Gingrich May Be Staging a Comeback

Up in the Polls

Wednesday evening, Hot-Air reported the results of a poll that seemed to suggest that while he has a long way to go, Newt Gingrich may be seeing something of a resurgence in support.  It’s minor, but he jumped two points in his Gallup Support Rating.  Part of this may be due to Rick Santorum’s failure to best Romney in Michigan.  Some of his comments during the Michigan campaign swing may have hurt him, and this may cause him some serious problems. If he can’t grab Ohio next Tuesday, it may well spell the decline of Santorum’s hopes.  Gingrich is predictably strong in Georgia, but the interesting fact of Super Tuesday may be that we could have three different winners among the ten states.

Santorum is leading in Ohio at the moment, with Romney behind by eight points in second.  Gingrich is back in third, but well ahead of Ron Paul. In Georgia, it’s the reverse order, except for Paul, who is still fourth.  In other states, it’s a mixed bag, with Gingrich doing well in Tennessee, and Romney is doing well in Idaho.  What all of this suggests is that the race isn’t over, and until the non-Romneys reduce by one, he may go on to win.  Neither Santorum nor Gingrich are likely to quit, but much of that will hinge on Super Tuesday’s outcome.  If something incredible happens, and Gingrich loses his home state, as he himself mentioned, there’s probably not a way forward for somebody who cannot secure his home state.  That would be a blow to Gingrich, but for the moment, he looks strong in Georgia.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Super Tuesday being split up three ways, because that would certainly keep this thing alive. Among these three, I still prefer Gingrich, but I’d vote for my dog before I’ll vote for Romney in the Texas primary.  Speaking of Texas, our primary was supposed to be on Super Tuesday, but it’s been bumped back due to a redistricting court case.  Now, Texas is tentatively scheduled to hold its primary on May 29th, making it not quite irrelevant, but surely reducing its importance.  I don’t think this has been accidental either, as Texas probably wouldn’t support Romney unless he is the only one left standing, and by the end of May, he may well be.

Drudge Thought He Took Care of Newt

Whether Newt Gingrich can actually launch another comeback off of Santorum’s relatively poor performance in Arizona and Michigan is another question, but Gingrich has exhibited resilience throughout this campaign.  It’s also true to say that he’s probably the best-suited to contend with Barack Obama in a debate, but he’s also the only one among these candidates who stands a chance of reforming Washington DC, excepting Ron Paul, but he’s got a different agenda, and I don’t believe he’s all that serious about winning.  The funniest part of this story is seeing that Drudge has run with the same Hot Air story as his headline.  If Newt does rise again, I wonder what Drudge will do to him next.

I hope we get to find out.


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5 Responses to Gingrich May Be Staging a Comeback

  1. Newt2012 says:

    NEWT = $2.50 a Gallon. Go to Newt dot org to watch the 30 minute Energy and Jobs Video on the REAL reason why we are paying this much and how we can create 6 Million Jobs in the next 2 years.

  2. Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery says:

    All I can say is: WOOO!! Gingrich/Palin 2012! :D

  3. Richhill99 says:

    I would LOVE to see Gingrich rise up and take FIVE states!!!! That should be the goal FIVE STATES for NEWT!!!!

  4. Patricia Leath says:

    I pray to the Good Lord that the clueless American people wake up and vote to save this country!  Romney will “make nice” with the establishment and maintain the status quo.  Santorum lost his Senate seat!  Excuse me, he wants to be President?   Shouldn’t we wonder why the people with the motto  “Virtue Liberty and Independence” did not re-elect Santorum?  Paul has his own personal agenda and is dismissable.  
    Face it, Gingrich is the only person that can make concrete changes in D.C.  He has been in the swamp, dealt with the slimy snakes and can make the necessary changes that will save this country from total destruction. Gingrich is an SOB but right here and right now, we need one.

  5. Donna Stover says:

    In my lifetime, I have never seen more corruption and shame. Stacey Camfield is a traitor. And a traitor is forever a traitor. If he will stab one person in the back. He will stab someone else. Including our nation. And then the trickery that was used in Virginia to keep Newt off the ballot there. The rules were changed midstream.  This is a conspiracy to turn our nation into a communist nation. And there are more involved than people realize. Florida’s election was fraud based. Michigan. We the people want Newt for president. But it seems there has been a conspiracy long before we realized to take over. I would not doubt at this point that Santorum is workin with Romney. And if you look at many of Romney’s contributers., they also contributed to Obama. Be Scared People! This is really happening!