when I learned that I was a “Non”.

    As of February 22nd there were over 1 million “Other” “Non” voters in Arizona. That’s approximately 33% of the current registered voters in Arizona. These voters independent from the destructive Republican and Democratic party’s will be instrumental in the election of the next President of the United States of America.

    If only we could find a candidate from our “Other” “Non” Party. 

  3. Risingbutterfly says:

    Obama has a ton of baggage, he has a horrid record on the economy, yet people are still willing to vote for him. Newt is electable, quit believing what they say! He is only unelectable if people don’t get out and vote for him.

    Quit believing what the elites on both sides, and the MSM are trying to shove down our throats and get other voters to really look at what Newt has to say about fixing this country. He has the experience to do it and the guts to take back it up.

    Some say they wouldn’t vote for Newt because of his stand on illegal immigration. If that is all they have against him they better rethink who they want to run this country because if Obama gets a second term illegal immigration will be the least of our worries.

    Romney is not going to repeal Obamacare no matter what he says today, and sadly it seems Santorum just keeps putting his foot in his mouth lately. Especially over hot button issues they are baiting him with to make him look like he will take over women’s rights. They backed him into a corner over the birth control issue and it will be his downfall with a lot of women voters.

    I think people really underestimate Newt’s ability to get elected in the general election and in doing so are going to throw away a good candidate. Perfect no, but a good leader none the less.