Fierce Conservative Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

Fierce Conservative

It’s hard to believe the blogging giant is dead.  At just 43 years of age, I cannot fathom what a loss this must be for his family.  The articles I have read list only “natural causes,” but it’s still hard to imagine.  The conservative firebrand, and vigorous fighter of statism will be thoroughly missed.  Breitbart exemplified the indomitable spirit of conservatism, and he was a great warrior in media.  This is a tragic loss.  My sincerest condolences to his family.  This is crushing news for conservatism, and for America.  A true warrior in life, may he rest in peace.

It’s a human tendency to lose track of how valuable somebody may be to one’s life until they are gone.  Andrew Breitbart’s ceaseless efforts on behalf of conservatism and America placed him high up the list of patriots in media.  In the last few years, I cannot think of a single conservative in media who has made a greater concerted effort to advance the cause of liberty, by revealing it to those who would see it.  More, he exposed the enemies of liberty, and the Republic, and he showed through his websites how thoroughly the liberal media establishment has undermined our nation.  It’s not that Andrew Breitbart did something so stunning in a technical sense, but that the fact that he would pursue media as he did was stunning to an establishment accustomed to sweeping their own dirt under the rug.

Breitbart took all of them on.  He defended the Tea Party.  He exposed government lies.  He did so much to advance conservatism, but more, the cause of our constitutional republic.  To lose this fantastic fighter is a terrible loss for America.  Like so many this morning, I am stunned. May all our thoughts and prayers be with the Breitbart family.


Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

Let us remember him and honor him by carrying on his fight!

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6 Responses to Fierce Conservative Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

  1. Bigmamas52 says:

    Wow, I was truly shocked to wake up and see this.  A true loss for the cause of free and true conservative information and news.  I hope their are those within his media group that will carry on his cause.  Today though I will say a prayer for his family, such a young man to have lost his life this early.  May God be with them.

  2. Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery says:

    You know, I hate to be painted as some sort of conspiracy theorist as a result of this comment, but it’ll probably happen.. anyway, when Breitbart announced at the CPAC convention that he had dinner with Bill Ayers and after some drinking had obtained damaging video of Obama at Columbia, I thought to myself “wow. This poor man is going to be taken down.. they won’t allow him to go forward with the release of the tapes right before the election”.. and then this happened.  Yes, I understand that he’s had heart problems before, but it really is pretty odd that so soon after his announcement at the CPAC convention he’s dead.. Maybe he’s not really dead? Ha, I know, wishful thinking..  RIP, Breitbart, you will be greatly missed and we will continue the battle without you.

    • Bigmamas52 says:

      Just had to say Victoria….nowadays what is today’s conspiracy theory oftentimes turns out to be tomorrows truth, so not saying it is or it isn’t, but nothing surprises me anymore.  I will say my first thought when I heard it, and had not heard “natural causes”, was…”I bet someone poisoned him”. 

  3. RebinTexas says:

    An excellent and fitting tribute to Andrew. Thank you Mark. My prayers for with his wife and children and extended family – and, of course, with all US, especially We The People.

  4. jerseyflash says:

    Chapter one…UNEXPECTEDLY…Death by ” NATURAL CAUSES “….
    Really…this is going to be bigger then anyone can put there hands around…this is a Block-buster movie and book, and if the film get’s out…this will be the end of ERKEL…RIP, Breitbart, you will be greatly missed 

  5. Stand Taker says:

    The thought that keeps circling my head about Andrew’s death is “We really couldn’t afford to lose this man, not now.” 

    I’m saddened, shocked and sickened by this news. I’m sad for his wife and children first, for missing out on the rest of his life with them. Then for the movement and supporters he helped further. Then for him not having gotten the chance to see the fruits of his work in a post-Obama recovery. He didn’t make it out of the wilderness.

    Was he killed? How can any clear-headed person rule rule out that possibility given the environment of the country these days. I don’t know. We just couldn’t afford to lose this man, not now.