SarahPAC’s “Game Change” Video Response

SarahPAC has released a video that is a video rebuttal to the idiocy that is the movie “Game Change” from HBO. The video takes on the narrative about and portrayal of former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and debunks it by simply displaying the truth.  That’s the only debunking that ridiculous movie needs: Facts. We should remember that HBO’s trashing of Sarah Palin is fiction.  Purely.

This video delivers the reality:

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One Response to SarahPAC’s “Game Change” Video Response

  1. the unit says:

    Hi I’m back.  Just waiting for bugs to be worked out.  Seems like done.  This Palin  video is great.  There is another about “O” you need to see…sent to me from ole Navy buddy from Nam days.  I don’t know if when I display link it will work…tried on old site to give link and not savvy enough of IT to do it.  But will try here. Here goes: about 8 minutes to complete. Opposition will say all taken out of context. Go figure though.Thanks,the unit, formerly eyetooth tom