The Dissolution of the Social Compact

Is America Breaking Down?

On Tuesday evening, Mark Levin posed a question on his radio show that bears serious consideration by we conservatives, and I think it’s time we discuss it.  It’s not a matter of winning any longer, but whether we can stave off disaster.  What Levin wondered aloud was whether our nation might be saved at all. He asked if it is too late, because there are too few people remaining who will oppose the advance of statism.  Are we too few?  Is it too late?  Is the America we had known doomed?  If so, what will we have instead?  Our Republic stands on the brink of collapse, and the question we now face is what we can do about it.  The signs are all around us: If we don’t turn things around in 2012, it may be that we never will.

Identifying the problem we face is simple, and it’s really what Alexis de Tocqueville proposed when he wrote Democracy In America.  Among all of the other important and prescient things he warned, these may have been the two we should have etched in stone on the steps of Congress, and on every class-room door in the country:

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

That helps to describe our predicament, and this punctuates it:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

Our nation is now just more than 200 years on from the adoption of our current constitution, and it seems that the cause of Tocqueville’s warning is being realized before our eyes.  Barack Obama is effectively a dictator, overturning laws by failing to enforce them, and by promulgating regulations that have no legal basis in authority under our Constitution.  Our people, a majority of them, live substantially by taking from others, and those who produce their living have been indoctrinated to supine servitude.  This isn’t the nation of our founding, and our current president’s enmity to the constitution to which he has sworn an oath demonstrates our dire situation.  Many judges no longer see any reason to restrain themselves to the content or context of the laws on the basis of which they’re allegedly ruling, and they reach out to international case law for precedents that conflict with our own constitution.  Under these conditions, our Republic cannot survive, much less flourish, and we are headed for darkness.

Part of what my professional life entails is the process of evaluating threats and vulnerabilities, and projecting organization capabilities for confronting them.  Applying that technique to our current situation, for individuals who consider themselves conservative, never mind libertarian, I think we’re going to see a revolution of radical statists, and I believe this has been the aim of George Soros and his pack of radical cohorts.  Our options are going to be just three, and you had better begin to consider them:

  • Submit – Accept the country is going to become a radical socialist state complete with a police-state front
  • Flee – Leave the country in search of friendly shores that will accept you
  • Fight – Take up arms against it, risking life, limb, and property

These aren’t pleasant options, no matter which we consider, but let’s look at them.  To submit would mean to maintain immediate physical safety, but it also means giving up virtually all personal sovereignty.  I’m not cut out for this option, because I’m not one who respects claims of arbitrary authority over my life, or the way in which I choose to live it.  I’m not one who abides by theft, whether carried out by a hoodlum in a darkened alleyway, or in the open by a federal bureaucrat.  I don’t accept the idea that my life, liberty, and property are rightly subject to the aggression of other men, whether alone, or as a mob.  This means that for me, I’m not inclined to submit, but every person will be forced to make their own choices.  I fear too many will lie down in order to avoid harm, because in point of fact, the last century has been a progression of this sort of incremental surrender.

I don’t wish to surrender my country.  I’m not the sort to flee from tyranny, although I must admit that I’ve done so before.  I live out in the country precisely because I could not abide the growing tyranny in a municipality that orders its residents to have so many shrubs, so many trees, and what sort of decorations they can place on their own properties.  I could not abide it, so I moved a short way out of the city, and in a matter of a decade, that city annexed properties quickly advancing upon me.  At that point, I moved my family and my horses to an even more remote locale, and set up the farm where I expect that I will find some peace for the remainder of my days.  This won’t be the case, however, if the federal government becomes the sort of coercive police state that leftists desire.  There will be no escape to the country, and the only choice will be to flee the country altogether.

As I’ve reported, there have been some people, including filmmaker James Cameron who have fled to New Zealand, but the problem for most of us is that few can afford that move, and countries like New Zealand are smart enough to refuse easy immigration.  Where then shall we go?  The geographical isolation that has served America as a protection promises to serve now as a prison.  Canada?  Mexico?  These are our choices, and neither looks very promising to most Americans.  I can’t imagine that Mexico will offer much promise, and Canada won’t absorb us all.  In my view, this sort of flight isn’t feasible for me, or for most Americans, which then brings us along to the option nobody wants to consider.

Fighting a counter-revolution is a deadly affair, particularly when the power of government is in the hands of the revolutionaries.  From the outset, they will have command of the entire military, the police, and indeed, the entire array of government institutions, and since the media serves the revolution in most important ways, they’ve already created a willing propaganda arm.  They control the horizontal and the vertical, so communications will become an impossibility.  How do you wage a war against such a force?  How is it possible to win?  There is a very good reason that peoples the world over flee from or submit to large scale national social tyrannies:  These are easier than fighting.  These pose less danger.

What sort of country have ours become that we must even consider the revolutionary tyranny that is now creeping toward us, gathering inertia?  I do not wish to seem as though I’m a doomsayer, but the truth is that we’re in very real national distress.  Across the vast expanses of this country, there are probably fewer than one in six who I would consider committed patriots who believe we should maintain this republic as framed by our constitution, but still fewer who are willing to fight to preserve it.  I doubt we could must five million patriots who would step forward and take up arms in defense of the republic, and make war against the people who have slowly usurped our system of government.

I am not asking or urging anybody to do anything, except think.  I’d like you to consider the meaning of all of these things, and what you are willing to do to preserve what we all claim to love so dearly.  Is our liberty to be abandoned without a fight?  Is our freedom really to be eclipsed in this generation?  Why are we going on quietly about our lives?  The Tea Party was launched with the intention of creating a push-back, but the Tea Party has been largely silent in the last year.   The problem is that without some rallying cry, we’re sliding more quickly toward the national catastrophe that now awaits in the gaping maw of the social welfare police-state.  The other problem faced by those who would be inclined to fight if it comes to it is that we don’t have a single bright line for the trigger for a fight.  What is that trigger?  What is the thing that if the government undertakes, we would immediately respond with war?

This reminds me of the story of Wyatt Earp standing down a mob:  “Sure, you’ll get me in a rush, but who wants to be first?”  This is a question nobody likes to consider, because nobody wants to be first.  Perhaps that will change, and perhaps it’s not yet as bad as that implies, but at some point, we’ll reach that climax at the pace in which we’re now rushing toward tyranny.  All I’m suggesting to my fellow Americans is that now is the time to think these things through.  What will we do in defense of our constitution when those sworn to uphold it decide instead to set it aside?  What will be that condition under which we will no longer abide the transgressions?  It’s easy to make brave oaths, today in the shrinking protection our liberties provide, but if our social compact is to be dissolved, it will no longer be a matter of oaths but instead a course of actions that we must consider.


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14 Responses to The Dissolution of the Social Compact

  1. Carlirwin32 says:

    you left out one point Mark that I feel is important, these kinds of take overs that socialist engineer are not a beat you over the head type take over. Instead they are slow and eroding on the host society so that over time one morning you wake up and to late and your freedom is gone.

  2. Phyllis R says:

    Very sobering thoughts Mark.

    I would ask one thing, the background stripes make it very hard for these old eyes to read your words.  Thank you.

  3. Risingbutterfly says:

     I think there are plenty of us awake and willing to fight because we know
    what we stand to lose. But, the generations after us have been lulled
    into a sleep of apathy with shiny toys and freebies.

    I keep trying to warn people what is coming and how important this is, but they look at me like I’m from outer space.

    I don’t know how to get through to people who have been brainwashed with propaganda since birth. Tell them Google or Facebook is taking away their right to privacy you
    get “so there isn’t any anyway.” They see no reason to fight for things since they have what they need, given to them, FREE.

    They are also without hope. You can’t get an army to fight when they see no hope of winning. That is part of the problem of this primary dragging on. It’s taking everyone into the gutter.

    The infighting in the Republican Party and all the negative ads are part
    of the problem. Instead of talking about the positive things that can
    be done they harp on all the negative. What kind of hope does that
    inspire to prospective voters?

    I think that is where Newt can win. If he steps out and gets into the positive reasons to fight back, he can pull along those that need a reason to get out and vote.

    There needs to be an
    adult in the country to get on that soapbox and speak of that shining
    city on a hill again so they have a reason to fight for their future. They know
    the fix is in, so do we. Most of us over 40 do know what is at stake, but how
    many who were raised with a computer from the cradle know real freedom?
    Do they have any idea what they are about to lose? I don’t think so.

    The problem is………they don’t see the disaster headed our way. Like the Titanic they think this country is unsinkable.

    My husband and I were speaking last night about how the attention span
    today is that of a text message. 140 characters. If you can’t get them
    in those short bites they don’t want to listen. Too many things like
    Jersey Shore, ball games, celebrity news, and online games keeping their attention. Just as
    they are content to have others supply their food through food stamps,
    live under mom and dad’s roof at an age way past appropriate, and get
    freebies from “We The People” who do pay taxes you aren’t going to get
    them to do anything.

    Why should Peter Pan grow up when the government is willing to let him live in Neverland as long as he submits his freedoms?

    The only time they get remotely riled up is a threat of the internet
    being taken away. They are content to sit back hoping that others will
    save their country just as they are content to take free food, free
    health care, free phones and anything else that the government is
    willing to give them in exchange for their freedom.

    They need to see what they will lose, in terms they can understand. Loss of the internet, loss of all those shiny toys because they will not be able to afford them, nor will their parents.

    No Mark, most of us can’t leave and go to another country, and some of us are getting too old to fight a real war but we should and can try to undo the damage done by the brain washing, and do it soon.

    We have to educate the ones who need to get out to vote with reality of what they will lose but also give them hope of the future they could have if they are willing to fight for real freedom because they don’t know what real freedom is today. Money needs to be spent targeting the new voters because I can assure you Obama will go after them just as he did in 2008.

  4. Stand Taker says:

    Was just discussing this today regarding the GOP candidates. I voiced my breathless concern that it feels like we (conservatives and the nation as founded) are being marching towards an oncoming train. As if the Republican Party is throwing the fight. But the reality is that the train started rolling 10, 15 and 20 years ago, depending on your vantage. It’s been slow-moving – a little liberalism here, a few compromises there – and we’re now ready to be plowed over. 

    Those of us paying attention see the external manifestations of our national rot like Obama, a spineless, complicit Congress, the clamping down on freedom at all levels. But what we’re not collectively identifying, what alarms me most, is many Americans’ drastic, violent and breathtakingly swift swing towards uncut nihilism since the late ’90s. There’s a depravity that hangs in the air, as if evil is on the offensive for the very soul of our country and its people. Turn on the TV. You see it. Read election results. You see it. Witness things like incandescent lightbulbs being taken away from us (lightbulbs!). Inspect the third-rate quality of the products you used to depend on.Are we too late? Only God and time will reveal that in the next 10 months. We can’t be surprised if the answer is yes.

    • Stand Taker says:

      In the next 8 months, I should say. 32 breezy weeks.

      This reminds me of “Escape From Alcatraz” where Eastwood’s Morris implores Charlie to make the now-or-never nighttime escape with the group. But Charlie lay on his cot, crying, paralyzed by fear. Morris and the Anglins make their escape. By the time Charlie decides to go for it, the group is long gone. We see a broken-spirited, nearly catatonic Charlie during morning rise, the look on his face soaked in hopelessness. 

      Not that I condone inmate escapes but are we going to allow our lives to be lived under the rule of Warden Obama? Will we take these 8 months and use them to make our now-or-never escape from the enslavement seeping in?

  5. I think, Mark, that your options are about right, I am in the same spot as you. I also think that if we win this fall we are going to see quite a lot of rioting, we’ve let the leftists (insert your favorite pejorative here) get too close to winning, and we all know what 5 year olds denied are like. I do think, however that we will awaken to a new day and be able to overcome a lot of the damage.

  6. Tracy says:

    In a fit of frustration last night I asked my husband “what in the world will it take for people to stop this train wreck. Haven’t they already crossed too many lines?”
    I cannot run to another country nor do I want to. This is my home and no other country will ever live up to the greatness of this country. I often fantasize of patriots finally saying enough is enough. That no matter what it takes we will fight this evil. So far there are no takers. I’m at a loss as to what to do myself. As far as educating, if people are still ignorant after all this time I don’t think they will change.  You cannot force people to believe the truth if they don’t want to accept it. If there is one thing I’ve learned is that there is no one I know who will put in the time or effort to save this country. No one I know wants to be bothered. It’s a sad but true reality.
    So we watch and wait for the end to come. Because if we don’t finally step up and fight, this is the end. It will come down to individuals fighting for their own lives. We all know what happens to people who fight back. We all know on this site that this country will be no different than any other country as far as dictatorships go.
    As you can see, Mark, I have given this a great deal of thought. Almost four years to be exact. I am willing to sacrifice my life and do whatever I need to do.

    • Kara says:

      Tracy – I agree with you 100%.  I constantly think about all of the things that you have stated.  I am frustrated too because I do not know how to wake people up and I am not sure if it is even possible.  I feel powerless.  I vote (ha!). I talk to other patriots. I go to Tea Parties. I used to fax, email, write and call “representatives” to no avail. I keep up to date with the depressing (non-MSM) political news and watch helplessly as my country is destroyed.  I hate to admit it, but I have resigned myself to watching and waiting for the end. 
      I too, will do whatever it takes.  You say “so far there are no takers.”  Well,  count me in.  The question is what to do. How do we unite nationally aside from our local tea parties?  Or, how can tea party leaders unite? (Perhaps they are.)  How do every day patriots unite together to do something?  HOW?  I am so sick of focusing on the problems.  I am so sick about reading about another statist law, regulation, tax, ad nauseam.  I feel powerless. I feel helpless.  What solutions can we focus on? How do we unite? Where can we do this?  AFP (Americans for prosperity?*); Freedom Connect?….What?  Mark/everyone – What do you suggest?  I want to unite and focus on ACTION and solutions.  2012 is our last hope.  

      • boybailey says:

        Hi Kara. Thanks for the reply. I too feel sick pretty much every day. I am unemployed (imagine that) with too much time on my hands. I pray every day for God to show me what to do. I also pray for forgiveness as the majority of us are at fault for our predicament. I fear that we will pay dearly for our turning from God.

  7. Kara says:

    I just signed up for the Freedom Work’s Take America Back in 2012 campaign.  Here’s the link FYI:

  8. Happy Times says:

    I will be glad to see the country end as it is. I will watch from a distance while the blood flows. I will not kill or fight any fellow American. I am not that big of a sociopath or selfish, armchair soldier nitwit. I am an ex US Marine and have done my part for my country.

    That being said, I do not believe corporations should have “individual rights.” I do not believe personal lives should be regulated “harm being defined as participating in unapproved behaviors.” But I also do not believe in the Randian fantasy-land of the ever-growing market, infinite in opportunity and blah-blah. If you don’t like other people to share in a common wealth, congratulations.

    You have found or been born in the only country on Earth that encourages your nasty, greedy, bull-pucky narrow view. PLUS! It also encourages you to find the part of religion that support that view. We in America have a unique soup made of the misfit rejects of a hundred foreign places, some fleeing prosecution for their evil excesses in pro-US (and fallen) dictatorships. They are the cream of the crap, slathered over the top of our American pancake breakfast like shit syrup, complete with resettlement and wink-wink, nod-nod corruption payback when they land.

    Some are the tax-hating economic refugees who will only love America while they can steal and evade their duty to the places that actually produce their wealth. Some are the historical crooks, fugitives, slime and other castoff trash of the mother continent, reproducing in an ever-more toxic sludge of human worthlessness and excess.

    Occasionally, truly valuable people wander in, fleeing the most oppressive regimes elsewhere, lured by our ridiculously deceptive international image machine. They will be propped by the resettlement payments, small business assistance preferences and other coddling to make them feel that America lives up to that fakery.

    These occasional infusions of actual talent serve to make the latter groups feel better than they are. But eventually, even their genetics are watered down into the same solipsistic mud the rest were when they arrived, and their potential genius is wasted on inventing derivatives of derivatives of bad bets made by big banks and their friends. It is the inevitable decay of a lack of any vision other than that of greed. And greed is all that America considers good.

    Kill each other, divide the land up into political points of view, then I will return and pick which part of the leftovers has the fewest whiny little ratss in it, and which one crushes the turds out of the, “No country, just a market with a flag” nincompoops. And I will live there. And defend THAT before any of this neocon drivel you spout. Douche.

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